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I Want To Meet A Celebrity What Should I Do

How to meet a celebrity?

Of course, you have to know all about their biography,all the information about them.You have to be their one and only fan.You have to now their songs,television shows,events and their showbiz.Memorize all their likes and dislike about fans.Do your best to get their attention.Have a shake hand at their concerts.Send them some letters like a fan mail but sometimes a lot of people do that so other letters may not be read.Maybe bring them a nice gift or packages on nice events like,their birthday,Christmas,new year and any stuff which is really sweet or memorable.Follow them.....but it's hard because their are lots of security near them.Donate any for the needy.Join to their contest and do everything to meet them.Take a picture with them and try not to make them disgusted(like throwing their undies on the celebrity and pulling their hands when you got their hand).Use their trends and fashion.Be supportive for them.DO YOUR BEST!!!BE SIMPLE,CONFIDENT,AND BE YOUR SELF.

Celebrity wants to meet me .. Should i go?

That sounds unrealistic since a celebrity would not meet someone through Internet especially give their phone number to a stranger because of their own safety. If this really is a celebrity and you feel uncomfortable meeting him then don't meet him. Just because he is a celebrity that doesn't mean that you should treat him any differently than anybody else. If you are meeting someone through Internet ask what they want to do and always bring a friend with you for your own good. Good luck.

Celebrity wants to meet me .. Should i go?

Honestly, who wouldn't want to go? But be VERY CAREFUL. I know it seems like, almost absolutely certain it is him, but you really never know, especially with the internet. There's a movie called Megan is Missing about this stuff. I would hate for something bad to happen to you. But maybe arrange to bring a friend or something, or have a friend watch your date, MAKE SURE IT'S IN A PUBLIC PLACE. Even if he is a celebrity. Don't go to his hotel room or anything like that.
And I'm very glad for you that you're strong enough to not do anything with him. Don't lower your standards about this stuff even if he is a celebrity.
I hope everything works out for you. Please be safe. :)

Which celebrity do you want to meet in 2018?

I would love to meet Rajkumar Rao,Nawazzuddin Siddiqui or Irrfan Khan and compliment them on their acting skills…These actors didn't have Godfathers,nor conventional good looks…yet let their performances do the talking,instead of blowing their own trumphet…by claiming to be the best…We really need more actors like them around,if we have to target global cinema…

What should i wear to meet a celebrity?

I would wear a really cute tank with a skirt or shorts that match. And for shoes, any kind of sneakers or flats you think would look nice. What celeb are you meeting? :)

Do you want to meet an internet celebrity?

We are a startup looking for beta users to test our iOS app. You can win an opportunity to meet your favourite Internet Personalities and Talent just by trying out our app and providing feedback. We literally have hundreds of trending internet celebrities we will be announcing, available to meet on our platform after we launch. If you register at Veri or come see us at Tech Crunch Disrupt you can be one of the first users of our product.

What should I do if I want to meet any celebrity? I am willing to do 1 week nothing other than trying to meet a specific celebrity.

Just trying for 1 week is not gonna lead you anywhere in the celebrity meeting department. You gotta try harder than that.  This is how it works, you know, it might take years. That was said by George Clooney in another context though.You may have to build a strategy to meet the celebrity without being called a stalker. And that takes grit and effort and that can not be achieved in 1 week. I read an article about a guy who came up with a strategy to find love through on-line dating and succeeded too. I am putting down a "How to meet a celebrity" guide below. I hope it'll help you.1. Identify the Celebrity you want to meet.2. Obsess about them to the point that you are desperate to meet him/her. Desperation is the key to motivation. (This is my quote)3. Identify how to reach out to that person. Their contact address, twitter id, facebook id, instagram id all should be known to you.4. Write cute or unusual fan mails. Though the celebrities don't read the mails themselves, but sometimes an unusual one might get enough attention to reach them. (Writing mail in you own blood, or intimidating in any way can be considered stalking).5. Follow him/her on twitter/fb/etc. Repost everything they say. Now and then tweet nice, cute things about them. Send hugs, i love u's and XO's like normal fan. Don't overdo or it might be considered stalking. Attract their attention. Infact, Myleeza get invited and sit in VIP with Kim Kardashian because of her tweet.6. Register for the contests which have meeting with some celebrity as the prize.7. Become friends with a hairdresser who tends to the celebrity, use your contact to meet the celebrity. Or get to know somebody who knows somebody who can give you an invite to a party which the celebrity is attending.8. Celebrities travel a lot, so start working at some airport or just hang around a big famous airport. 9. If the celebrity is some actor/ actress or artist, get a job on the sets or just hang around. 10. If everything else fails, fall sick and write a plea to the make a wish foundation. (This is mean I know. Please don't get offended. Desperation can make us do anything. Seriously.)

What do you do when you meet a celebrity?

If they keep staring at me I say hello. If we strike up a conversation I ask them how work is going, how is life treating them. Basically I talk to them like I would any blue collar worker.Take a movie actor. Filming may only be for a several weeks but for 9 months before they are getting up at 3 am training and exercising, weapons training, fight choreograph, learning lines, working to create a whole new personality, more weight training. Filming might be eight hours in a markup chair before they even hit the set for 8–12 of filming. If the movie is set at night you’re working through the night, then another 3–4 hours removing the makeup - for weeks on end. They have to switch to being a regular/normal person when filming wraps.For rock stars there are months of rehearsals before they go out on tour. The stage design isn’t working. Setup and knock down are too cost prohibitive. Two of the back up singers are literally coming to blows because they hate each other. Your primary dancer just found out they are pregnant and will be “showing” before the first tour date. Maybe they are in the studio and they have a great hook and cannot form the rest of the song.

Why would I want to meet a celebrity, even if I loved what they have done, they do not know or care about me?

It depends on the celebrity and how you approach them. Like everyone, they are individuals. Some can be narcissistic and think they are better than you. Some are goofballs. They enjoy their peace and privacy, and it is arrogant and entitled to say they should lose respect for their privacy for pursuing the job. Many aren’t doing it for money; they enjoy the craft and pushing their limits. If you enjoy your job, should you not be paid for it or be allowed to complain about the negative aspects? But some celebrities enjoy meeting their fans. Screen acting is done in a kind of void as opposed to stage acting. When they move people, they don’t get to hear someone quietly sobbing in the audience or the thunderous applause. They go home or to their trailer and prepare for the next day. So when they meet fans that tell them how something affected them emotionally or inspired them, they get that connection to the audience. They are reminded why they spend long hours on set, train for roles, or don’t see their families for months at a time. It’s a similar feeling to when your boss praises your hard work and efforts. That validation for doing what you’re paid to do.