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I Want To Do Mba But There Is Some Time Left For The Results. Is There Any Course Which I Can Do

Double major in Finance and Accounting?

Hey guys. I only have two classes left for me to finish my Finance degree, but with the recently economic calamity it's making me to want to double major in accounting.

My original goal was get my BA in Finance then go for MBA or MS in Finance. What I worry now is, if I can't find a job after I graduate due to this economic crisis, how am I gonna be able to polish my application for good business school? What if I end up getting a job in like marketing or entry accounting or something not related to my major? Will I get pay incentive for double majoring or just an edge in getting hire? Also the last time I had an accounting class was about 2 years ago, I am planning to take 3 classes next semester ( Intermediate accounting I, cost accounting, internal audit control) then two in the summer (Intermediate 2, Financial Statement Analysis)will that be overwhelming? and finally I think most new graduates will only get entry level accounting jobs right? So won't a Finance degree will be enough unless I plan to do auditing(consider I have zero work experience in accounting)?

I'm 25. I failed to pursue my graduation degree. What can I do for better career prospects?

First thing first, you have to complete your graduation. In today's world, one find it very difficult or next to impossible to get any job without being a graduate. Yeah, you can pursue a business, but that too requires some amount of knowledge to get through...and not to mention the strenuous work involved.1) So, my advice will be complete your graduation starting now. So 3 years from now, you will only be 28 or 29. It may seem to be a big number for some, but believe be you will be at par with majority of individuals in the country, who are trying hard years after their graduation to get a job.And during your graduation time, make it a point to start your preparation for the government exams by practicing Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude & Comprehension (which are common in almost all exams). There are many exams which have age limit of 30 or above, so don't think you will be ineligible for those exams. But make sure, that you nail those exams soon after completing your graduation, because the more time it takes, the more frustrated you become.   2) If you don't wan't to get into govt. jobs, you can easily apply in any of the private companies (through reference or self application), who require graduates for their jobs. Don't expect it to be a high paying great work job, but in time (2-3 yrs) you will be in a decent pedestal. Not to mention, the MBA degree you will acquire during that working period which will further boost your chances for a better work & life. 3) And last not but not least, if above remedies are not appealing to you then start learning to Code (Computer Programs). Start by basic language and then gradually move up to higher level languages. It will take some time, but eventually you will become a programmer or a developer, which many companies will find appealing. (But you will have to be on top of your game, since you will be dealing the problem of not having a BCA, MCA, engineering degree...blah blah blah). So as you can see, there is still a good amount of time left for you to make something big of yourself. But it all depends on your actions and state of mind. If you believe you can do it, and willing to put in effort.... there is no force in this world which can stop you from accomplishing your goals. As fortune only favors the brave.

What are some good career backup plans if a student is not able to complete the CA course?

This question might hurt anyone (even you) who is doing Chartered Accountancy. Frankly speaking their is no any other profession who compete with CA in commerce field. But not everyone is interested (including me).Few months back, I had the same question, I did not found anything except some so called “graduation degrees”, but I didn't want to continue with Accountancy or taxation related. But I had no any other option because I have commerce in 12th.I can't opt B.Sc, I can't opt Computer Science, I can't opt BCA (because I choose economics instead of maths in 12th). I was like I did a biggest mistake to choose commerce. But..Last but not the least, I have some prior knowledge about Computer programming, so, I decided to start with programming. I asked my mum that I don't wanna continue with CA because I lose my all interest but she denied.So, I sit for IPCC examination and thank fully I cleared my both groups, then/now articleship. I am doing articleship in front of my mum and family but I am running my own software development company and I am pretty much happy with that!Well, do what, what you want! Not for backup plans. Here are some more suggestions alternatives for CA.

Is C in AP classes better than an A in regular classes?

YOu need to consider how much work you would have to put in to the AP courses, and whether the end result is worth it. Sometimes AP courses are a bit of an elite thing at some high schools. My gut feeling is that you should go with the A's. If you felt you could get A's and B's in the AP courses it would be different, but you are talking C's. For scholarships they look at grades, not which courses particularly. It is the same with acceptance to universities - many don't really look at which courses you did as long as you have the required ones - they look at your grades. As long as the courses you take are college preparatory you don't need to take the AP courses. They aren't actually necessary for university.

One of my daughters did AP courses but she was able to get A's. My other daughter knew she would struggle in the AP courses so she didn't do them. Since then they have both graduated with undergraduate university degrees, both with double majors, and the one who DIDN'T do the AP courses is about to start a masters.

I hope my thoughts help.

Its a serious problem of laughing/smiling without reasons?

I am a girl and i m 23 yrs old. i laugh/smile without reasons.i start smiling when anybody looks at me or when i have to b on stage for presentations( MBA student)...i dont know why do i fear when anybody looks at me.I smile even if i hear a bad news from someone face to face. I may not be happy over the news but smile to the person whos conveying the news.Even at home if i m scolded over a particular thing i smile at my parents and as a result i annoy my parents and friends/associates in general .I am really having a tough time any relation in life.I m loosing my importance and this habit struck me when i was in 9th std .Some of my frnds would laugh without reason and i wud observe them closely.Any solutions people.Plz dont make fun and dont answer in 2 or 3 lines.I would be a better person if i cud control myself fron smiling without reasons.Its not that i m a very hail& hearty person rather i remain depressed and low almost allthe time and its not that i laugh to compensate..??