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I Was Making A Movie By Using Movie Maker But While Making Only Music Is Running And Images Are Not

Windows movie maker keeps closing/crashing when i try to save? heeelp!?

Q. Why does Movie Maker stop responding, or "hang," when I'm saving a movie?

This is caused by a combination of having a complex storyboard/timeline (which may include many images, video effects, video transitions, and video) and an insufficient amount of memory. Work around this issue by removing some effects or transitions, or by saving your movie in different pieces.

1) Increase your Paging File by 2x times.(Try this First , if Not)
2) Save it in Pieces. So your only adding 3 things as opposed to 8 at a time.

Windows Movie Maker on Ubuntu?

Kino and LIVES work fine, but I have come across a brand new application called SMILE which is devoted to making video slideshows. And it's pretty easy to use as well. I found SMILE on getdeb. So far it looks like there's only a Jaunty version.

Scrolling text on windows movie maker?

To add a title or credit

1. On the Tools menu, click Titles and Credits.


In the Movie Tasks pane, under Edit Movie, click Make titles or credits.

2. On the Where do you want to add a title? page, click one of the links depending on where you want to add the title.
3. In the Enter Text for Title page, type the text you want to appear as the title.
4. Click Change the title animation, and then on the Choose the Title Animation page, select a title animation from the list.
5. Click Change the text font and color, and then on the Select Title Font and Color page, choose the font, font color, formatting, background color, transparency, font size, and position of the title.
6. Click Done, add title to movie to add the title to your movie.

if you are making scrolling titles, you can't place subtitle at any desired place, there are only 3 options, Left, Center, Right. To make more flexible subtitle, try Wondershare Movie Story, you could place scrolling titles anywhere and with animated effect.

hope that helps

Why is Windows Movie Maker bringing down my video quality?

WMV format is not the greatest compression format, especially if you are running the XP version. Would recommend that you consider a different editor capable of support for HD format.

FileLab is a freeware video editing program for just about all platforms (Mac, PC, etc...). It's capable of editing and saving in most popular HD formats. I use it a lot to make YouTube videos. It runs in your browser using a simple plug-in download. It's also available as a free app on Facebook. It has many transition and video effects, very good title editor, and customized color correction to include brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma. This tutorial on FileLab was made with FileLab

VSDC is also freeware, but has much more advanced capabilities than FileLab, such as green screen! It's not as obvious or easy to use as FileLab, but did I already mention it has green screen (chroma key), and it's free? Also, it is capable of editing in most most popular video formats and compression schemes including high definition (HD), AVI, H.264, MP4, MKV, MTS, 3GP, WMV, QT, MP3, MPEG2 FLV, SWF. YouTube. Get it now while it's free because eventually this will go payware.

Why do my pictures keep disappearing in Windows Movie Maker?

Im making a video and using pictures from myspace, but after about 5 minutes, all of the pictures slowly start going black and disappearing. Its happened so many times. Im just copy and pasting is that wrong? Whats wrong?

How to pitch audio on Windows Movie Maker?

There Is Not An Option To. But To Make Your Voice In A High Voice In Windows Movie Make Is By Dragging Your Video In The Timeline, Then Right Click It And Then Go To Effects Then Scroll Down And Find Speed Up Double Then Press Add. To Have A Lower Pitch Voice You Do The Same But Scroll Down Until You See Slow Down ___ I Dont Remember But Then Press Add.

Note:You Can Speed Up (High Pitch Voice)\Slow Down (Low Pitch Voice) By Pressing Add Max Speed Is Pressing About 7 Times. Speed Up Fastest Make It Around 1 sec ( You Dont Want That )
And Slow Down Makes It Go For Like An Hour.
Hope This Helped!


How do I edit the background of my video on movie maker?

Simply put, you can not edit video background with Movie Maker. You’ll need a more advanced program.While Adobe makes a great line of products just for this type thing, their programs are for advanced/pro users & probably hold little to no benefit for someone who is used to the Movie Maker program.Since it sound like your ready to head into new editing grounds, here is a list of a few “Intermediate” Video editing programs that are free to download/use without watermarks.Free Intermediate Level Editing Programs (without watermarks)Open ShotLightworksHitfilm ExpressIt can take some time to learn any new program but it is well worth the effort if you plan to edit video on a regular basis. After you’ve learned one of the above programs you’ll be ready to head into the Pro category!Here is a short list of Advanced Editing Programs available for free download once you’ve reached that plateau. Please note that you should refrain from rushing ahead into the pro category of programs until you’ve mastered the intermediate ones. Nothing will kill the motivation to edit faster than a boggling program.Free Advanced Editing Programs (without watermarks)DaVinci ResolveBlenderAvidemuxHappy Editing!

How can I make Windows movie maker save movies faster?

The problem could be a complex one. The more resources your computer has available the faster video "rendering" (turning the video track, audio track, music, narration, titles, transitions, effects, etc. into a movie) will be. A big hard drive that's not all fragmented with bits and pieces of files and folders saved all over it, lots of RAM, nothing much running in the background - like antivirus, messaging, music, etc. - that's using up a big chunk of the RAM and using the processor, a relatively fast multi-core processor ...these are all things which make movie making go more quickly. The quality of the file type you choose also effects how long it will take to turn the project into a movie. High quality file types take longer and make bigger files. If we didn't have to worry about the cost, a 3.0 GHz i7 quad-core with at least 8 Gb of RAM and two 1 Tb HD's would be great for doing videos. But most of us only have "normal" machines which just kind of plug along when doing videos.

The best thing you can do when rendering or uploading video is to not be doing anything else with your computer. If you only have 1 Gb of RAM, go get at least another Gb installed. Clean up and defrag your HD. If you've had your computer for 2 years and have never moved anything off of it, it's time to do it.

Windows Movie Maker Destroys my quality completely?

You shouldn't be exporting videos with quality that low regardless of the version. Here's a quick tutorial on saving your footage in the best quality using Windows Movie Maker. However, there are some built in restrictions based on the age of the software. If you're running Windows Vista or 7 you can install Windows Live Movie Maker which handles HD footage naively. Hope this helps:

Windows Outreach Team