I Want To Know If They Are Taking Taxes Away From People That Sells Online

I am a painter and I want to sell my paintings online. Where and how can I do it in India?

Are you an artist? Are are planning to make some money out of your artwork? If yes, then let me help you do that.Stop hoarding all your precious collections at the dark corner. Don’t let your masterpiece gather dust. Give it wings to fly. Let your craftsmanship find the right customer. Art has dominated every realm in the universe. There isn’t a person who doesn’t enjoy art (subjected to his or her own way).Fading to your cocoon and seeking shelter behind the canvas will not bring the success you dreamt of. Success is for those who are able to influence the majority. Let your creative art influence people, make them think, understand, and live a happier/ healthier life.The digital transformation has blessed our generation with a lot of tools and techniques that help us to start an online business and find a commercial value for what we intent to sell. You can always find a customer for what you sell. The trick lies in the basics. In how you identify your target customers. The digital channels have offered multiple options through which you could merchandise a product.You need to evolve with the opportunities. Don’t restrict yourself and confine to a traditional brick and mortar business model.Create an Ecommerce Store and Sell Paintings Online - Try The Trial VersionStarting an eCommerce business model will help you in the long run. An online business will help generate revenue over time. Compared to a brick and mortar business model the investment required will be much smaller. Yes you heard me loud and clear. With just an investment of INR 1000 per month you could own an ecommerce store.Thera are a plethora of Pre-built eCommerce platform providers that enables you hop online and start your digital journey. I will list few pre-built platforms for your reference;ShopnixBigCommerceZepoShopifyKartRocketVolusionWeeblyTake this opportunity to explore the potential in setting up an online art gallery. This business model is quiet simple that you could start it with ease and gives you a digital identity to the establishment. Virtual stores are gaining significant importance among people. People find it more so convenient to purchase products online. With an online art galley you could reach out to a huge audience. Even the geographical boundaries are not a limitation. With the online art gallery you could promote your paintings among diverse people.

Would selling off your stuff online affect your SSDI?

Ebay is the modern garage sale - you have nothing to worry about but technically it would be considered self-employment income - especially if you begin buying goods to sell at a profit. As long as you aren't working 80 hours a month and/or netting $1040 a month in profits it won't impact your entitlement to benefits. You are required to report self-employment income and you can do it by downloading form SSA-820, filling it out and mailing it to your nearest social security office after you've been "in business" a few months. Keep track of the hours you put into it - including the time spent going to and from the post office. Then you will have fulfilled your responsibilities as required by law without jeopardizing your benefits.

Social Security isn't a benefit based upon financial need like SSI is - therefore you don't have to report the sale of any of your resources (house, car, etc) because doing so isn't a business. The law requires that you report earnings from wages and self-employment and that you report the receipt of worker's comp since worker's comp will reduce the amount of the social security benefit. That's it.

Can I Get My W2 From Walmart Online If I Don't Work There Anymore?

No. Walmart uses to distribute their online W2's to active employees if they gave consent to receive their W2 online rather then a paper version. If you were terminated, you will automatically get your W2 in the mail at home at the last address they had on file. If you moved, you need to call the store and give them your new address so they can forward it to you once it comes back.

Why does Walmart charge sales tax on store but not on online orders?

If there is one Walmart Store in your state, then you will have to pay sales tax on anything your order online. And since Walmart has stores in every state, everyone has to pay sales tax on all Walmart purchases, whether at a store or online.In contrast, say a business has a store in only one state, but sells online. Everyone in the state where the store is actually located would have to pay sales tax, but people in other states would not have to.As another response indicated, this has to do with “nexus” laws. Nexus refers to whether a business has a physical presence in a particular state. Nexus is typically evaluated based upon the existence of people, facilities or inventory within a specific geographic area.

Are permits or licenses needed to sell on Etsy?

I'm not an expert but can share my experiences. I encourage you to consult with a small business attorney. At the very least, take a look at the U.S. Small Business Administration’s guide for starting an online business:More Than Just a Seller - How to Start a Business on an Online Marketplace. Then take a look at their guide to starting a small business. It explains steps to legalize your business at federal and state levels :Choose & Register Your Business. Also check out Etsy’s guide to starting a business with them: Beginner's Guide to Selling on EtsyWhen I started on Etsy I did not obtain any permits, licenses, etc because it was more like a hobby and I didn't expect to really turn the shop into a profitable business. I simply set up the shop and began selling. This is the case with many sellers. I've since decided to legitimize my business and have also begun selling in-person at craft shows, festivals, etc. I registered my business with my home state (free of charge) as a sole proprietorship (you might decide a different business structure works for you) and now I am expected to pay quarterly taxes. I also registered my business/trade name with my county, since I operate as The Washi Pot and not my own name (costs $50). If you have employees or depending on which business structure you choose, you'll need to apply for EIN for federal tax purposes. Since I'm a sole proprietorship I don't need one and taxes are associated with my ss# rather than a separate id#. In my state I’m not required to obtain a permit or certificate for what I sell and neither would a photographer. Something I haven't done yet, but might do is trademark my business name (costs about $300). I'm still investigating whether it makes sense for me to do this. I’m not too familiar with copyrighting, but I know some photographers do this to protect their work. There have been instances where Etsy seller have had their artwork copied or used without permission.Best of luck to you as you start your new business!