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I Watched A Movie Years Ago And Can

Have you re-watched a movie after many years and then realize, holy crap these people were nobodies back then and now look they're so famous?

1. Night Shift - Kevin Costner is in the frat party @ the morgue. You can just barely see him in the background.
2. The Graduate - Richard Dreyfus has one line in it.
3. Gone with the Wind - George Reeves, of tv series Superman fame has a one line speaking role.
4. 68 Star Trek - Terry Garr has a small part

There are many, many others, but these come to mind.

Can a 17 year old watch r rated movie?

I'm 17 years old. Can i go see an R-rated movie?. I want to watch Spring Breakers next Friday. I invited a 16 year old. So do we still need to bring an adult. If possible?. I don't have an id. But will my permit work?. I just recently renewed my permit two months ago.

Can a 13 year old watch a rated R movie if they're with a 17 year old?

No, a 17-year old can not buy a ticket for a 13-year old for an R rated movie. The person buying the tickets has to be 21 or a parent. I was 29 when I took my younger sister and a couple of her friends (with their parents' permission) to see "American Pie" and I had to show my ID to buy the tickets.

Can 15 year olds watch R rated movies?

im 15 and my parents allow me to watch R rated movies is that ok. my parents belive that i will see that stuff anyway.i even watch R rated movies in theaters but with a parent. they accept me watching R rated movies. do you think most teenagers watch R rated movies. oh i also own an R rated movie and my parents bought it for me.

Can a 16 year old watch a rate R movie in theaters?

It's kind of random. It depends on the person working in the ticket booth and how strict their boss is and maybe how old you actually look.
But yeah, they might ask you to prove your age and when you can't you would be refused.

Watched a movie 7 years ago and cant remember the name, going crazy, help, thanks?

There was a couple, the woman was a musician and the man was a military airplane engineer? And I think the woman’s sister and her husband died in a car crash? And they had 4 adopted children that now this couple had to take care of, the youngest child was a girl that had a zebra toy and her mom sung her a song about zebras before sleep so now the oldest sister sung to her, the second youngest was a guy who was into music and the woman started teaching him, the third youngest was a guy named Xavier I think, and he was into football and had a gf with blue hair, and the oldest was a girl, and it was gonna be her birthday but she didn’t want to celebrate it cause with her mom they had a tradition to do charity work or something on her birthdays and now she doesn’t feel like celebrating her birthday? And Xavier was being rebellious and things and stole the keys of the car and got into a crash and the kids were gonna be taken away from this couple cause they “couldn’t raise the kids properly” but then the kids said they wanna stay with the couple so they stayed???

Can't remember the name of karate movie watched years ago?

It sounds a lot like Jet Li's Fearless, but that only came out in 2006.

Jet Li has another movie where he loses a fight, but as a penalty to losing the fight, he must sacrifice his martial arts. His tendons get cut on the ankles and wrists so he can't perform martial arts. The movie is Fong Sai Yuk II. It's an old movie from years ago.