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I Want To Go To A Party

My girlfriend wont let me go to a party that i want to go to how do i convince her to let me go?

Get a spine and either go, because you want to, or don't go. Tell her just because she doesn't want to go doesn't mean you can't. If I were you I'd tell her that you are going and although you'd enjoy it more if she joined you, if she chooses to stay home that's up to her.

She can't "let" you or not "let" you go. She's not your keeper. Make your own decisons and if she gets mad, so be it. You'll never be happy in your relationship if you have to ask her permission before you do anything she doesn't want to do.

I want to go to a party but my parents won t let me?

My family friends bat mitzvah is tommorrow, but I do not know her or her family and have never talked to them they are just friends with my parents. I do not know ANYONE else going and i am going to be so bored. Someone in my grade is having a party that my friends and I are invited to, the same day. My mom had told me the bat mitzvah was an afternoon party so i assumed I could go to this other party. I told my mom about the party and she said i could go. Then she decided to check when the bath mitzvah is and it s a night party!! It starts at 6 and this other party starts at 8. I really do not want to go to this bat mitzvah. My mom said that i can go to my other party after the dinner is served but she said she will not drive me, and i can t take an uber... So how am I suppose to get there. It is extemly fustrating and i don t know what to do. Please I ve me advice on how to convince them to drive me its only 10 minutes away so they wouldn t be gone for long.

I want to go to my friends party but my parents would never let me; what can i tell them im doing instead?

I would feel so guilty giving you an OK to lie to your parents, and doubly guilty thinking up a clever excuse to make that easier for you to do! You want to sleep over at a GUY's house?....I agree with your parents! Even though you THINK nothing can happen, your parents will feel much more secure by saying NO, just to be on the safe side.

(ok...I just noticed your additional details, and have sent you an email response.)

I want To go to parties but my friends aren't that type?

I'm 15 and some people in my year have parties every weekend and when I hear about them they sound really good. I really want to have and go to parties but my group of friends aren't like that at all. They don't drink alcohol or do anything like this but i really want to. Most of my mates are really clever and a bit antisocial to people they don't know which kinda annoys me whereas I'm more outgoing and have more friends outside of the group. So should I throw a party to try and get them into it or try to get invited to other parties? What should I do about it? Thanks

I've been invited to a party. I want to go, but I'm afraid. I'm a shy introvert and can't talk to people. What should I do? Apparently I should do things that scare me in order to cure myself of my introversion.

We all know that social anxiety or social phobia can be crippling sometimes – even though the social settings are perfectly normal. It is more to do with our own thinking, something that's inside out and not vice versa. Though, we live in a world which includes all kind of people – average, intelligent, idiots, fortunate, miserable, poor, rich, sick, healthy, handsome and ugly; the list is endless. But, people suffering from social anxiety always think that they are inferior to others and that something is wrong with them and this thought becomes rigid and intense with time. So, regardless of whether the gatherings are large or small, the people suffering from this disorder will try to keep a distance from social occasions. Sometimes, the fear grows so big that the patient tries to withdraw from situations where social encounters are unavoidable. However, the good news is – it can be treated. Read the following article to know how cognitive behavioral treatment can help you get away with this disorder completely. Social Anxiety Therapy

How can I tell my strict parents I want to go to a party?

I had very strict parents aswell.You go and ask them, then before they get to say anything you tell them what you are allowed, and not allowed to do. When you will be home, with you you will be, where it is and that you love them.if they so no, you may ask why, and what you can do to change their mindsIf they say yes, thank them and stay true to your word, strict parents appreciate this and will let you go easier next time you ask.Its alm about showing them that they raised good children and that their children can be trusted. Eventually they will tell you to go out and have fun. They will probably do this because they are confident the groundwork they have played in you is solid and that you will act responsibly.Goodluck

Im really tired but i want to go to this party, what can i do?

I have no idea why im tired maybe cuz i took this cold medicine because im starting to get a sore throat and maybe it made me drowsy. But i really want to go to this party but i feel tired what can i eat or drink or something that will keep me awake and energetic? I was thinking an energy drink but it might make me crash and make me even more tired..

I want to go to a party but I’m afraid I’ll get kicked out. What should I do?

One of the worst things anyone can do at a party or any event is constantly act like you’re trying to fit in. If you’re nervous about being kicked out, people can sense that, and it is unpleasant to be around.The best thing you can do is just be confident and just do you.