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I Want To Lower My Waist Measurement Help

How can I lose inches off my waist?!?

waist and thighs is a really tough area to lose weight, regardless of if you exercise because i use to do sports year round. it REALLY depends on the amounts of fats/calories you take in, and if you drink pop and eat a bunch of sugar there is your problem. Pop creates more space (air) in the stomach/intestines causing you to permanently bloat UNTIL you don't lay off of it for a while. believe me, you will notice a great difference. ice cream is also the devil lol

really, the answer is just count calories and make smart food choices. i know it might sound extreme, but if youre really that desperate just go on nothing but fresh fruit diets, grilled chicken, salad, wheat bread, and water. everyone blabs about 'starving yourself' but that isnt, and think about people with broken jaws...they cant have solids.

Can I reduce my waist size by wearing a corset?

Yes, it does, if done correctly. It requires a sturdily built steel-boned corset that has enough of a curve in the waist to cinch it in, and enough room in the rib and hip area to allow for reduction when the corseter's waist becomes smaller. It requires the corseter to wear their corset often, for long periods of time, at a high enough reduction in the waist. If done correctly, in the long term there will be a difference in the corseter's waist. Our bodies are pliable, and our organs allow for some shifting around (especially women, during pregnancy), so over time, it's possible to make a difference in one's uncorseted waist.Of course, your corseted waist will always be smaller than your uncorseted one, but it is definitely possible to make a difference in your uncorseted waist. However, it's not permanent in the sense that if you stop wearing your corset regularly, your waist will eventually go back to its original measurement.Waist training to a certain reduction takes a long time - at the very least, many months - and it depends on each person's body. The presence and absence of muscle and fat can make a difference, as well as the size and placement of one's bones and organs. It depends on varying factors, but waist training always takes up a significant amount of time - it's certainly not a "trim your waist quick" scheme. It's a commitment and a progression.It should also not be mistaken for a replacement for exercise and good diet. Having a small waist is not the same thing as being fit and healthy, and it's actually easier to obtain a small waist when you are exercising and eating right. Waist training is neither a "get slim quick" scheme, nor is it a "get fit quick" scheme. It's a way to reduce your natural waist beyond what you can normally accomplish without a corset.

Does anyone know the right way to measure your waist circumference?

Don't suck in, Don't push out. Try to be as normal as you can. the tape should go over your belly button. You will get way better results if you get someone to help you. Also put your arms down by your sides.

Help, Male & Female perspective needed, my body measurements are 38-29-42 , how can i drop 7" on my waist only?

i do not want to lose any weight on my bust and butt, i want to drop 7 inches off my waist tho, i want my measurements to be- 38-22-42 , Me and my friend are trying to get into video modelling and photo shoots, i have the face for it, and my bust and a** are big enough i just need to decrease my waist size, so whats the best way i can drop weight only there? and how long will it take? and is it possible for me to lose this weight by june. and my weight is 138 pounds, my goal weight is 130-128 pounds

Is a 29 inch waist too big for me?

Ok so I lack an hourglass figure and I really wish to decrease my waist size in order to get as close as possible to having one. I'm 20 years old, and my boobs and butt aren't getting any bigger, so I'm really focusing on losing waist fat. My bust is 32", my waist is 29", my hips are 33", my height is 5'4", and I weigh 104 lbs. Please, I want honest and educated answers OR reliable sources where I can find this out on my own.
First, is a 29" waist too big for me?
Second, I want a 24" waist. Is that just impossible based on my body measurements/type?

My waist size is 32 how can i reduce it to 24-26?

ummm, i would guess right and excercise...drink lots of water..