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I Want To Know The Vitamins For Hair

Prenatal vitamins & hair growth?

Hair growth is supported by taking Biotin, also known as Vitamin H.......
GNC has a supplement called "Nourishair" that makes the hair grow faster, you can read what's in it by googling it. Be warned these pills are HUGE and you have to take 2 a day.
Also ProCaps labs sells a "hair skin and nails" formula that does the same thing, supports hair growth and health, and is smaller and easier to swallow.
If you take only Biotin alone, make sure you take at least 2.5 milligrams or 2500 micrograms [the same thing] a day because thats' a good amount to take. I use the Nourishair supplement from GNC now and my hair is growing faster than it did, but it took about 6 to 8 weeks of daily use to see results

What essential vitamins are good for hair growth?

You know, most of us think that using high-end hair products is enough to boost our hair growth and achieve sparkling hair.But the truth is you can never speed up your hair growth if you don’t nourish your hair from within.So to promote your hair growth, you need to supply your hair with nutrition and vitamins.But that doesn’t mean that you should spend tons of money for every single type of vitamin.In fact, taking multiple vitamins at the same time might lead to severe health problem.Therefore you need to just stress on those vitamins that are must-have for faster hair growth.So what are those musthave vitamins?Well, there are basically 10 essential vitamins you need to have for hair growth.And here in my answer, I’d try to mention a few of them.Vitamin CJust like it’s health benefits, vitamin C does an amazing job to promote hair growth. It’s anti-oxidant property prevents damage to the hair follicles from free radicals. Besides, vitamin C blocks the generation of DKK1, a protein that leads to permanent baldness.BiotinThis one is also known as the ‘hair growth vitamin”. You know, our hair needs a protein to grow faster, and it is Keratin. And intaking Biotin will help your body to break down the proteins into amino acids, that later form keratin. Besides, biotin prevents split ends and hair breakage, and prompt hair growth.Vitamin EThough vitamin E is commonly used in different skin products, regular consumption of this vitamin would help in faster hair growth. And it’s antioxidant property fight free radicals. Not mention the moisturizing benefit of vitamin E that would help you keep your scalp from getting dehydrated.However, there are 07 other vitamins that you should take to promote the growth of your hair. And to learn about them you can check out this short article Top 10 Vitamins For Hair GrowthHope it helpsCheer……….

Best vitamins for hair growth?

Your hair is thin because of your good genes, and no magic potion can make hair thicker.

If there is, they would be charging them the same price for gold per ounce.

The reason why pregnant women's hair seem healthier when they start taking prenatal vitamins because they stopped abusing their hair with chemicals, or they are endangering their babies in their bellies. If you stop, YOUR hair will start growing, too, healthier than before and the vitamins are not going to add more hair on your head, or make them thicker.

Biotin you can get them in certain vegetables. . . .Brewer's yeast is the best vegan source. legume, soybeans, swiss chard, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and carrots are good source. you can find biotin in most vegetables. Actually, vegetables contains more biotin than animal products. Liver is only the animal product that contains large amount of biotin.

Anyone can grow hair down to their feet if they eat healthy foods from Mother Nature, not made by man.

Foods for Healthy Hair…

Can i take biotin vitamins and also take Hair nails and skin vitamins at the same time?

or is too much? please let me know because i want to buy a hair skin and nail vitamins from natures bounty ,and i also wanted to buy the biotin one from natures bounty.? would i be able to take both of them? PLEASE HELP AND LET ME KNOW..thanks

Hair, skin, and nails they work or is it a scam to make money?

i saw this hair, skin, and nails vitamins at family dollar. i want longer hair and stronger nails and i heard about these so i picked up a bottle. But do they work? if they do, how long does it take to see results? im trying to grow my hair out but its sooo slow. i stopped dying my hair completely and since then it has grown more, but still growing slow. has anyone taken these vitamins with good results?

Is it safe to take hair/skin/nails vitamins?

i just bought "bounty natures hair/skin/nails" vitamins, and i want longer hair because it takes forever to grow.
and i want to know if its okay to take them, im 14.
will it shorten my life? or will i get a disease or anything like that ?

Vitamins - Suppliments I can take to make my hair grow faster and healthier?

I came to find that there ARE things that will make your hair grow faster & longer. This is because by taking care of your hair, taking vitamins, and taking care of your body in general will make your hair healthy. If your hair is healthy, it'll obviously grow. So when people say "there's no way that you can grow your hair longer or faster and that you just have to wait for it to grow," that statement is wrong because there are ways you can make your hair healthy and when hair is healthy, it grows! People have seen there hair grow even longer from the things they do to their hair. ANYWAY, getting onto the question.

- BIOTIN! Biotin is my #1 vitamin. It works so well for growing hair. It basically strengthens your hair, makes your hair healthy, and give your hair the necessary vitamins IN ORDER for your hair to grow! I definitely recommend Biotin. It works for me, and it works for so many other people out there. So many people have seen good results from Biotin and there are so many good reviews on Biotin about how it does actually make a difference in your hair and has made it longer overall. Biotin won't work on its own, though. You still have to take care of your hair and contribute to your hair in other ways to grow it. I'm pretty sure you already know that, though.

Note: Biotin is my very first recommendation because, in my opinion, it's better than any other vitamin, but there are some more vitamins that do help with hair growth just as much as Biotin does. Here are some other good vitamins:
-Hair Skin & Nails vitamins
-Folic Acid vitamins
-Fish Oil vitamins
-Hairfinity. Note: I would just stick to the drugstore brands for vitamins because, in my opinion, the drugstore vitamins work just as good as hairfinity does, and even better than hairfinity. Hairfinity does work, but is a little pricy for one bottle. I know drugstore brands of vitamins can also be pricy, but they're less pricy than hairfinity. Plus, hairfinity has Biotin in it so you might as well just stick to the actual brand.

Hope this helps! :)

Which vitamins stop hair loss due to taking Wellbutrin?

There are a lot of vitamins for hair loss in the market today. Let me recommend SugarBearHair Vitamins. It contains zinc that targets your follicles, biotin to rebuild hair structures, vitamin C to prevent damage, and many more, all of this vitamins are necessary for hair growth and maintenance.

Will my tamoxifen interact with vitamins I take for hair growth?

My oncologist just put me on tamoxifen for the next *gulp* 5 years. I finished chemo back in December and my hair is growing back -- very slowly. I wanted to know if I took Sundown Hair,Nails and Skin vitamin supplement if that would be a bad interaction. I did a search on their website and it looks like the only thing that could be a problem was 'citrus bioflavonoids' and it only said 'flavonoids' no bio and it was inconclusive. I'm ready to find my new normal and hair will help me get there faster. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.