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I Want To Tell My Friend I Like Her A Lot

How do I tell my friend I like her a lot?

I have a crush on my friend, but idk if she still thinks I do. Let me explain:
Last month for her Bday present I painted her a picture of a flower. It really touched her and she was very shy around me after that.I thought that she didn't feel the same way, so I backed off. A few days later she tries to grab my attention and when I'm talking to other girls she gets jealous and makes a big deal. She looks at me A LOT and well, I think she likes me. But the thing is, I want to let her know I still like her a lot. Ask her out? No, cos parents won't let me date D:<

What should I say to her when I tell her I like her?

How do I tell my friend I like her brother?

I really like this guy. his name is Sean :). this is not normal for me because I have been in love with the same guy forever and I just recently got over him. I haven't had a boyfriend in about two years and I like it that way. I don't fool around with guys or publicly like any of them. i get the occasional secret crush but they never last long. I haven't like anyone this much since my ex. its a slight prob because I am super paranoid people will find out about me liking him. idk why I sorta have this phobia of guys knowing I like them... like whats the point if I don't date anyway. also, I feel really bad keeping this from his sister. they are twins and I am good friends with her. I haven't known either of them for long but I like her a lot. I like hanging out with her and I don't want her to think I hang out with her just because I like her brother. and aren't twins like protective of each other? so how do I tell her? I want to ask him to the homecoming dance (if I pluck up the courage in time) but I'd have to tell her first. What do you think I should do? thanks a lot :)

How to tell my friend about my foot fetish?

Don't come out and say "I have a foot fetish." the words foot and fetish do not sound pleasant in the same sentence, especially to young women.

Simply compliment her on her feet. A lot of women are self conscious of their feet. See how she responds to a small compliment and work your way up from there.

If she responds REALLY well (this is up to you to determine since you are best friends, you should know her well enough to know what she's thinking) ask her if she's tired and or if she'd like a foot rub.

Don't get all creepy on her. She's young and a lot of girls her age haven't even heard of being sexually attracted to feet. Be friendly and nice.

I fell in love with my friend, but she doesn't feel the same way. She wants me in her life but being there as just her friend hurts too much. I’ve tried distancing myself, but we both miss each other. What can I do?

Hi.I can tell you what to do because I'm in exactly the same condition.LITERALLY.So what I did.I took a day and explained my complete mental state to her and told her that I need her more than a relationship.I explained to her what she means to me.I told her that my feelings are on one hand and they can never come between me and her because she was scared to lose me as a friend.I try to distant myself, it hurts even more.I have learned to live with it now, you know why?Because, if I am honest with her about my feelings and If I am strong enough to stay focused in my own life even after being in love with her and still not being WITH her, only then she'll see me as someone worthy enough.Maybe she never accepts you as anything more as a friend, but you won't regret not trying.Just tell her once and if she tells you NO, back off.. stay normal and be a good and supportive gentleman.I joined the gym now, I train myself hard there and leave it all there.. Life goes on right?I'm waiting for her even now and a lot more.Hope for the best.

She is my friend, I like her a lot, but she is committed, should I tell her about my feelings?

When I was in 11th grade, I met a girl and both of us came pretty close pretty soon.About a month or two into our friendship-right when I was thinking that I know everything about her and how beautiful it would be to ask her to be my girlfriend- she tells me that she has boyfriend.I could not believe what I heard at that moment.What was harder to believe is that howcome we had talked about almost everything in the world, except her relationship status.Nevertheless, I accepted the situation as it was and chose not to continue with the friendship because the more I would have met her or spent time with her, the harder it would have been for me to chain my feelings down. So I distanced myself from her.Now as it turns out, a year later she broke up with her boyfriend and during her break-up days she used to be sad and stuff (how usually people are after a break up).I promised myself that “I would just be with her for a few weeks, so as to make her feel good again and help her cope up with everything that she is going through right now. Once she is fine, I would silently leave (her life, again).”Fast forward to today- we will celebrate the 5th year of our relationship in about 3 months.Moral of the story is (which comes from my own experience) that just let her go. If she's meant to be with you, she eventually would. No one can stop that.But if you confess right now- when she is happily in love with some other guy- she might feel guilty about it and/ or it may even spoil her relationship with her boyfriend.Maybe wait for the right moment, who knows that eventually YOU end up marrying her? *wink*But till that right moment, stay low and away from her (if the need be) and enjoy your life.What's meant to happen, would happen.

My friend has alot of attitude?

Sometimes people need a wake up call. The truth is always the best.

I like someome a lot but I'm afraid to ruin our friendship if I tell her. What can I do? Should I tell her or no?

Burying your own feelings, only to regret upon them at a later date for the opportunity you did not take, is one of the most painful things in the world. You should definitely tell her clearly how you feel.Yes it is possible that your friendship may become a little strange at first. BUT, a friendship can always be worked out and restarted when two people are genuine with each other.If you bury your feelings, then most likely the relationship will become estranged regardless. You would constantly harbouring such thoughts hidden in your heart, and as a result no longer be able to treat her as you once did.I’ll leave you with this; though its a cliche, its true - you only live once. Have the strength to make the choice you will least regret.