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I Was Caught Shoplifting For The First Time In Oklahoma

Minor caught shoplifting, first time offense.?

I got caught stealing, what is gonna happen?
---If i do go, how long would it be for?
*What are my chances of just getting fined, probation & community service since its my first time?
PLEASE, i am scared out of my mind and i have been crying for a few hours and i haven't eaten for a day


I got caught by macy's for shoplifting and just the macy's stuff was in my bag and it was worth $369, i had other stuff in my bag that my friend stole (she stole from the outside stores like forever 21 and such, and that probably added up to 200) and she didn't get called in cause she wasn't holding anything, they took me to the back room than from there i went with the cops to the police station, then they asked me a bunch of questions and i sat at one of the officers tables cause the investigation room was filled, than they made me write a statement, (i was really close to going to juvenile hall) but i told them the truth and i didn't go. they made me write another statement and let me go, they cited me (gave me a ticket) and now i have to go to court.
What is gonna happen when i go to court? will i go to juvie from there?
This is my first account for shoplifting, i am sixteen, i live in the state of California and i have never ever been convicted of a crime before.
Will I have to get a lawyer?

Please help me, I am very heartbroken right now.
I regret everything I did and I have learned my lesson

Please do not give me random answers like

*Uh Oh
*Naughty girl
*We hate people like you
*Stop stealing

And such, I am being serious here, please help me, I'm scared, this is my first time
Which degree of burglary will i be charged for? is this serious?
Someone said the death penalty, is that true?

Is it burglary with pliers used to remove tags? just wondering..
What is going to happen since i was holding my friends stolen items

AND yes all of the stolen items were recovered.

Caught shoplifting second time?

OK so my friend was at the mall with a friend (btw already posted about this but got more of the story) any way her and her friend stole from sears.. this being her second time as a adult... they stopped her friend not her... my friend let them look in her bag.. and she was on her way.. but couldn't leave due to being her friends way home..... so she went back in and also gave stuff back that she did have prolly dumb in a way cuz she left the store drove away and everything... anyway now shes had give all her info and everything.. now thing is they are also putting stuff on her that was in her friends purse just because she carried it into the fitting room. she wants to know what to do like if shes going to jail or not and that if the first time she ever stole at age 16 at this age it was because she was being a look out for someone..... if thats still going count against her to or not or if just the first and now this time will count meaning being her second time what should she look fwd to jail or fines or what..? there was no cops called.. and this here is in the state of pa and the price of stuff taken was under $60....

Im 17 and got caught shoplifting at kohl's.?

ok this is my second offense yes i know i dont need comments saying your dumb because i know i am about 5 months ago i got caught stealing and was arrested and put on 3 months probation this time i got caught shoplifting at kohl's(my friends actually stole and put it in my purse then blames it on me..) so i didnt really steal i was arrested and they said id get a 100 fine. but never said anything about a court date do you think ill have one or just pay a fine? what do you think will happen,.

I'm 19 and got caught shoplifting from Wal-Mart?

Hey guys. Ok, so, I'm 19 years old, and I got caught shoplifting a few DVD's from Wal-Mart. I know that is the the STUPIDEST thing I could have ever ever done, and I regret it more than anything, because in doing so, I betrayed the trust of my family and fiancee. I didn't even steal the DVD's because I wanted them, I honestly think I did it because I got (as much as I hate to admit it), addicted to the thrill of it. Now, mind you, this is the first time I have ever shoplifted, and it's my first offense EVER. All in all, the DVD's I took added up to around $80. I got caught right away, and they brought me into the security room and started interrogating me, saying "You're going to jail, you know that right?". Also, my mom was at the store this whole time. She had no clue where I was. Anyways, they called the cop and he came and cuffed me, pretty much said the whole deal. "You have the right to remain silent, etc etc etc". He then left the room, and they said he's either going to give me a court date, or take me to jail for the weekend. I was crying so hard and [raying to God for mercy. He eventually un-cuffed me and gave me a court date, because it was my first time ever. Now, what happens then? Could I still end up going to jail? Like, what's the best and the worst I can expect from court? Thanks everyone!!!

What is it like to get caught shoplifting at Walmart?

The loss prevention person will stop you as you try to leave and escort you into the security room. If you try to flee or resist you will have aditional charges added when the police arrive and they are usually already on the way. If you have fled the scene the officers will be given your description and they will hunt for you.Wal Mart's policy is to prosecute. If they choose not to prosecute it will be an exception to the rule. While you are sitting in the security room the loss prevention person will be sorting and photographing the property, preparing their police report and copying the video for the police. They will take your picture, issue you a trespass warning for all Wal Marts, meaning that you will be arrested if you return to that store or any Wal Mart.In many states you will be issued a legal notice that you owe the store 2 or 3 hundred dollars in a civil penalty to cover their cost.Then you will be turned over to the custody of the police officer. The police offficer determines if you are eligible for being issued a court date and a notice to appear or if you get the full ride to jail.If you are a juvenile the police will either have you call your parents to come pick you up (imagine having to explain yourself on the phone) or they will transport you to the juvenile processing center.The arrrest becomes a permanent part of your history.Wal Mart is vigorous about catching and prosecuting.

What time of the day are most people caught shoplifting at Walmart?

I work at a Walmart store for some time at the capacity of “Door Gritter” under the Asset Protection Department (Security) and have some experience in this topic.The answer to this question is extremely easy [Emphasis added]A shop lifer can be caught in several locations;1– Inside the store.2- At the exit door trying to leave the store.3- At the foyer of the store.While the time of the day that people steal varies, shoplifting takes place at all hours of the day and night.I have experienced that the highest number of shoplifters caught are during the late hours of the morning, and all afternoon into the evening, however, to address the specific question here “What time of the day are most people caught shoplifting at Walmart?” It all depends on;1- The number of staff at the doors.2- The number of undercover security personnel on the floor and the number of security staff monitoring the surveillance camera system.The answer to the question is;The highest number of shoplifters caught is during the hours that we have the highest number of security staff on duty, because without security staff on duty we cannot catch anybody.

I got caught shoplifting from Wal-Mart, can i still get a job there?

ok ok, i know it was a stupid thing of me to do, I wasn't thinking at the time. ok but here it goes; A friend of mines stole a game when i went with him to walmart, without me knowing. we were both walking out of the store when one of the security guys stopped us and took us into an office. They took both of our information down and got a copy of my Driver's license. no cops were involved. all this happened last year.
Recently i got offered a job at walmart and i have an interview soon, do you guys really think that this is going to restrain me from getting a job there?

Caught shoplifting, will they look for past occurrences?

Ok, so first I have to day that this all had been a huge wake up call and this girl will never ever steal again. I know how wrong it is and I am horribly ashamed and embarrassed that I've done it.

Yesterday I was caught at kohl's for stealing a shirt ($40). I walked out of the store with it on and was spotted by loss prevention and a cop. I had no intention of stealing when I went into the store and had the money to pay for it. I don't even know why I did it. I was very cooperative and honest, so they cited and released me.

In scheduled to go to court in a few weeks and have an attorney. I have stolen from kohl's in the past. My question is, will they look back through old security footage to see if I've ever done this before and bring that evidence to court? I imagine that would take some significant time to do and is pretty unlikely, but I have no clue.

Please, I know how stupid and wrong this was, so if you don't have any helpful responses, do not reply.

Thanks in advance!