I Want My Brother To Move Out

I don't want my brother to move out :(?

Okay well, my brother is almost 18 and I'm 14. He graduates in early June and has been thinking about moving out soon. I'll refer to him as Adam.

Anyway, Adam and me are pretty close. We stay up to 3:00 a.m +. every night, long-board together all the time, and have the same taste in movies, music, and clothes (free, summer, California type clothes) etc. I believe when he moves out, I'll be lost. My other siblings that live at home are 8 and 4 (girls) and way to young to do all this stuff. When my oldest brother moved out, I was a lot younger and still had Adam to hang out with. How can I cope/deal with my brother moving out? I will have no one to stay up late with, long-board with, find new movies and music with, talk about the future with, the list goes on! I start to tear up when I try to explain it to my mom so I keep all this bottled in. I think my brother knows but I'm not sure. He always shows my new things I never new and knows everything about me :(
How can I deal with my brother moving out? Any help is appreciated but please no rude answers. Thank you.

..Sorry if I sounded like I was whining or venting...

I wanted to add here that, I'm home-schooled which enables me to have my own school hours (so I can stay up late) but prohibits my ability to make friends. The one friend I do have moved away, we don't get to talk as much, and I don't like my neighborhood. I love my sisters to death but we like entirely different things and they get annoyed when I don't know everything about what they like. Also, my brother may be moving to California (I live in Colorado) so I won't be able to see him unless it's summer-time. :(

I don't want my brother to move out :(?

I know how it feels to have your brother leave. I was about 10 when my brother moved out and got married. I was devastated. I was super close to him too we did everything together and i could tell him anything and he would listen. It sort of helped that i had an older sister but she too moved out two years later. The only thing that helped once they were both gone was that i would text them all the time. We would set up sibling "dates" and go out and have fun. He would pick me up and take me to the mall or to the movies or parks etc. I would also get to stay the night at his house once in awhile and we would play video games or listen to music together. Even when we couldn't be together, we were still in contact with each other. Maybe you could even use skype. you can buy a webcam for like 5 dollars at a dollar store and skype with him.

I would let your brother know how you feel. You shouldn't bottle it all up inside because it will just make you feel worse. You can stop someone you love from leaving because sooner or later we all grow up and have to move on. It may seem really rough right now, but the best thing you can do is to spend as much time with him as you can. You dont know if and or when he is moving out yet so just Cherish every moment you have with him. and who knows, it may not be as bad as it really seems.

How do i get my brother to move out?

I'm 17 years old and i seriously can not stand living in my house. The main reason why is because of my alcoholic brother and my psycho controlling rat pack of a dad. I absolutely love my mom and my sister. But the men in my house are complete ASSHOLES. I graduated high school early, so now i take a few classes at community college. But other than that i'm at my house because i can't get a job and i have nothing really to do. Let me tell you how much of a deuce my brother is. Today i found out that he deleted all of my songs off of my ipod so he could put his songs on due to the fact that he spends all his money on booze therefore he doesn't have his own ipod. My mom and dad don't do anything about him. He steals money from my parents. He doesn't have a job. He is 22 and quit out of school.He verbally abuses me daily. He also just got a DUI. He is such an ASSHOLE and i absolutely hate him. I don't want to move out because i'm only 17 and i don't feel that i should have to leave my own home because of my brother. I just want him to move out or i want my parents to kick him out! How should i go about this??

If you are not wanted there, get out. If you are too young to do that try to resolve the reason he wants you out. And most importantly no matter what your age or situation, work towards controlling your own independence, now! get a job, a license, save money, get good credit, be strong and independent.

How can I get my brother to move out?

I'm 13 I can't have a job cuz I'm too young but I still contribute at least 15 dollars a month to give my parents and I don't even néed to pay rent but my brother and missed out on 2 house payments I think it's 90 bucks a month for him and he doesn't want to look for a job. My mother babies him since he is her only son from her first marriage and she only has two daughters from her second marriage. If I tell my mom he needs to get a job because is an adult and atleast contribute she yells at me and threatens to hit me. And I'm gonna be honest Im not there dream child the only him I do is talk back but I don't steal or date or anything else I just have a smart mouth but I have controlled it in the past month and haven't Said anything. But since we moved to a bigger house( before I shared a roommate with my bro) and he hated sharing a room with me and he only thought about moving out but now since we moved he has his own room and is happy that he is alone. :p but he doesn't wanna gt a job and me and his steppdad (my dad) hate him. How can we get him to want a job I'm sick of hiss lazy butt.
Ps.It's my choice to pay rent

How to get my Brother to move out of my house?

Back in 2006 I had knee surgery. I couldn't drive for a month and I wanted to still go to work so I asked my brother if he would like to help me out for the month and drive me because he wasn't working at the time. He agreed, but complained driving me the whole month. When I was ready to drive again I told him that he can go back to our parents house but refused!!! My parents didn't help me with getting him back home. Over 6 years later he is still with me! The first 2 years he wasn't paying anything and still refused to move out then I started charging him a small rent fee.I got him a job at where I work. His only bills is $500 a month for rent, his cell phone bill and his car insurance. He claims he has no money but I do payroll at the job and I know how much he makes. He still has the option to move back home and refused. I asked my parents to help me and my mom says I'm an adult and to deal with it. She said she is tired of hearing me complain that my brother still living with me and that it's not her problem, it's mine. But yet she would be mad if I leagally kick him out. My parents won't talk to me if I serve him papers. Keep in mind I have no privacy. He lives in my partially finished basement, uses my kitchen and bathroom and does not clean at all. I do all the cleaning and food shopping. He smokes and leaves cigarette butts all over my lawn and driveway. When his car broke down he used my truck for 2 years but never help paid for insurance on it and he left my truck dirty and smelling like smoke, after I asked him not to smoke in my truck. I cannot live like this anymore. I've been on anxiety medication and I don't even want to go home anymore, in my own house that I work hard for. But it's like my parents don't care that their own son is 34 years old and doesn't want to go out on his own. I've asked him every month that I don't want him there and I want him to move out, but he literally curses me out. If I serve him papers I don't know how he is going to react, he could get violent. What do I do?

My brother lives with me, I want him out, what do I do?

Wow, this is a tough one. I had a similar situation. I thought I was helping my brother, but he just made a mess and seemed to resent me for doing better in life than he has. I can tell you that many years later, my brother and I are not very close at all. I just asked him to move and told him it was not working out. It was for the best for my life. I don't know how old your brother is - or whether or not he would end up on the streets if you turned him out. If he would, then I would say, no do not put him on the street. But if you think he can be all right somewhere else, then go for it. It is going to be difficult in any event. It is going to cause friction. There is no way around that. Maybe you could just be really honest with him and say "This living together thing does not seem to be going very well, what do you think? And what do you want to do about it? And then be silent. Let him answer. Put the ball in his court. And then take it from there. It would be great if you could get him to admit that it is not working for him either and he should make other arrangements (if possible). I don't know if you can get him to do that, however. Another possibility: Could you get a person who is outside of the household and who is really neutral sit down with the two of you and sort of "mediate" the issues between you? I mean in a place that is not in your home, and where your fiance is not present. Just you, your brother and the neutral third party. Like a counselor of some sort. I hope it all works out for you. Good luck.

Here’s a synopsis of my similar situation when I was young. My brother and I are a year apart and he started his own plumbing business At age 22 and still very successful at it now at 47.I lived home until I was 24 but the entire time my brother would try to encourage me to move out. It was annoying and basically I was not him.I was smarter than him, as he puts it today.I told my brother I am not moving out because once you start working you work until you retire, I am going to prolong that part of my life for as long as I can within reason. I stayed home 2 years longer than he did and I have traveled more am just as successful and I’m 46 now and guess what.? His encouragement didn’t work and it did not do anything but let me be a kid a little longer. What’s wrong with that? My brother didn’t agree then, but he looks back and thinks I was smart.I didn’t disagree with my brother and I’m glad I did, my parents both died before I was 36 yrs old.Maybe cut him some slack. Maybe he has a good reason. A simple reason.Why encourage him at all? Everyone is adults and If your parents wanted him out they could easily take care of that, one would think.In other countries children do not leave the home until they get married.Not all kids develope the same, some have a harder time than others breaking out on their own.Some college graduates cannot even afford to move out with the current job shortage.

Boyfriend wants his brother to move in with us?

We are looking for apartments, and my boyfriend keeps saying his brother should move in with us. I don`t want him to, I will be moving out of my parents house (which I like living very much in) to move out with my boyfriend to the state his brother and mom live in. I just think the point of moving out is to be alone. Why would I move out, away from the people I love, to move in with another person where I wouldn't be able to do what I want cause he'd be there all the time when he's not at work and I just don't feel comfortable with another person there. My boyfriend doesn't seem to understand why I don't want him there. Am I being irrational?

Move out but will miss my brother?

Well, you won't miss each other if you won't leave don't you?
I think the best that you can do is that you could write letters to your baby brother. There are a lot of modes of communications(i.e. cellphones, computer, internet, snail mail, e-mail, name it). So I don't think there wouldn't be no way for you to not have communication with your brother.

Your brother is 5 years old, I know. But I guess he has elders who could help him with those stuffs in writing a letter to you or using the computer.

P.S. You cannot let go of your baby brother. He is a relative and why would you let go of him in the first place? Again as ive mentioned you still have lots of ways to communicate with each other...