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I Want To View My Whole Email In Full Screen As Defult. No Box To Click On To Expand.

How can I enable fullscreen mode in Microsoft Edge?

Edge doesn't (yet) have an official full-screen mode, but… a little known fact is that you can make any Windows 10 app go full screen by pressing Win+Shift+Enter (hold down the Windows and Shift keys, and press Enter). This works for any “Universal Windows Platform” app, including Mail, Store, and yes, Edge.

How do I get my computer screen back to normal?

What you want to do is right click on the blank part of the taskbar , in between the tabs and the timestamp, and click “Settings”, scroll down and you will see a option “Taskbar Location On Screen”, and click that and choose bottom.

How do I play Happy Wheels in full screen?

Control +++

or just go to the menu of your web browser click on view then zoom then choose the best choice for yourself.

Why do full-screen Mac apps create their own desktop/space?

The new full-screen features are designed to "focus" users by isolating the app from other distractions. The feature also unifies the iOS design concept whereby apps are operated independently of each other. While I understand your frustration, I think the system really is dependent upon trackpad gestures. Keyboard shortcuts are a pain, but it is pretty easy to use that four-finger gesture to invoke Mission Control and view every thing at once.All of this being said, I would suggest a number of utilities that will maximize the window without sending you to the "full screen" mode. For example, you could check out @ (Moom · Many Tricks), Cinch (Window Management at its Simplest), Divvy (Mizage - Divvy), and Optimal Layout (The ultimate window manager, for Mac OS X) - all of which will give you better control over window sizing.

How do I zoom out on my computer screen?

if its ur text, hold ctrl and use the mouse scroll thingy to change it.if its EVERYTHING, change your screen resolution. right click on your desktop, click on "Properties", go to the "Settings" tab, and move the slider towards "More". Mine is at 1024 x 768 pixels.

Windows 7 Microsolf Word spell check keeps turning off?

Turn it on for the entire document, this way:

1. Press CTRL/A to select the entire document.
2. Click the Reviewing tab on the Ribbon.
3. Click the Set Language button.
4. UNcheck the "Do not check spelling or grammar" checkbox. If this checkbox happens to be gray, signifying that some of the document is in the Do Not Check state and some isn't, this is almost certainly the problem.
5. Click the Default button to make this permanent for future documents.
6. Click OK.

Hope that helps.

How do I print a coupon in my email?

happy birthday

sometimes when you click within the email, it takes you to another page when you can use the regular methods of printing but if you need the whole email to print it try any if the three methods below

directions for both basic and full featured below

basic it is below the to line in the address..there it says full headers and printable view click on printable view and print (control p)

Or go to full featured

to do this go to profile at top of page click arrow to go to options, press go mail accounts right click scroll to full featured check it by left clicking in the dot and press save

Once in full featured here is what you do to print an email

Open email you want to print, go all the way to the very bottom of the email/page and it says

reply, reply all, forward then the word more

Hover over or right click more and it says the following:

delete message
view full headers
set language encoding
this is spam
report a hacked account
report a phishing scam
not my mail

left click on print and a pop up occurs with the email then do control p and it will print

(to get to basic from here click on gear at right of screen then go to settings then to viewing email and then scroll to full featured or basic click basic then done)


You may be in in enable conversations mode as I was when I posted above

But if you are not the more bottom will be at top to get in this mode

Click the gear at top right and select Settings
Right click on Viewing Emails. There, first turn off the conversations and click SAVE. This will give you the Print option when you hit the move bottom, you will after clicking print get the popup and then do control P

How do I show more than 100 mails in gmail?

You can use the Developer tool in Chrome to change the value of Show 100 conversations per page.1: Open Gmail Settings.2: Right Click the Number box where it shows how many you can view. Then select “Inspect” at the bottom of that menu.3: Edit the form (See below) fields and values. There are little black down arrows you may need to click on to expand the form options. It’ll look like this below(Little black arrow)Change any of the once you change values hit enter4: You can now use the drop down box to select your edited value. Select it and then head to the bottom of the page and “Save Settings”5: When you click save settings an error box will popup…..”ErrorInvalid settings. Your preferences have not been saved.”Even though it says it didn’t save…. It DID. Once you reload gmail it will show you the amount of emails that you put in.This edit is only temporary though. Once you reload the page the Settings page will go back it’s default values of 10–100 and if you want to change the value again you will have to redo all you just did….Problem Solved!

How do the images sent in WhatsApp change when we open them?

Sometimes we get an image on WhatsApp that changes its color at receiving time and downloading time. And When we forward it to someone else, the color changes to other one. Do you know the reason behind this? Do you know how does image change color on whatsapp? Did you think ever how to change the color of image on whatsapp?How does an Image Changes its Color on WhatsApp?In whatsapp, the background color is black when we see an image and it is white when we are in the messages window, it works there well while in other hand, just check that image into your photo gallery, you will find only one color. That's it.This Image changes its color three times-Receive > PinkView > Red/MaroonSend > GreenWhenever you send pictures to other on whatsapp in app background it generates two images1. Thumbnail2. Actual Image so just by replacing you can amaze your friends (see attached image).In this case, the image is in PNG format which supports alpha channel. And the opacity in the lip and nails area are set to low, which makes it partially transparent. So, the color appears according to the background in which it is displayed.Remember - In the above case red lips image is thumbnail and purple is actual image.Note - This types of image are not working fine in latest version of WhatsApp due to different color scheme.To create this type of images, Download android application.Last words - This article was about how does an image change its color on whatsapp and you get image changes color on whatsapp. We hope you got this trick and will try to make a new image