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I Wanna Get My Work Out There.

I wanna be thinner!!!!!!?

i play basket ball,crosscountry and i do 2 seasons of softball per year too......but iv gained too much mussel on my there any way to lose mussle?

Im gay and i wanna go to the gym?

Im 15 from Bulgaria, im skinny and i wanna get muscles abs pecks... wanna get buff but im really shy and im really embarassed to go to the gym and work out and stuff because there are like really hot guys there with amazing bodies and if i look im going to get hard, and theyre all like manly n stuff and im embarassed i don't know what to do i went once in my town but it was different cause there was noone there with my older friend and when he started working out i were lifting weights and i saw his dick from his shorts because he was wearing short shorts and it was coming out and it was hard and i got hard and got really embarassed what should i do? has this ever happened to you? help.

I want to work in Dubai. How do I find a job there?

10 Popular Websites To Find Jobs in Dubai:1. BaytBayt isn’t limited to Dubai. In fact, this website claims to be “The Middle East’s # 1 job site”. It covers the entire Mid-East and North African region.2. Monster GulfMonster is one of the biggest international job seeking portal. And Monster Gulf is the Gulf region branch of the company. It has some of the best features available to you as a job seeker, and you have excellent job opportunities with Monster Gulf.3.Gulf TalentAnother great website. It has one of the best user interfaces, and provides most of features needed in a job seeking website. Admittedly, the head hunting is a little strict. But it provides some of the best jobs in the country. Here is a chance to show your talents and brighten your future.4. Naukri GulfIf employers ask for a fee during the hiring process, it’s a fraud. Yet, it won’t hurt if you post and spread your CV around job sites, though.5. DubizzleGreat website for jobs in UAE. It has thousands of registered recruiters who are willing to employ professionals.6. CareerJet DubaiDoes it look familiar? I’ve frequently consulted - Jobs & Careers in the Philippines before, I just came to know it has its AE version. Worth checking.7. Khaleej TimesSave a penny by checking out Khaleej Times Appointment section online. Whether skilled, technical or professional jobs, this online job site has something for you.8. GulfNewsJobs The online version of Gulf Newspaper’s job section. I’ve used this site quite a lot while I was looking for any job to get me an employment and residence visa. I got at least one call for an interview every day, then. The key is to ask directly about the salary, to weed out the cheapskates.9. TheEmiratesNetwork Jobstheir FAQs say they are not a recruitment agency. You register, upload your CV and/or apply for jobs advertised on TEN jobs (can view without registering). 10. NadiaAlways amazed by the huge salaries offered to job-seekers, Nadia never slipped my memory. Little do job surfers know, Nadia is not just a part of daily Gulf newspapers Appointment page, but also an active job site itself. It has a downside though: most offers were for Arabic-speaking job-hunters.You need job real estate then find: Current Roles

Should I take the easy way out? I WANNA USE STEROIDS?

Ughhhhh I can't stand it any more. I hate how I have to put in EFFORT just to be big and buff. My arms get f*kcing sore after workout, I get tired easily, and I'm just not very strong. I feel like giving up already. It's too much hard work. I look at all the buff guys in the gym and I get jealous because my body isn't as nice as theirs.

Seriously, should I just take the easy way out and use steroids? Yes, I know it's harmful for the body, and yes I know it's possible my balls may shrink. BUT WHO CARES THE F*KCING CRAP? As long as I get the muscles, I'm good. I'm all good!!! :P

For every con, there's ALWAYS gonna be a pro!!!

What is the best way to get your work out there as an author?

Know your target readers exceptionally well. And make sure that you have defined your target audience fairly narrowly. Trying to reach a very wide audience is a Bad Idea.Write works that meet their needs and desires exceptionally well.If you want to write books, write books. Don’t do something else first.Know where your target audience can be found in large enough numbers to be worth your time. (Think 10s of thousands of the right type of reader.) Start contributing interesting blog posts, or building a following in the right types of groups or social media by saying things that interest your target reader. Do this while you’re writing your books.Write enough books that feed the same needs, or needs in the same readers, that you can cross-market them.In general, don’t pay for marketing, except in your own time. It’s very hard to make that sort of thing cost-effective.Release your books in print and in ebook formats. Price them appropriately. If you have a series, giveaways of the first book work, after you have a bunch more available.Don’t spam. (No “I’ve just released a book!” posts on social media, for example. Leave a trail of hints, and they’ll find it. Then let the rest of the group “out” you as an author!)Be interesting. That’s the best marketing. Put your books in your profile/bio/byline.Be interesting.Be interesting.

Is sleeping after working out bad?

Hi people,Every one dream to make ideal body but few work on itis sleeping after working out is bad ??? i know this question haunts many like me who tend fall a sleep right after a good amount of workout .Here is what i wanna say about it - Sleeping right after a workout may promote weight loss. Working out builds muscle, and increased muscle mass results in a faster metabolism -- this helps you burn calories faster, which can help with weight loss. While you sleep your body burns fat more efficiently than when you are awake, so you get double the benefits. Further, not getting enough sleep can negate the weight-loss benefits of working out. A small-scale study published in the October 2010 "Annals of Internal Medicine" suggests that not getting enough sleep may reduce the metabolism.To benefit the most from sleeping right after exercise, get the recommended amount of sleep. Your sleep needs may vary based on your age and gender; genetics may also factor into your sleep needs. On average, however, the National Sleep Foundation maintains that adults require seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Sleeping too little after your exercise routine can decrease alertness and performance during your waking hours, while sleeping too much may increase your risk of accidents and right amount of sleep is all needed after your work out .Stay healthy , stay fitCheers!

Can you smoke weed and work out?

Okay. I smoke weed once or twice a week. I wanna start working out. I wanna get cut up and improve stamina. But I mostly wanna get stronger and cut up. I do want the stamina as well though. Will weed stop me? I mean, I'm not too lazy to work out but will the weed make it impopssible to get good stamina?