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I Want To Find Out More About My Family But I Can

How do I found out what my family's crest is and what it means?

Well, you have a small dilemma...or actually two dilemmas. Walter is an Americanized name, as there is no "Walter" in Bosnian, Serbian or Montenegran. Your first step is actually to do your family tree and find the records of your ancestors all the way back to their immigration/emigration records.

The second part is that what we now call Yugoslavia hasn't been Yugoslavia for more than 50 out of the last 100 years. It poses a great dilemma for you because in the lands that comprised the former Yugoslavia, there are neither crests nor coats of arms associated with families. Instead, they wore the "colors" of their country. Your job, which is linked to doing that family tree, is to identify which city they were from, when they came over, and then match that information with the map of Europe at the time to determine which of the Austro-Hungarian states was your homeland. Then you look that up to figure out which colors would belong to your family. If they came between 1918-1941 (between WWI and WWII), these would be your crest and coat of arms. Note again, they belong to Royal Yugoslavia and not to the Walter family

The crest is the flourish, with the coat of arms being the center emblem. You would claim the crest at the far right, as you are not members of the royal family.

My boyfriend doesn't want to meet my family?

I want him to hang out with me and my family, we are such a warm, welcoming freindly family, and he only likes hanging out with just me. Is that weird? I guess he feels like he doesn't want to be judged by them, but I would love to meet his family.

I want to die, but I'm afraid of hurting my family. Why do I want to die?

You want to die because you don’t find a reason to live. For now, not hurting your parents by committing suicide can be the reason why you need to live.Next, examine your heart and do some soul searching. Find out the reason why you have such a thought.If you are able to, talk to some trustable people about your feelings and thoughts. They may be able to give you some sound advices or atleast you will feel better after sharing your problems.If you believe in God, try to spend more time to look for the purpose why God created you. You will have a better perspective on life and hopefully a reason to live your life meaningfully.

I hate living with my family can i leave home???

I would be willing to predict that the reason your parents are preventing you from maintaining friends is the character of these friends.If you made friends of good character,there would be no reason for them to prevent it,if they did then you would truly know they were being unreasonable. Your parents obviously love you and care about you or they would not be protecting you. Do not move in with friends or a questionable adult or run away.This is your very valuable life we are talking about here.Even though you are still a minor, you are your Life Manager. You must make the best choices for yourself and your future.If you find your situation unbearable, your only option is to move in with a trusted stable adult,a family member would be best. Many teens are in your situation and it is TEMPORARY.I know it feels like forever,but it won't be and you could be using this precious time in your stable home to prepare for your future. Education and Financial resources are the key to your future happiness.Then you will be dependent on No One,and can freely make choices for a happy life for yourself.Remember being say 8 or so and the thought of being a teen at driving age seemed like forever away and now its it your face. You are here now. Well being 24,44,even 64 will feel like now, it will be the now you are experiencing and if you are prepared for it you will be happy and living a life that is true to yourself.Lucky you,your parents love you and care for you.It's amazing the change when you look at the positives in a situation,even write them down.Instead of feeling helpless Do something that will get you closer to your goal of independence.
If you leave now you will still be dependent on someone guaranteed and that someone may not love or care for you the way your parents do and you could be in a much more painful and controlling environment.Plan your future,it is exciting and it is all your dreams and more.Life always turns in ways unexpected make sure those are good turns for you, the power is in your hands! Good Luck and it never hurts to talk to God,he's a very good listener!

I have a bottle with 3 reptiles in it. its from 1914 i want to find out more about it. who would know?

You should check on your uncle's military service record and see where he did service. I'd think that could give you a good clue as to where the animals come from. Once you know that, you might work with your library to see if you can identify them more closely.

You could contact the national archives about service records. While you are working with them, mention what you have - it might be this was a common souvenir from African in WWI, and they might be able to tell you more about it.

Interesting find!

I want to become Mormon, but my family would disown me...?

Your situation is troubling for you and very difficult. I empathize. We are instructed by God, in the Ten Commandments, to honor our parents. That would be my advice to you. Honor and respect their wishes. However, when you become of age, and are emancipated, you can make your own choices and decide about baptism for yourself.

In the meantime, you could continue to read and study the scriptures, improve and grow, become a better person through your Momron beliefs, and demonstrate to your parents how your life has become better.

Perhaps as they see your dedication, and the change it has brought to you, they may change their minds about it,

At any rate, you come out the better person for it as you continue to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have it help you.

Watch the video: "How Rare a Possession," which describes a similar situation where a person wanting to become Mormon is unable to because of the atrocities of World War II prevented missionaries from entering his country.

I want to go to college but how can I when my family and friends don't even believe in me?

Its your life and you can decide better, parents and friends can suggest good or bad but you should follow what you want. Initially people don't believe on things but happens. You must keep decision power.stay blessed and best wishes

Are there any free sites like Ancestry, that let you trace your family history?

The best free genealogy site is undoubtedly Free Family History and Genealogy Records for census records and other records.NEVER copy free family trees from that site or any other site. We all start that way, patting ourselves on the back for finding our entire family tree, but it is almost guaranteed to be full of errors. I look back at my original tree and shudder. How did I miss women who allegedly gave birth at age 60? How did I believe that kid was born AFTER his father? Okay, I can be forgiven for mistaking one John Leavell born at about the same time in the same county for another one, but it sure messed up my tree. Use free family trees for hints, but go to Free Family History and Genealogy Records or even a pay site like Ancestry to find documents that back up those trees’ claims.For fairly recent obituaries, try | Where Life Stories Live On but older obituaries are available at pay sites.For grave records and tombstone photos try BillionGraves or but remember that people can link graves to each other, and just like free family trees, they may make mistakes linking children to alleged parents.Go to your public library and sign out Genealogy for Dummies or similar books and they’ll give you great advice.Don’t forget a Google search, but be as detailed as you can. If you’re looking for John Smith, you’ll get millions of hits. Make it “John Smith 1895 Whitfield County Massachusetts”. If his wife has an unusual name, search for her instead. Remember to try different spellings. He might be listed as John Smythe in some important record. For some reason, personal web sites don’t always show up in general searches. I’ve had a free website up for many years with Leavell, Tyner, Perkins, Goodwin, Sherrill, Hackleman, Adkins, Beard, and dozens of other names, but when I search for them (even just by the surname) the pages don’t show up.

How would I start tracing my family history?

If you don't have much family knowledge, I would begin by looking at one of the big sites like  They offer several things that would require a lot of effort otherwise. The two biggest things areThey offer the possibility of connecting with distant relatives you didn't know that you had. They may have family trees already built for some sides for your family. You may even know them, but didn't know that they were interested in genealogy.The bigger sites have many digitized documents from all over the world and they're growing everyday. These include census, birth, marriage, and death records as well as documents from enlistments in wars. You can get dates, places and other relatives from these form. Speaking from personal experience, I found out that my paternal grandfather had actually immigrated from modern day Ukraine, even though we thought he was born in the US and his family had emigrated from Germany. It turns out that they had left Germany around 1790 going via Hungary to then Imperial Russia and then in 1909, emigrated to the US. That is one small example of what you can do with only electronic research. I wouldn't say it is easy because people have wrong information in their trees, multiple people have the same name, people change the spellings of their names, etc. But it is very doable these days to learn things about your family that you had knowledge of.You can gain additional information by using genetic testing services like 23andMe, which will give you an ethnic breakdown of yourself benchmarked to ethnicities of 500 years ago. This let me connect to a previously unknown third cousin, who let me get back an extra generation in time and subsequently, let me trace back an additional 3 generations.