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I Want To Start Business Related To Electronics Plz Help

Business name Ideas for electronics Store.?

Bryan, marketing and purchase power is a distinct need for you to understand and one little store is not only a dreamers reality check but putting the information that will best suit your need to be successful is weighed by the clientele you are going to need to frequent your store and buy from you. Best Buy is your competition not to mention the huge outlet stores selling on a 0 commission basis and shipping anywhere in the world from an on line source. Since you felt it un necessary to tell us where you live, where you want to locate the store, if there is a college campus near by, and most all other information that could be used to better give the name of your store at least a fighting chance, I suggest you read a few books about owning a business, marketing and maybe even try working for an electronics store you know to really see if this type of carreer is going to make you happy in the long run. If not here are a few names that came to mind while I was so delicately putting this:
Four Eyes Electronics and Cameras
Lost in Space the Future of Electronics
Futuristic Electronics and Camera's
The Mind's Eye Cameras and Electronics
(if there is a college campus near by, use the colleges mascot as the name adding electronics and camera)
like: Buckeye Camera and Electronics or Badger Electronics and Cameras

I want to make an online electronic repair business; so how should I start?

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Do you thing most of the business should engage in Electronic commerce on the Internet and why?

Yeah, I think it's a good idea for businesses to into ecommerce. It all depends on your perspective. It's a good move for businesses to take advantage of ecommerce. I mean, there is undoubtedly an unlimited and untapped market online. You will be able to have a real-time monitoring of your transactions. And, the cost of actually opening up website for your business costs considerably lower than building an actual physical storefront. With an online business, you'll have wider customer reach, plus it also reflects that your business is mature and established enough to take the risk in operating in the internet. Found this post that can give you more info.

If I want to start an electronics showroom in India in a tier 2 city, how much money would be required to set up the business from the root including the shop I take for rent?

I think I can answer your question because I was personally involved in setting up an electronics showroom in Rajauli - Wikipedia for my cousin with my father for sometime and also did some basic survey about market.If you want to open your enterprise on rent then you need a well furnished,front face(more than 15 feet) and more space to be used as storage area.I think this will cost no less than 10000 rupees.Depending on location you choose it may go as high as 30,000 rupees.For making your showroom appealing and attractive and efficient to manage you have to spend some money on chairs,desks,computer,Inverter,front glasses,boards/banner etc and this will cost you upto or more than 50,000 rupees.If you want to start home delivery(which in your case is required) then either you can tag with local auto/ricksaw drivers or you can buy your own vehicle that may cost you more than 1 Lakh.One more important thing you have to keep 1 permanent and 1 or 2 temporary staffs ,on these you can spend monthly about 6,000 or 7,000.Finally your most important thing is your stock that may vary from refrigerators to heater,washing machines to batteries,TV to Sound box,fan to cooler,RO to antennas etc. At first you have to buy everything in every category that will cost you more than 15 Lakhs.I think if you can tag with some major players of that area selling particular companies’ (like LG,Whirlpool,Samsung,Kent,etc.) then they can give you some loan after some time. that may rduce in future.Don’t forget to buy a policy/insurance of your new shop that will cost you very less.

How much money required to start a electronic shop?

If you want to open an electronics store it's a smart move to have a conversation with someone who is in the business. It's very unlikely that the local competition will talk to you. What's in it for them? Fortunately, somebody who runs an electronics store outside of your community will be much more likely to talk with you.As a startup electronics store owner, writing a quality business plan is one of the first tasks you need to address. Long before you open an electronics store in your area, it's a good idea to find out how many competitors you have. Besides, find a good product for electronic business is also the most important. If you don’t have enough money for investment, I suggest you to choose some new unique products. Recently, i saw a news on TV that there was a journalist reporting a new product named "unique pocket cinema". In the background, there were so many people watching movie on the lawn. Oh, my god, I was so shocked that the instrument was a palm size projector, it's small and very easy to carry.What's more, you only need to connect with wifi or hot spot to watch movie; Besides,it's powerful build-in stereo , phone screen display and android system , you can download any apps in the device and take it to anywhere you want.I saw the tester randomly played a Hollywood movie, what's amazing is that even though in three meters distance, the sharpness is even higher than the definition of smart HDTV. I was attracted by this new product instantly,and contacted the supplier, what a surprise! I only need to invest $300 to become their distributor.So i ordered a sample without hesitation, I just received the sample yesterday and many people started to asked me where I bought it and want to have one too. It seems the market potential for this product very huge. I plan to order in bulk to expand my business in a couple of days. I'm confident that this product will be the new trend for entertainment.If you are also interested in this product, you can go to their website to have a look.

I want to start a business, but I have no idea what field or what type of business it would be. How can I figure out what to pursue?

This is a big and good question. How do we know, right? Unless we are the lucky ones with a crystal-clear calling, we are pulled in so many different directions, priorities, seductive trends.I think, ideally, you do some serious vivid vision mapping that leads to the overlapping core of four concentric circles. The circles answer to four different questions:What do you love?What is it that your community or the world needs?What might others pay for?What are you good at?Essentially, you explore your passion, your mission, your vocation, and your profession. The concept of ikigai may help you in this quest (See the image attached).But you also must know your core values: What qualities in life can you not live without. What are the strengths that you can bring to your entrepreneurship. What might be your weaknesses (areas to develop)? What are you willing to say no to once you commit to a certain choice of business?Running a business asks a lot from you and it can be wonderfully rewarding. In the United States, close to 66% of small businesses will survive their first 2 years, which sounds great, but it also leaves one out of three stranded. So it is also important to realize that your ultimate happiness cannot and must not depend on the success of your business.Figuring out what your business is about requires deep inner work. You could start with a test like the MBTI. But that would only be a start. And the finance issue can come later, much later. Whether you then go for entrepreneurship or not, delve into your exploration anyways, since you learn so much about yourself and what is really important to you in life.Enjoy the process! Sophia

What are some start-up ideas for an electronics and communication engineer?

RoboticsEnergy solutionsImage processing solutions ( Social projects helping the visually impaired)Wireless communication solutionsWiFi solutions ( WiFi provider)Messaging appsVideo calling / audio callingElectronic instruments that can be manufactured using processors like arudinoNetworkingSolar panel solutions using VLSIUltrasonic wireless chargingIoTSmart rooms / home automationSmart gardensSmart aquariumsSmart farmsSmart securuty alertNeural networks and GPRS solutionsThese are just a handful that I was able to brainstorm . There are enormous opportunities available to be unveiled. All the best!