I Want To Shoplift As Many As Possible

Is it possible to shoplift this way?

Ok what if you went into a store mall for example "Pac Sun" and you were grabbed a shirt for example and you went into the dressing room and ripped off the tag and put the shirt under the shirt you currently have on and then walk out without them knowing... Also im not intending to steal im just asking of its possible to do it this way.
(note): I know how to remove those Ink/vingar buttons on the products

Have you ever shoplifted and got away with it?

It was Christmas and my Sister was visiting home. I was a kid and wanted to have a fruit cake.Mum gave me 100 Rs and asked me to buy a cake for myself and we were planning to have that for Dinner. My sister and me were going walking discussing things as we met after quite some time.We went to the shop, bought the cake and it was very crowded as it was Christmas and it was a cake shop. My sister went in, took a cake and came out. I took it for granted that she also paid for it.On our way back, I gently ask her, how much was it for? She said, “I don’t know, you paid”, as astonished I could be, I said, “No I never did, you went in”Yes, none of us paid for it.We went home told dad and he went the next day to the same shop as he knew him personally to give him the money to which the shopkeeper confidently replied, “Aapki betiya aisa kar hi nahi sakti, unhone dia toh tha” (Your Daughter cannot do something like this, I am sure they paid)That year, we did not BUY a Christmas Cake.

Does Xanax cause some people to shoplift?

It doesn’t cause people to shoplift, what it does is gives you a feeling like you’re invisible, and really stealthy for some reason. I don’t think somebody who has never shoplifted before would do because they were on Xanax.Having said that…. I walked into my local shop one morning (when I was abusing the hell outta Xanax) and the manager just said “nope! You’re banned!”I asked why? I come in here everyday, I don’t know what you’re talking about.He said “you walked in yesterday, picked up a bottle of coke, and walked out of the door!”This came as a bit of a shock to me, as I had loads of cash at the time (from selling all the Xanax) and the £1 was hardly an issue, I even had loose change in my pocket, and I was pretty confident that I’d never “shit where I ate” for lack of a better term, so although I had stolen things in the past, I’d never stolen anything from my local shop, as I needed it for buying gas and electric.So I’m going to say yes and no, purely because I had zero memory of walking in the day before, let alone stealing stuff while I was in there.I guess if you eat 5 2mg bars, you’re not going to remember much anyway. And by the sounds of it, I'd just walked in and used it like my own refrigerator. I hadn’t concealed it, I just walked in, grabbed a bottle, and walked straight out. God only knows what else I’ve been up to whilst on those things, but I must stress, I abused them, I took way too many. I was throwing them down like skittles, and eventually ended up in prison for exactly that.Ironically, when I got to prison, there were about 10 of my customers in there who had all done something stupid whilst on Xanax. One guy had a pocket full of heroin to sell, but walked past an open window, and thought he’d have a look inside. I used to call it “Xanax Ninja Syndrome” where you just lose all inhibitions, and do stupid things. There’s even a subreddit dedicated to “Bartard” stories just like this one.

How do people not get caught shoplifting?

I'm not asking how can i steal and not get caught but I don't understand how people can get in a store, take some stuff, and get out with no problem. Beside the moral side of stealing how can people not see them commit the act, every store i go there is cameras and I've always assumed there was people watching those cameras so people don't get away with shoplifting. I don't think its hard to see people take stuff off a shelf and see them not put it back.

I got caught shoplifting from Wal-Mart, can i still get a job there?

ok ok, i know it was a stupid thing of me to do, I wasn't thinking at the time. ok but here it goes; A friend of mines stole a game when i went with him to walmart, without me knowing. we were both walking out of the store when one of the security guys stopped us and took us into an office. They took both of our information down and got a copy of my Driver's license. no cops were involved. all this happened last year.
Recently i got offered a job at walmart and i have an interview soon, do you guys really think that this is going to restrain me from getting a job there?

Can I get caught for shoplifting after I left the store?

I was in a local store and Usually when I steal I go into the changing room and then put it in my bag. But today I juts slipped it into my pockets. A lady approached me and asked if I wanted her to bring what I was holding to the register... Strange... I said no and that I wanted to try it on.. I think they're on to me... I then heard her say to the other gal "should we call the cops now?" I then left the store and when I looked back a gal that was working there was behind me.. Ot sure if she was following me or not... I walked down the street then got picked p so they deffinetly don't have my plates. She. I drove past the Plaza I saw a cop car there not sure if it was for that store or if they ended up actually. A
Ling the cops but I know they have survalence.. Could I get caught? If so how long until police contacted me? Please help thanks and don't give me crap how I shouldn't steal yah yah I know.