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I Want To Make Friends With You

Do you want to be friends?

This is probably weird. Idk.
I’m a 28 year old female, live in the Bay Area of California.
I’ve never really had friends, underlying childhood issues. But I feel like it’s affected my life in more then one way.
But I’m at the point in my life where I really want friends. I’ve been dating someone rather seriously for the past year who has plenty of friends and it made me wonder why I’ve never actually be able to create friendships. I’m introverted, socially awkward- perfect recipe for friendship right (insert sarcasm here).
But this whole message may get lost along the way, maybe it’ll get a bunch of negative responses from trolls... or miraculously I’ll find a friend.
I have one friend, but it’s my sister so she doesn’t count, I don’t think.. kinda feel like she’s obligated and feels sorry for me that I can’t make friends.

So.... here goes nothing.

Is it too late to make friends?

well I went to the same school for 6th and 7th grade and I had so much friends and I now go to a new school for my 8th year I've been an 8th grader ever since September in this school so everyone already has friends since it's 8th grade.I'm very shy and don't talk to anyone I just sit and wait for someone to talk to me. Which no one has! I know I should've tried to find another way but I was too shy to do I've made no friends since then and it's now March!....
(Things that run through my head when I want to talk to someone: It's too late now, I bet they don't like me, There'll be a long awkard silence and I won't have anything to say, I might as well not try)...But I'm so sick of not making any friends I even found out today from my one friend that people who don't know me don't like me cause they think I have an attitude when Im just shy.....and Im just a burden to that friend Im the loser who can't get a friend so I have to hang out with her this whole year....

What will you answer if I want to be your friend

Of course Yes.I've heard that “Friendship can't be forced it happens automatically”For some reason it is true. You can't force anybody to befriend you. But I think without taking any initiative no one can succeed in making friends.I love making new friends. And surprisingly I found many adorable and loving friends here. :)I have my friends with whom this introvert *me* is more comfortable and mischievous.I would love to talk with you and would like to know you personally User-11497761978618632009 ❤

Is it correct to say - I want to be friends with you?

Colloquially it is fine,no mishap but grammatically it is incorrect.Friend is a noun and you cannot use it the way.Instead you can try these,Can we be friends?Can I befriend you?Will you be my friend?How about friendship with me?Shall we be friends?Hope this helps..!

I want to make friends (girls) as I have none. Can anyone here be my good friend?

Hi dear 'decent looking, 23 year old, shy, wanting to make a close female friend forever' person,Everyone in this world is imperfect. There are always some things we find difficult to do. Like I find playing a musical instrument really difficult. It is one thing I think I can never do. But what if instead of getting better at it I find a shortcut and some day start playing the auto tunes of a piano and become happy, would it be good enough? I will get bored and I haven't really learnt how to play a instrument. Well, making friends with girls isn't as hard as playing a musical instrument. However , I see you find it difficult. The shortcut you have found would never work. Why? Because- It makes you look desperate. No body wants a needy friend. You will become zabardasti inferior in a relationship you begged yourself to be into. I did not mean to be rude. I hope it did not come out like that. Anyway, now what you should do is get to know yourself better. Become confident in your own character and then start talking to people around you. (Yes. You need to let go of your being shy and just initiate it) You will eventually start making friends. If you have some interests, know a bit about the world or actually can just make conversations about random topics, you will be liked more. Voila! You are now ready. If you don't act creepy, you can talk and make friends with many girls now. PS- You never think and make close friends or friends forever with anyone. It just turns into that if two people click that well. And hey, who knows about forever anyway? Make real life friends. It is always better than being uselessly involved with someone virtually. Good luck :)

How did you make friends in college?

First of all..... you don't "lose" your high school friends, if you make the slightest bit of effort to keep in contact. If you want to make meaningful connections join some club that interests you ( sports, academic, religious......). Be positive, have a voice, and just be yourself. Or if you want just anybody to pass the time with , take the preceeding suggestions.

Would you like to become friends with me?

Sure! You seem pretty nice and cool, Elijah. :)

How do you become friends with people who generally do not want to be friends with someone like yourself?

You should ask yourself why you want to be friends with people who are not interested in you in the first place.There are two possible reasons you don't get on:1. You have no personal chemistry with these people, you aren't interested in the same things, you are 'chalk and cheese'. 2. You have been misjudged Trying to get around reason 1 is pointless - you will end up pretending you like things that do not interest you, resulting friendships will be based on lies, and fake friendships will not make you happy - the will become a chore. Its a cliche, but 'be yourself', or as Shakespear put it 'this above all: to thine own self be true'.For reason 2, persistence! If you do have something in common, it will come out. That doesn't mean stalk people. Don't hang your hopes on one person or one group - failure is all too possible and that will cost you in self respect. The world has millions of people in it, and the internet has connected them - google your interests and find people who share them. I may be reading too much into this, but in my experience, those who are most bothered by this question have deeper personalities and are wondering why superficial people aren't interested. Don't waste your time - by asking this question you have already shown yourself to be better than the company you are trying to keep.