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I Want To Start A Webcomic On Ms Paint But I Have No Clue How

I want to start a business, but I have no idea what field or what type of business it would be. How can I figure out what to pursue?

This is a big and good question. How do we know, right? Unless we are the lucky ones with a crystal-clear calling, we are pulled in so many different directions, priorities, seductive trends.I think, ideally, you do some serious vivid vision mapping that leads to the overlapping core of four concentric circles. The circles answer to four different questions:What do you love?What is it that your community or the world needs?What might others pay for?What are you good at?Essentially, you explore your passion, your mission, your vocation, and your profession. The concept of ikigai may help you in this quest (See the image attached).But you also must know your core values: What qualities in life can you not live without. What are the strengths that you can bring to your entrepreneurship. What might be your weaknesses (areas to develop)? What are you willing to say no to once you commit to a certain choice of business?Running a business asks a lot from you and it can be wonderfully rewarding. In the United States, close to 66% of small businesses will survive their first 2 years, which sounds great, but it also leaves one out of three stranded. So it is also important to realize that your ultimate happiness cannot and must not depend on the success of your business.Figuring out what your business is about requires deep inner work. You could start with a test like the MBTI. But that would only be a start. And the finance issue can come later, much later. Whether you then go for entrepreneurship or not, delve into your exploration anyways, since you learn so much about yourself and what is really important to you in life.Enjoy the process! Sophia

I want to become a comic book writer?

Dude It's like we're twins. I posted an answer about 42 seconds after you posted it last night but for some reason it didn't post. Anyways I am also 13 and am trying to create my own comic/manga myself. I coroner am studying to improve my illistrations as I am quite the drawer myself. As for your questions. Yes you can write a story and get a partnership with an illustration expert as most good things were invented in pairs. A lot of comics are formed my 2 or more people. The story line, and the illustrators. As for watching bakuman no a comic is not like that. First off bakugan is an anime which would be called a manga in comic form. If writing a comic was like writing a tv show it would take forever to put frame by frame in a book. but you could separate the frames into different scenes. so in some ways it is like bakuman, just on paper.  When it comes to books you can draw any form of art you want. The key is getting it to become appealing to the viewers. As for programs I suppose you could use manga studio products or photoshop to tune up. Any picture editing program will do. Even microsoft paint will do. It all depends on how well you practice. 

How does everything work:
Well let me say this can at some times be share. But not incredibly hard. You can write a whole book in one day. The problem with this is you want to make a book interesting. Take the book you wrote in 1 day. It would be better to take another 2 months to tune up the storyline and make the story plot better. After you have your story it's best to send it to an editor for proper grammar. While this is happening its best to send a rough copy with pictures to a publishing company to get someone interested in publishing and managing your book. 

Hope my answers help. Maybe one day we can work along side each other.