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I Want To Run My School Mile Faster

I want to be the fastest runner in my school? What should I do?

Well I am not a running expert or enthusiast but I felt like answering this question …To be the best , you gotta beat the bestPowerful quote and so simple as well .Figure out the top runners of your school. Ask them how they reached such level , what they did , what they usually eat and stuff . Some advice is always useful for the future .Once you have acquired the knowledge , you must be having a pretty good idea of how hard and smart you need to work . Then all I can say is go for it , work daily , monitor your progress , admire the pain and become the best .Good luck :)

Have To Run A Mile For School?

Ok so i have to run a mile for school for my gym final
& its not timed or anything r coach said we can walk if we want
but i feel like im cheating myself if i walk & i dont do much in gym already so im determined to run this mile in 10 mins or less
my last mile was about 9mins exact but i ran that about 2months ago & havent ran since
so im gonna run 2morra if i dont feel sick (ive been telling my self all weak im gonna go run but havent felted good)
so im gonna quit drinking soda for a while
so any tips on how i can get my mile faster & not feel like compleat crap after lol
thank yall so much

How to run the mile fast?

The best way to run your optimum mile is to pace yourself. If you've ever tried to run as hard as you can for a while, you'd realize that it is difficult to do after a short distance, and you're tired. When you walk, you're able to walk multiple miles at a time.

In order to run your fastest mile, you need to find out your pace that would allow you to finish really tired, but so you also maintain your speed consistently. You should be really exhausted after finishing, but slowing down anywhere before the end means that your time will suffer.

Since you only have 2 laps, I'd say run the first lap comfortably. Pick up a little bit after the first half of your second lap, increase slightly more after completing the next 1/4 of a lap, then go hard for the last side of the field.

This was made on the assumption that you're running near the perimeter of your field, and this field is close to a square and not a rectangle.

How fast can you run a 1/4 mile?

Well, first I want to address Emily, if you would have really ran a 37 second 1/4 mile then you would not only have the fastest women 1/4 mile time, but you would have the fastest MALE 1/4 mile time. The current world record for A GUY is like 43 seconds, for a girl it is like 47 seconds.

58 seconds is a very good time.... depending on your age and gender. If you are a freshman and that was set in practice or one of your 1st races then that is good, but if you are a senior........ well then that's not a scholarship time. If you are a girl then that is an absolutely outstanding time regardless of your age. I am a freshman and I haven't raced in the 400m/1/4 mile ever, but during an xc race my 1st 400 was about 59 and I am a freshman (Guy). 58 seconds is a pretty solid time and with hard work and dedicated training you could problably get in the low 50's. A kid at my school ran a 51 second 400 (guy) and got to run in college because of it. Currrently our school's fastest runner is about 54 seconds (guy), so you are doing very well. Just so you know the 400 meter race and the 1/4 mile are basically identical, the 1/4 mile is like 2 meters longer though. So keep training and you will have a very good track season!

What was your high school mile run like?

I hate running the mile. I hate running the PACER. I hate running!The first lap starts. I'm already sweating because I'm stressed about making it in time. I have a playlist of music going to try to motivate me, but it's not working.I have to slow down and walk, because I have no endurance. Everyone else jogs by me.I try to pretend that I'm being chased by someone, but that only makes me sad, because I know they would catch me. If it was an attacker, I would die.I can’t die, I have a Geometry test tomorrow.I keep up my pattern of running, then walking. It's all I can do. Some people have already finished.11 minutes in, and everyone else has been done for a long time. They all watch as I cross the final marker. I give a self-deprecating smile and shrug. I feel horrible. Isn't running supposed to make you feel good? I’m going to throw up. I can barely breathe, and I feel like I'm going to choke on my own saliva and die.I can’t die, I have a Geometry test tomorrow.My class goes back inside. I know that I'll have to do that at least one more time that year, and many more times through my years in high school.I hate running.

I'm 13 years old and run a mile in 6:10, I want to get a 5 minute mile in about 6 months from now, how can I improve my mile time to 5 mins?

I was able to crack 6 minutes at my peak and get down to about 5:30 in my first mile, and that was in my 30s.It's a good idea to do some weightlifting to build up strength, squats, dead lifts, etc. Speed comes from strength.The real keys are two things:  Train fastTrain farther than you're runningFor step one: You need to practice running faster.  To run faster, you need to fix your form and get stronger, as suggested above. I suggest this video for everyone, but if your coach suggests something different, listen to them: (I'd wear shoes, of course)Work on one piece at a time until you have it overhauled.Now run faster. You run it in 6:10, try to run 2 miles in 12:20.  If you can do that, aim to do it faster next time. By running farther you're telling your body that you can do this and you have nothing to fear.  A mile is nothing compared to 2 miles.Set aside one day for sprints and hills.  Sprint workout:10x 50m10x 100m10x 200mYou should be cooked by then.  Run. As. Fast. As. You. Can during those sprints.  Don't save anything, but you should be working the HARDEST during the last 5 minutes of practice.  Push yourself harder and harder.The first time you do it there's a chance you'll throw up. Embrace it.Find a steep hill. Run up it, walk down it, repeat. If you have a stadium near you, do those, run up, run over, run down, run over, repeat.You'll probably run into the wall that my swim coach called: the pain threshold.  You've heard the expression. no pain, no gain?  That's what this is.  You'll be running. Your body will say: I'm done, I can't do this, I want to puke.  You need to tell your body: Shut up. I'm doing this. * Every time you push through the threshold, you get stronger.I was your age when he told me about this, unfortunately, it took me about 15 years to really understand what it meant. To get there you need to go there.  It's not easy. It's not a walk in the park. It's a run. It will hurt. *If you have sharp pains while exercising, stop and recover, it could be a pulled muscle. Sharp pains should not happen and are not something you should push though.  Fatigue is a kind of pain that you can push through...though be sure to hydrate sufficiently and stay away from too much sun and heat.

What should your mile time be in high school to run D1?

To qualify for a non-competitive D1 school you're gonna have to run less than 4:23 for a boy and around 5:20 for a girl. To qualify for the most competitive D1 schools in the country you'll have to go sub 4:10 for boys and sub 4:50 for girls. To be eligible for a full scholarship at any of these schools, knock 5–7 seconds off each of the times that I listed.Best of luck.