I Watched A Movie It Was About A Man Who Lost His Job And Hi And His Wife And Kids Lived In

Which movie have you watched the most times? How many times did you watch it?

Aside from popcorn flicks I can watch all the time like Star Wars, Fast and Furious, Sherlock Holmes (RDJ), Pixar and some of the MARVEL films, one comedy-drama that has always captivated me is The Truman Show.SPOILERS AHEAD.........The Truman Show depicts a man’s perfect life as a hidden camera TV show, where he has no idea that he’s being filmed on a gigantic controlled set. Everything is contrived to give Truman Burbank virtually no freedom at all. Each time I’ve seen this film after the first, I always wonder why I like it so much.Finally, we approach the climax. After several failed attempts to leave town and escape the small island town that entraps him, Truman takes a boat out to sea, in a character defining moment.It’s established in the film that Truman is afraid of water because his father supposedly perished at sea. This was faked by the show’s creators in an attempt to curb Truman’s aspirations of becoming an explorer. However, at the end, we find out that Truman doesn’t care about his fears. He’d rather die than be deprived of his freedom. What happens next? Thar she blows.The creators attempt to kill Truman on his boat with a thunderstorm. Truman hangs on, however, and he keeps sailing.Sailing onward, this part always gets me. The boat reaches the edge of the fake sea, cutting into the set.Here, Truman finally discovers for himself that his world, his whole life, everyone he’s met, everything, has been a lie. He has a breakdown. He begins hitting the wall and everything hits him at once. Finally, Kristoff, the Creator, talks to Truman. He attempts to persuade Truman to stay; after all, this has been his home. Truman is offered a bright place where he’s lived his whole life, or a dark door which leads to uncertain freedom.After some thought, Truman looks to the camera, bows, and leaves through the dark door. With that, the show, and the movie, comes to an end.This movie resonates with me on multiple levels in its parallels to the Allegory of the cave, its themes of freedom vs. security, false positivity, reality television, and the morality of the whole concept. The utter suffering that Truman undergoes throughout his whole life as he pines, even as an infant, for any semblance of freedom, only to be hindered by everyone else in his life is one of the most saddening things I’ve ever seen. And that is why I can watch it over and over again.Written in eighteen minutes having seen the film 5 times.

Can someone explain the ending of the movie "Matchstick Men"?

I watched the movie "Matchstick Men" just now. I understood everything, till the ending. The part from when Roy found all those notes from his partner Frank to when he saw his "daughter" after a year of not knowing where she is. Did his partner Frank partner up with his daughter and take all his money?? And is the girl Angela, actualy not his daughter? because when he went to his ex-wife, she said she lost the baby! IT DOESNT MAKE SENCE!! PLEASE HELP!!

Did you ever fall asleep watching a movie in a theater?

Only once — in Thor: The Dark World.I’m a lifelong comic book fan. I’m a movie fan. Most of all, I’m a fairly decent MCU movie fan.But this movie just lost me.I think I slept through 20–25 minutes close to the end, when the CGI really started to kick in andI. Just. Didn’t. Care.Granted, Thor is a really tough character to do well.To quote the guys over at “Honest Trailers,” Thor’s a cosmic viking created by nerds on acid in the ‘60s.I never understood the appeal of the comic books (next to other options such as Batman, the X-Men or even Spider-Man).And while Kenneth Branagh did a fine job with the first movie — introducing us to Loki’s villainy, the majesty of Asgard and the fish-out-of-water story of a Norse god adjusting to earth, the second movie was simply a snooze-fest.Luckily —Marvel took some huge chances with Thor: Ragnarok, giving us a buddy comedy featuring the Hulk that was far, far better than it had any right to be.

What is the meaning of the climax of the 'Stree' movie? Can someone explain the ending?

Needless to say,Spoiler alert!!!The ending of, perhaps one of the most entertaining movie of this year 'Stree' puzzled you?Let's demystify together.Ready? Here we go!Most people had a common misconception after ending of this awesome movie, Shraddha Kapoor is real Stree.But sorry to disappoint you, my friend. She is not.Explanation:Once Shraddha said, She can't kill 'Stree' if she had the power to execute her then she might have done this job.Fact is, A witch can't kill another witch. That's why! She couldn't kill her.So, She needed a person as described by the Writer of Chanderi Puran to perform this courageous job. She knew from the very beginning about hidden characteristics of Rajkumar Rao, that's why she trapped him in her ridiculous love.How Shraddha knew about 'Rakshak of Chanderi'?Remember some pages were missing in that book. Perhaps, She was the reason behind missing pages.Now, you might have a question about the last visit of real Stree in Chanderi?In the ending scene, Stree saw her own statue at the entrance of Chanderi, and she was pleased by given due respect by people of Chanderi.Why was she not dead after losing her source-of-power ponytail?When Rajkumar was about to pierce her heart with the magical knife of Shraddha. Somehow, Rajkumar couldn't stab her, at the very moment Shraddha said,Just cut her ponytail, by cutting her ponytail Stree will lose her massive power but she will alive. That's why she was not dead but she was powerless.Another concept, A witch will die after cutting of ponytail but Stree was alive even losing her source of power. That means she was just a ghost, not a witch.Now time for your final question.Then who the hell was Shraddha?She was another power-hungry witch. You definitely noticed her supernatural power throughout the movie.Bottomline: Shraddha needed ponytail of powerful Stree to be a more powerful witch.Originally posted on my website: Ending of ‘Stree’ explained

In the movie inception, in the end when leo sees his kids, it is a dream or reality?

Ok well first thing is that when he is dreaming his totum keeps spinning constantly without wobbling. So since it wobbled at the end some people think it was reality.
As for the children, lots of people think they look the same age and they are wearing the same clothes when he gets to see their faces (even though it's been a few years.) However, if you look carefully at the little girl; her dress has a white shirt underneath when he sees her face, rather than having an all-pink dress on when he can't see her face.
These things make me believe it is reality.
But when people thought that since he got rid of his wife and got passed his troubles (since those things were keeping him from seeing his kids faces) that he was able to see them while he was dreaming.
There is no direct answer to whether it is a dream or reality so it's up to you to decide :) I think he was not dreaming but hey, there might be a sequel!

What was the strongest emotion that you felt when you watched a film?

I love animals. All kinds of animals. Dogs and horses however have a special place in my heart.When I was young, we had a Shetland pony named Cindy. She was the start of my love for horses. She was small but her attitude towered over the horses we got to meet through having her. She is a very special part of my childhood memories.About 10 years ago, my friend needed help caring for her 4 horses. I volunteered. What majestic creatures they are. So big, so much personality. What an wonderful experience.About 5 years after I moved away from the little herd, my husband and I were visiting one of my brothers. He was watching “War horse”. My love for horses compelled me to watch it. It was both horrifying and amazing. The main horse was so stoic, so massive and so well trained, he epitomized horses. The protectiveness, the personality, the beauty, his performance was just phenomenal. But, it was based on truth. The treatment of these horses left me speechless. It made me cry like a baby. The ending gave me a little peace for the star of the movie, but I was left numb for the real horses that endured what the movie was about. It gave me a whole new appreciation for them and gave me a whole new sadness for them.It was a very powerful, very emotional movie that i will never watch again.

What is your favourite "What the hell did I just watch?" movie?

In no particular order of “shock value” here is my listMullholland Drive:Reason: I had only begun to watch off beat movies, the whole story line of this movie is a dream as seen by the protagonist. Coming from an overdose of bollywood movies it was quite a jolt to me.2. Antichrist:Reason: Lars Von Trier movies always leave you a bit jarred, Antichrist just takes the cherry, the director confessed that he was at the height of depression when he made this movie and that he himself doesn’t know what he wanted to convey through this movie. Nevertheless the convoluted story, the gore and graphic sex and a bizarre ending was enough to leave me unnerved for a few days.3. Primer:Reason: Who knew time travel could be so complex, tough to predict for sure what was happening, and in fact what did happen, open ended movie at its best, probably the most complicated sci-fi movie ever made I was left scratching my head after watching this one.4. Upstream ColourReason: From the director of Primer comes yet another movie which leaves one to ponder on ‘what was this all about’. A movie about a parasite affecting humans and then in turn pigs, I was left with a big WHY5. Holy Motors:Reason: Its been five years since I watched this movie, i think about it every now and then but I still don’t have an inkling as to what it was all about.6. The Straight Story:This is not a shocking movie per se, but what surprised me about this movie is the director, David Lynch is known for making really complex movies famous among them being Lost Highway, Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, Inland Empire. In this movie he tells a poignant story of a man who undertakes a journey on his lawn mower to meet his brother, it was pleasantly surprising to me that this was indeed a David Lynch movie.Thanks for reading!