I Want To Shoot A Rap Song At Home

Old school rap song talking about a kid shooting someone and running from the cops need help sounds like eazye?

it goes like this sort of " let me tell you a story about a kid who was only 19..... " I think they said he shot someone then ran from the cops grabs a shotty from one of his friends and he was almost out of shells etc... I havent heard this is so long I really dont remember the lyrics but it has been on my mind for years and i want to load it

What was the 50 cent song after he got shot?

It's not Ghetto Quran or 21 questions, i looked those up on youtube earlier; although good songs, they didn't make the hair stand up on the back of my neck like the song i'm talking about. Like i said his voice is REALLY raspy and he literally is sounding like he is going to die, it seemed like a decently underground song without too much production value. It was pretty much his last words, so a lot of **** came out that he may not have fully meant...I'm not sure if it has been pulled for that reason? But i swear i have heard it and just cannot, for the life of me, find it.

Whats that rap song that says Shooting Star?

I think your talking about Airplanes by B.o.B featuring Haley Williams "Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars." It's a good song anyway you should listen to it. ^^

Hope that helped

Wrestling song with lyrics "if that doesn't make you want to shoot a double leg"?

Does anyone know of a wrestling rap song that has the words "if that doesn't make you want to shoot a double leg" in it? My kids listened to it at wrestling practice and can't remember the name of the song. They thought it was called the OFFICIAL Wrestling Song, but we can't find it anywhere. Thanks for the help!

A rap song with constant gun cocks and shots throughout? title?

"pretty sure it was a black guy rapping but no idea who or what the song title is"

..........come on now u can do better the that***

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What's the new rap song with kids singing and gun shot noises in it?

kenny g's - Dont be messin with my flute

What is that rap song whose beat is made up of gun sounds, (loading and shooting"?

well the intro to the album 'Eminem Presents: The Re-Up' is all gun cocking sounds and then at the end shooting... and...
im not sure of any more...

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