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I Want Another Baby But My Partner Doesn

Husband doesn't want another baby?

My husband and I had sex yesterday and he ejaculated inside of me. Yesterday was my first day of ovulation. We have been married for 10 years and have an 8 year old. He went to the store and bought the morning after pill and tried to force me to take it. I'm 38 years old and have wanted a sibling for my son for a long time. My son also keeps asking me when he'll get a sibling. My husband doesn't want any more children (he has 2 from a previous marriage). Am I being selfish for refusing to take the pill?

My husband doesn't want to have a baby?

First off I should say, I love children. My job is with children (I'm a daycare teacher) and he knows this. I've wanted one since I was 16. Yet, he says they're disgusting and they ruin lives. I want one so badly, and I wouldn't have one with anyone but him. I just don't know what to do.

I want another baby but my husband doesn't?

Well, I told my husband straight up that I will not marry him nor will I be with him if he did not want kids.

Kids are something I have always known I have wanted so I made it VERY clear and told him if I am to be with him he is NEVER allowed to deny me children.

After our son he wanted to get a vasectomy because he did not want any more children.

Like the others say, it takes two to make a baby and I can not FORCE him to have children. So I made him make a choice. He could either get a vasectomy and lose me, or allow me to children.

We talked about how many we will have. I wanted four, he wants two. We agreed and compromised on 3.

I will flat out not be with or stay with someone who will deny me children.

And you need to decide if your desire for another child is great enough to leave him for.

In my case as much as I love him, my desire for more children would be string enough to leave my husband over, and he knows that.

You should talk about this. See what his reasons are.

Tell him how you feel and what your reasons are.
See if you can come to a compromise and see if he will have one more child with you even if you have to wait another year for that child.

I don't think men understand or can even comprehend how great the call of motherhood is.

I feel it would be cruel to deny a woman a child and the chance to "mother".

It's like we're built for it and it's something engraved in our souls. And it's not something you can just ignore.

I am VERY happy and greatful for my one son. But I enjoy and love motherhood and mothering and I would like at least 2 more children.

Even if that meant adoption.

I want my son to have siblings too.

My husband doesn't want another baby?

My husband was exactly the same way. It took ten years to talk him into the first one. Now our little boy is two and we are pregnant with the second. My husband was dead set against a second one because he thinks Morgan is just perfect and he wouldn't want to take away from all the attention and love that we give to him. But then I started talking to him a lot about how only children always regret not having any brothers or sisters, they are more introverted, sometimes more spoiled (which these may not really be the case). He also doesn't care for other people's children that much and we like to vacation a lot. I pointed out to him that we couldn't expect our one child to go on all these vacations alone, we would have to let him bring friends, but if we had a second child they could keep each other company. (Of course our children will still want to bring their friends along, haha). These were just some scenarios to get him more interested in the idea of a second baby. It also helped that he wants a girl and our first was a boy. Now that baby number two is on the way he is very excited and glad that I talked him into it.

alexis - Learn to read. Did I not say right afterward that those things may not even be the case??? I said that those are things I said to my husband to get him interested in the idea of another kid. There are introverted and spoiled only children and there are also introverted and spoiled children in large families. Did you yourself not also suggest that she say something as well that isn't quite the case with your only child? Settle down woman!

My boyfriend doesn't want to have a baby?

Know any couples with a baby? Invite them over and show him how ready you are. Don't make the mistake of 'accidentally' becoming pregnant.

My husband and I want to have another baby, but my maid doesn't want any more members in the family. What should I do?

I don't mean to offend but I seriously laughed when I read this. First of all, Who is she(your maid) to decide weather you are supposed to expand your family? She felt this way because she did not want extra burden on her shoulders. I will suggest you to change your maid. Find someone who could take care of your family (including the pregnant mother). Discuss with your parents and friends (if you are open with them) and then take a step.Hope this might be helpful!