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I Want Buy A Low Budget Cars

What kind of car should I buy if my budget is 4500-5000 dollars at most.?

You really need to consider this for yourself. How much can you afford for gas? How important is safety? Do you have an "image" you need to fit? Does the thing have a problem history? Is this type vehicle reliable, and what are the periodic manitenance costs? (Some require expensive, fancy oil and filters.) Insurance costs. If you have a real insurance company, like Allstate, they can help you with all of this information. "Bob and Freds Insurance and Pizza Delivery" will not help at all, ever. KBB.COM provides a free record check to find the problem history on a car.

Which car to go for if my budget is 5 lacs? I want mileage and low maintenance cost.

If you are out to search a car, which have the low service and maintenance cost as well as you can buy it under the range of INR 5 Lakhs. So, I have mentioned some of the cars along with their price and maintenance specifications, have a lookRenault KwidVariant: Renault Kwid RXEEx-Showroom price in New Delhi is INR 3.03 LakhApproximate Maintenance Cost for Renault KWID in 10 years is 28,544Maruti Suzuki Alto 800Variant: Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 LXIEx-Showroom price in New Delhi is INR 3.06 LakhApproximate Maintenance Cost for Maruti Alto 800 in 10 years is INR 35,401Hyundai Grand i10Variant: Hyundai Grand i10 1.2 Kappa VTVT EraEx-Showroom price in New Delhi is INR 4.59 LakhApproximate Maintenance Cost for Hyundai Grand i10 in 5 years is 11,377Maruti Suzuki SwiftVariant: Maruti Suzuki Swift LXi (O)Ex-Showroom price in New Delhi is INR 4.80 LakhApproximate Maintenance Cost for Maruti Swift in 6 years is INR 21,103Tata TiagoVariant: Tata Tiago Revotron XEEx-Showroom price in New Delhi is INR 3.82 LakhApproximate Maintenance Cost for Tata Tiago in 6 years is INR 21,980Maruti Suzuki CelerioVariant: Maruti Suzuki Celerio LXiEx-Showroom price in New Delhi is INR 4.16 LakhApproximate Maintenance Cost for Maruti Swift in 6 years is INR 21,116

I want to buy a car in Pune. My maximum budget is 5.5L. Which car should I buy?

In this category you don't get as much of a choice. I am gonna suggest you alto k10 which is a pretty cool car with good transmission and with the option of automatic too. It's automatic version is gonna cost you like 3.8L. It's a low maintenance car too as all the Maruti cars with some great mileage. I don't think so anything is gonna bother you in this car  except it's cheap as it has got image of a cheap car. And is from Maruti enough said(no quality issues,no trust issues).Or if can increase your budget then you get a choice of swift or polo both the cars are fabulous and not gonna disappoint you in any way. These cars have all the features needed in a domestic car. Great power,amazing transmission ,low maintenance and these cars don't have that image of cheap car.And these are the cars you can show off with pride.So my suggestion would be to go for alto k10 and if there is any possibility of increasing your budget then you have got some awesome choices.Let me know if you are interested in used cars because there are some pretty cool cars too and in a place like Pune you have a gold mine there bro!!!

What car would you recommend for a $5000 budget?

If I were you, I would go out and find a nice, low mileage 05-06 Ford Taurus. They can be had from under $10k to about $12k. Put your $5000 down and you will have a car that will last a long time, be reliable, inexpensive to repair, and will not cost you an arm and a leg every month.

Keep in mind that you'll be paying for the repairs when the car breaks, and while Hondas and Toyotas are very reliable, they break too. Nobody on this thread has mentioned that with around 100,000 miles on either of those cars, you will have to replace the timing belt. Know what that costs?

About $800-1000.

If you don't do it and the belt breaks, your motor very likely will go 'BOOM.'

Carmax is a horrible place to buy a car. They are overpriced and you can't negotiate. Go there if you are scared to bargain with a dealer and don't mind getting your head split open on the price of the car.

Good luck!

I want to buy a Maruti car. My budget is 4 lakhs maximum. Which car would be the best?

Buying Maruti is not an bad option. Maruti Suzuki is the most popular and the favorite cars manufacturer in India. You will different Maruti Suzuki car models' Prices and Offers.Some of which are mentioned below in your range:Maruti Suzuki Alto: You will get 2 models in Maruti Suzuki Alto:Maruti Suzuki Alto K10Maruti Suzuki Alto 800Maruti Suzuki 800 DuoMaruti Suzuki Eeco 5 StrMaruti Suzuki OmniMaruti Suzuki Wagon: You will get 3 models in Maruti Suzuki Wagon:Maruti Suzuki Wagon RMaruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0Maruti Suzuki Wagon R DuoYou can check the on road price of the above cars and sold your used car with appropriate value.

I am buying a car for the first time. My budget is 4 lakhs. Which car and version should I consider? What are the points that I should keep in mind while closing a deal?

I would suggest you to go for Hyundai Eon. ( As per your consideration I suggest you to go for this car. This will fulfill your all the conditions mention in the question) Eon is one of the best-selling cars from the Hyundai stable. The car is aimed at the budget customers and is undoubtedly the most good-looking vehicle in its segment with amazing specs. Hyundai Eon has the best expressive face among all the cars in its segment, thanks to its fluidic design language. The ARAI-certified mileage of Hyundai Eon is 21.1 kmpl, thanks to its small 3-cylinder engine. The commendable fuel efficiency of Hyundai Eon is better than most of the cars in the segment and with petrol price soaring, Eon is a smart choice when it comes to the small hatchback segment. The 814 cc engine from the Korean manufacturer produces a maximum of 56bhp and 76 Nm of maximum torque. That is decent power and combined with good fuel efficiency, Eon is a smart choice.Because of the small 3-cylinder engine, Hyundai Eon returns commendable fuel efficiency. ARAI certifies Eon with an efficiency of 21.1 km per litre, which is better than most of the cars in the segment and with petrol price soaring, Eon is a smart choice in the small hatchback segment. The 814 cc engine from the Korean manufacturer produces a maximum power of 56 PS and 7.6 Kgm of maximum torque. That is decent power combined with good fuel efficiency, which makes Eon a smart choice.

I want to buy new car within a budget of 10 lakhs. Which one is good to meet my requirements of low maintenance, good safety and mileage?

Go for Maruti Suzuki ertiga Zxi because it contains air bags as well as abs(antilock breaking system). So, it's the best and the maintenance or the service charge of all the Maruti vehicles are damn lesser than all the other cars in this segment. This car even gives a decent amount of mileage of 20kmpl which is quite good in cars.If you want some car which looks like a Jeep then go for the Mahindra tuv 300 T(O) version even it gives airbags as well abs and it's better in comparison with Maruti Suzuki ertiga in the amount of horsepower or the torque or the displacement(it's 3000cc). The maintenance too is low for Mahindra cars and the mileage is also the same as ertiga.So, test drive these vehicles back to back. If you're not satisfied yet rent both of it once drive it then come to the final decision.My favorite is the Mahindra TUV 300.

What is the best second-hand car for a budget of 2 to 3 Lakhs?

Since your question has absolutely no information about your preferences, let me answer this part of your question.What are the things needs to be considered before buying?You would ideally look at the condition of the car and market value and decide if you want to buy or not. However, if you want to make yourself more satisfied about your purchase, you would want to do these.1. Speak to someone in your network who owns exactly same car and model. Ask him/her about vehicle experiences in terms of mileage and maintenance expenses. Also about dealership experiences.2. Internet has almost everything these days. Websites like TeamBHP, Carwale have so much information about cars. You would find ownership reviews of cars of each model. Eg: Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire @ 37000kms, 3.5 years - Team-BHP3. If the car is too old, see if you can get an appointment with a known mechanic and make him have a look at it. But DO NOT try with any random mechanic, rather you can skip it.4. Generally, old cars eventually end up having lot of cabin noise. And you are going to make it more old, meaning even more cabin noise. So, I would give a lot of importance to the amount of cabin noise the car is making. It also tells you that the car has been driven very cautiously.5. A/C is the most important thing in India. Make sure to check it out thoroughly.6. Check the service schedule of that typical model and see if the vehicle is supposed to be due for a big change like - time belt replacement, tires replacement, clutch kit replacement, gear box replacement etc. If it has been done recently, it helps. It not, it helps you in bargaining.7. Look for 15000KM per year. If the car has been driven more than that, consider bargaining or consider to skip.Overall, most importantly go for the best number of miles driven to number of years ratio. If a car has been driven less than 30000 miles in 5 years and if a car has been driven 55k miles in 3 years. You may want to chose the 5 years as typically if would be priced much lower than 3 year old car.