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I Want To Know About Women

I want to know about clitrus of women?

it has the power to take all your money,, take your kids away from you, it can make you work 3 jobs to pay for the mistake of getting close to it, it has the power to throw you in jail and leave you homeless,, it can induce you to becoming a drunk or just plain losing your mind, its your worst enemy, attached to a set of legs that makes it mobile and connected to a brain that is very evil that interacts without empathy for those that come in contact with it, in banking terms , your adjusted pay out for borrowing it would equal about a 2500% payout in the divorce, so the time you trigger her oh my god button to the your the sorriest s.o.b shes ever known, be prepared for mortal combat for getting that close to your emenies feel good trigger

As a woman myself I will tell you what i want to know about my clothing:First and foremost, I would like to know if it suits my body type. What looks nice on a heart-shaped body type won't look nice on a pear shaped.Second, the fabric. I am allergic to fur so I need to know so that I don't waste money on something I won't wearThird, the fit. I am pear-shaped and skinny fit jeans are not the best as they draw attention to my bottomFourth, what brand. I am a fan of Levi’s jeans as they have catered for pretty much all shapes and sizes of women.I hope this information has been helpful.Good day

Do men know what women want?

the reason why you will never find a nice man is that you said the secret is for men to understand that women want to be adored. Any woman that wants to be adored is a trophy gf or wife. To me that isnt a real woman. A real woman wants to be loved and is capable of giving that love back( and here is the keyword girl, learn to know it, spell it and understand it) EQUALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. If you want to be adored you will keep getting teh same ******* that will give you the vain adoration that you are seeking but it wont last long, cause as soon as that butt kisser finds another woman, he will be off to adorn her in the low, depthless selfish way she wants to be adored and you will end up an old lady with 8 cats that u start to get special feelings for.

Do yourself a favor and step off that royaL throne that you have created for urself before u end up alone forever.
When i mean alone, i mean alone inside the heart, not physically alone. When you can finally humble urself maybe u can find a nice guy that will treat u right.

Randy, not only do most women dont know what men want, most women dont even know what they themselves want lol.

I just saw the posts by all these women on this forums, and its a joke. They speak as if they are perfect women, when in all likelihood they are filled with imperfections. Their problem is
they wouldnt know the defination of a good man , and for that fact what a good woman is about.

Thank god for virginity lol

What do guys want to know about women?

I would like to say "congratulations!" or "you are insane!". Seeing that you are asking for advice (bad) on the internet (worse) in regards to writing a book (unbelievable) about women (holy *&^%! what are you thinking man!), unless you are yourself a woman, writing about men... in which case, Brilliant!! very nice.

i would like to know about why and how they can like and dislike something at the same time.

Men- I want to know how many of you find tall women more attractive than short women?

> my prof. said that tall women are completely unattractive

Unless you were coming on to him in hopes of sleeping your way to an "A" - and I HIGHLY doubt that is the case - or he was a physical anthropologist discussing mating trends in America today, his remark was WAY out of line. Besides, he is wrong. He might have well said all people like red sauce better than green on their burritos, or strawberry ice cream better than chocolate. His personal predjudices are not Universal Truths, even though he has a Ph D.

One of the signs of maturity is recognizing that different people have different tastes, and what you prefer isn't "right", it is just your preference. I, for instance, order rack of lamb and cabernet every chance I get, when we eat out at a fancy restaurant. I know lots of people would prefer grilled salmon and chardonnay, and there are vegetarians who make do with cheese lasangna and old vine zinfandel. I'd never tell the salmon order on table 5 "You just don't know what's good" or the vegetarian he should enjoy life more fully.

American men tend to like their women to be a bit shorter that they are; also to earn a little less and not be vastly more educated, sexist dogs that they are. You can see the height preference in any large group; at the mall, for instance. The income and education preference comes from a college psychology course.

I knew a lady accountant who was dating an air force guy several years ago. Not to mention what he did exactly, but if the cold war had gotten hot and there had been a threat on the West Coast, south of Oregon and north of Los Angeles, he would have taken off at 500 miles per hour, gone to mach 2 in a minute or so, dodged around, then pushed a button that would have wiped out that threat, plus made it unwise to eat fish from a big stretch of the Pacific for a couple of weeks. She didn't tell him she had an MBA for fear of intimidating him.

So - you are probably not going to get a lot of 5'2' men asking you to the Winter Ball. Lots of tall men will, I'd bet.

Personally, and speaking only to physical attraction, and speaking of when I was single, height wasn't as important as complexion, hair color or weight. Had I met a slender 8-foot goddess with a complexion so fair the little blue veins showed faintly under her skin, and waist-long red-gold hair, I would have been willing to carry a step stool the rest of my life.

I am a white man and i love black women, I want to know what people think about it?

Well my friend it seems to me that you only brought this up in an attempt to stirr-up rasicm. Why do you realy care what people think? if you truly love someone why would it matter what people think of your relationship with a person from another race. love dont see colour. you wouldnt have asked this question if you were true to what ur claiming.

i think you should have rather asked what people think of interracial relationships.

Please dont take this as an offence or defimation of charachter, i know exactly why you asked this cause i have first hand experience in this type of situations because i live in the racist diseased country of south africa

Peace out my brother


Rich ***** Project.

"Man's goodness is a flame that can be hidden, but never extinguished!"-Nelson R Mandela

I don't think that the women don't want to get to know you, I just think the one's you've mentioned are self absorbed and very egocentric. They're interested in you so long as you listen to all that they have to say but they don't want to listen to you in return because they think that they are just that interesting and also magazines and western feminism has been telling them that real men listen, which they interpreted as real men listen no matter what and have no desire to talk. Basically now instead of being equal to men, some woman want to be MORE equal. They probably think they know you already because you're a man so predictable. These women you're wasting your time with are conceited it's as simple as that. Conversation especially when it's in a relationship should be equal. You're not wrong for wondering what the heck is going on, or for seeking to address the issue with the various girls, but they are very wrong for insulting you for voicing a concern.I don't want to jump to conclusions here but the girls who are doing this to you are probably either very physically attractive or they believe that they are. There's very little chance that the women doing this are ugly. I'm going to assume that you're attractive as well (which is why you're getting so many numbers since we know it's not your brain they're after) but perhaps these women just want you as an accessory. If you're too pretty as a man some women might assume that you're an idiot so they may think that you have nothing of interest to contribute. If you're ugly but wealthy, they might assume that you feel grateful to be involved with them because of their beauty, as an ugly person they won't consider that you have anything to add. In short you're being objectified and despite all the talk women do this and they get away with it too. There are women who still refer to men as "beef", they still ogle topless men, they still commit rape and sexual assault on men and laugh about it and they do feel that men have a place. The girls you're talking to might just want you  for sex not a relationship.Perhaps you should go for a different type of girl, like the shy one who doesn't ask for your number. She's more likely to be open to a two way exchange of information.

We do check out other men. But you won't get a slightest clue about that. We are that clever.We do sweat a lot. Not only sweat. We also burp and fart.We simply hate it when men are not nice to us especially on our period days.We watch porn too. So yeah, if a girl tells you next time that she has never watched porn, don't believe her.Not all girls want hyper masculine guys.No, not all run after money. We don't date a guy simply because of cash. We can earn it by ourselves too.We don't apply make up to impress you. Applying make up enhances our beauty and boosts our confidence.We don't wear short dresses to grab your attention. It may simply mean that we choose comfort over anything else.Don't think that we cannot live without a guy. We definitely can.We check out other girls and their physique. Nah, it doesn't necessarily mean that we are drawn towards them. It means that we simply appreciate their beauty.Looks do not matter to us if we “truly” love someone. Trust me, if we love someone we are ready to accept them the way they are.Lastly, we think about sex as much as you do. ;)