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I Want To Know About The Herbalife Products And Its Side Effects

What are some side effects of Herbalife products?

If you are planning for a weight loss regime from Herbalife, i must say.... Pleeeease Stopp!In my 3.5years of experience of working in network marketing industry, I have personally observed that more than half of the distributors are focussing on making money by fooling people rather than on promoting health in the correct way.Being a nutritionist, I am not against food supplements for any of the health issues. But friends, plz don’t follow their advertisements blindly. Most of the companies/products are bogus.Now talking about Herbalife's weight loss regime, it typically works like you have to completely forget eating normal food. Your daily meal will consist of two different kinds of shakes, and some capsule/tablet twice a day. You will be allowed to eat certain low calorie fruits(no citrus fruits at all), boiled vegetables, salad, and in the worst case, 1chapati.You will end up losing weight more than expected and very rapidly. And soon after your course is over or you attain the desired weight, you will be deficient of so many vitamins and minerals in the body that your body will stop recognising these nutrients once you switch to normal diet. As a result of which, all these essential nutrients will get converted to fats over the time, and in no more than 4–5months of normal diet, you will end up gaining more weight than ever before. That's all. So choose wisely.Fyi.. The best weight loss product Leangard in the world is produced by our very own Indian MNC Samj Direct from Indian herbs. You can google about it.

Are there any side effects to Herbalife products? Is it OK if used beyond two years?

All the studies are done up to 3 months, so you never get any approval for long term safeness. Wikipedia has an entry now on Herbalife causing liver damage, due to Soy Protein Isolate and FRUCTOSE. Worst ingredients ever for your overall health. Read here:“Hospitals in Israel, Spain, Switzerland, Iceland, Argentina, and the United States had reported liver damage in a number of patients, some of whom had used Herbalife products”Read the ingredients people, and do not buy Herbalife.

Are there side-effects of Herbalife weight loss products after you stop using them?

Yes, your wallet will remain in its decreased state as you gain back any lbs you might have lost.Regardless of whether or not supplements work, Herbalife is garbage, and, it's a network marketing company.This alone should tell you it's worth avoiding.E-GO 2018

Herbalife side effects?

Hi,i just started using shapeworks products frm herbalife which mainly includes the shake.after a week consuming it,i felt nauseous,have constipation and mild headache.(b4 using the product i rarely hv headache!)
so what's the deal?is this really normal during the course of taking it or it has a weird reaction with my body?
really appreciate a clarification frm other HL users..plz!
i'm not making it up or wutever..just need some genuine answers..tq

Is it safe for kids to use Herbalife products?

Herbalife doesn’t recommends, nor it will recommend, giving product to children. Though you might find some “kids chew-able vitamins on US market”.Now having said that, can also say that I know some parents who give their children Herbalife. Results:Some parents were called in school & kinder garden as their “kid was never sick”, unlike other children. Most of the kids I know in Herbalife are happy, healthy & well.Ask yourself what kind of food is alternative? Are those products on the store shelves proven good for you? Are those products in fast foods good for your children? Knowing how bad soda is, would you give it to your child? How about factory cookies?Every kid needs to have a balanced meal & plenty of nutrients. Herbalife is only that in a shake, so no problem if my kid wanted to eat that - it can eat it. But it’s the choice of the kid to choose & it’s the choice of the parents to permit that for their children. In my mind, there’s no doubt - I would give my children Herbalife (I don’t have them). But, saying it again, it’s for every parent & child to decide for themselves… ;)

Herbal life sleep now side effects?

1.Caffeine – Some Herbalife products contain caffeine as a metabolism booster. Caffeine can cause nervousness, headaches and higher blood pressure. A typical cup of coffee has about 85mg of caffeine per cup. Per serving, Herbalife teas, tablets, and effervescent products have between 65-75 mg of caffeine per serving. If you are allergic to caffeine you should avoid the products that include caffeine. Some of these are: N-R-G Tablets and Liftoff energy drink. Check the product labels on other products for the ingredients.

2.Protein and/or Soy – Some people are allergic to concentrated protein. Although the body has protein in our cells, the problem occurs when too much protein upsets the balance in the body’s ability to process protein. Again, check the product labels for each Herbalife product you are considering.

3.Shellfish – According to Herbalife certain products contain shellfish, so if you are allergic to shellfish, you may want to avoid these products: Herbalifeline®, Tri-Shield®, Joint Support

but as far as teeth grinding i can find nothing about that sounds like something you just never have noticed before so i would suggest you seek help from a dentist or do a small amount of botox into your jaw line to keep you from grinding your teeth

Are Herbalife products good for your health?

If you are asking in the sense of does it have some side effects or not then my answer would be “ It is a food supplement and food does not have any side effects, only medicine have.”And if you are asking in the sense of Is it effective or not then my answer would be “ Herbalife has 10 crore registered satisfied customers around the world and one gunieess world record for its result ( Search Jim Poore in Google) And as I have said herbalife has 10 crore REGISTERED SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. And there are many lazy people like me who have got the results but haven't registered yet”So for me at least. Herbalife products are the bestI hope this answer would be enough for you

Safe to order Herbalife on Amazon?

I wanna order the Herbalife shakes, but they are really expensive if I order them through a distributer.
I came across Amazon and they sell them for about 35$. I just dont know if this would be reliable?