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I Want To Miss School Today

Should I miss school today?

If you miss today, then you'll be up all night tonight worried that you missed a test.
You may never sleep again!
Go to school and do the best you can on your test.


lol wow. i think i know the feeling. theres no sure fire way to miss school. you could play sick but your parent might choose to stay home or call you through out the day to check on you. you could miss the bus but the school will most likely call your parent by way of your house phone and or there work phones. you could go to home room, get marked as here, and then simply walk off your school campus when home room is out but that is very risky and if you are caught that will be very hard to make up a believable lie. i would not recommend you to skip school because it can be very addictive... no joke. i started skipping in high school and got in a lot of trouble. it can be a hard Habit to brake. but if you must know... and i am telling you this because it is your last 2 days of school and i will admit the rush is feels good and it can be fun and i think that every one should experience it at least once in their lives... i think you should miss the bus. that way if you folk get a phone call that can be your excuse. it will be a bad excuse but a lot parents will think any excuse for missing school is bad. because it is you last 2 days of school maybe your folks won't care AS much. it all depends on you parents. think of some where to go. mind you, you will be left to do what ever all day. stay away from cop and places infested with the mall. if you can ditch the book bags. don't do anything to cause attention to yourselves. if your going to some ones house... no drugs, no alcohol, no sex, or anything else illegal for children your age because not only is it bad for you but they can cause you to do stupid things and you are all ready committing a crime by skipping. and lastly getting caught can cause you to go to Juvy and or your parents to go to jail...GET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM AND LET THIS BE THE FIRST AND LAST TIME!!!!

Should I miss school today?

Lately, I've been stressed out. Between school & being sick a lot, it's a lot to handle. Last night, I tried to go to bed but I couldn't so I wound up staying up all night. I tried to lay down at 4:30 again but I started to have an Anxiety attack. My heart was pounding, I had cold & hot flashes, I felt clammy, & I was nauseous. It's 6:00 & it hasn't gone away. I have school in two hours & I was wondering if I should go or not. I do have a fever of 102 & a sore throat. I went to the Doctor's yesterday & he shrugged everything off like it was no big deal. I can't take this anymore, what can I do? Should I go to school today? I missed yesterday & I have been missing a lot of days lately due to being sick. I make up all of my work & often do it while I'm sick. Should I miss today or just go & stick through it? <3

...Should I miss school today?

Skip school just for today , take a super good rest so tomorrow you can go to school !! Anyways get well soon :D

Im sick, but i cant miss school?

Go to the doctor and get a doctor's note, then. Have a friend bring home your school work where you won't be behind on anything. I don't think you can get fined, but I do know that if you miss too many days your parents have to go to court (I've been through this experience)

At any doctor's visit, they give you a doctor's excuse upon request. So just go, and if you're honestly sick then they will give you a perscription more than likely, and also an excuse. Most doctors will tell you when you need to go back to school and they write them on the excuses sometimes.

I have a dentist appointment today and i have to miss school, if i bring a note will it be excused absence?


I want to miss school tomorrow but how?

I missed 54 days the last semester for absolutely no reason.
So, when I say this, I'm speaking from personal experience.
Turn your alarm clock off, when your parents come in to see why you haven't gotten up, just keep sleeping, they'll ***** and scream at you.
Don't move, don't open your eyes, don't say anything.
If they have a job that requires them to be there early in the morning, they're not going to be able to ***** at you to get up all day or they'll be late.
School is the biggest joke in the world, they have no idea.

Should I miss school tomorrow?

I have an ear infection, but don't feel sick. I went to the doctor today and was given medication to take.
I'm only dizzy and nauseous.
I'm mostly scared for Chemistry and gym. As you might figure I always have to handle deadly chemicals and tomorrow I have to pour those deadly chemicals into a higher up then I normally do (it's hard to explain) and I'm shaving trouble even standing straight.
Gym is just as deadly if you aren't careful.
My grandmother says I've worked my self until I'm sick, I say that I two tests tomorrow.

Strep throat but don't want to miss school?

I didn't wanna go to school today, but went on ahead anyway.
I've had it for probably 24 hours (now).

I ran the mile in first period in coldness and find some discomfort in lungs. Had asthma as a kid. Running, I felt dizzyish. I felt dizzy all day.

I found myself not totally sleepy, but almost fell asleep 2nd period due to being tired, I suppose, not because of lack of sleep.

I found concentrating challenging.
Took a math test 4th period and skipped over alot of problems due to the dizziness and concentration thing.

I napped about two hours already. & typically,
would just wait it out and fight the pain.

- What kind of non-prescription kind can I get for strep?
I don't want to go to a doctor because that takes time.

In high school, don't wanna miss school, but I feel it might just be the right thing to stay home to recover and not spread the sickness. BUT I also don't wanna miss any lessons.

- What should i do?

I'm willing to fight the symptoms in school as long as my head clears up enough tomorrow (and doesn't get worse) and in the meantime, need to treat it. as I read it can cause damage to heart if I don't.