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I Watched This Video Before Suggest Me Whai I Should Do Over It

Has any other Christians watched the video "ZEITGEIST" and not had their faith severely battered?

I'm in the first 30 minutes of this video and am freaking out! Everything that was written about Christ was written before. It all has to do with the Zodiac. Biblical verses point toward the stars and seasons and such. Listen, as a devote Christian I have always stuck by one verse, and it's premise to seek wisdom! So I find things to actually test my faith which in turn strengthens it. Then this thing came along and I have to tell you, I'm in fear that I have been hoodwinked! If you are as I, a seeker of wisdom, then watch at least the first 40 minuets of this video and please give me some answer as to why it is not valid. Those who are Biblically blind and read nothing else, need not apply. I want refutable evidence here! I NEED HELP FROM CHRISTIANS!

This is the site for the video


How do I get my new video to be suggested or recommended on youtube?

There are two main factors that you’re going to need to manage in order to get your videos recommended and suggested by YouTube.first, your channel authority…YouTube wants to protect its users from spam he videos that pop up on new channels and accounts. They use a channel authority metric to prevent new channels or channels with low authority from getting exposure in their algorithm.By consistently publishing quality videos that get a high percentage of completion viewed and a high number of minutes watched, your channel authority will increase!So all of the work you’ve done on your channel prior to this video you want to get suggested will help this new videos exposure!Second, the optimization of the video itself…YouTube’s algorithm works in a similar method to Google’s algorithm… Generally speaking is based on keyword phrases.Taking time to do keyword research and to create search optimized titles, descriptions and tags will help you increase the particular videos relevance compared to the other videos you will be suggested from.For example, if you’re making a video about “how to make vegan dog food” and you optimize the video for all the appropriate keyword phrases, like vegan pet food, vegan dog food, etc. you have a higher likelihood of being suggested when a user is watching another video about those growing my YouTube channel to more than 50,000 subscribers and about 18 months, I learned a lot about their algorithm and how to use effective search engine optimization within YouTube… I cover a lot of what I learned in this video playlist you’ll find below.YouTube SEO - The Trick For Top YouTube Rankings & Traffic Revealed In One Video Optimization ClassI tried to add the actual videos, but Quora does not allow me to add a playlist… So I had to add the link separate.

I'm traumatized after watching this video. Help?!?

So I'm sure many of you have heard of the story about Luka Magnotta, the "Canadian Psychopath" as many people call him. Well as you all know, he was the person behind Jun Lin's murder and dismemberment. He recorded the murder and posted it online for people to watch. WELL. Out of curiosity, I watched it. I shouldn't have. Because now, I am truly scarred for life. Ever since I watched the video, I am always zoned out. Earlier today I had a panick attack, which I have never had before. I feel like everything around me wasn't real and the people surrounding me were dead people. I don't know, it's weird. That video really got me. I'm not like this. I'm a happy person. I don't just panick for no reason. I think I'm going insane. What do you guys think I should do??? Btw I'm 18. I've heard and seen many messed up stories, but this is by far, the worst one.

Oh and I forgot to add one more thing. The website I went on had many disturbing images about beh3adings and crushed bodies. Which also scarred me. So please, any psychologist out there, or anyone. Please help me!!!

Does it cost watching videos on youtube ?

Your mom might have been confused with a new advertisement of the YouTube Video Rental service.
They give you access to 1000's of videos for a price. These are actual hollywood movies, not videos personally uploaded by people.
So you have nothing to worry about

This is probably the link your mom was confused about
Which is different from

Or there is 1 more case. If your mom is very tech swavy she could mean indirectly. Say you have a limited plan of 10gb per month. Which you pay $40 for. By going over the 10gb you have overage charges. Anytime you view a video on youtube you are essentially using bandwidth of your allotted 10gb. She might be afraid of you going over the limit. Since overage charges are ridiculously expensive for some reason.

As for the word "Downloading" Unfortunately download is very loose in its meaning. Essentially when ever you visit a website you are infact downloading that website to a temporary file onto your computer. Whether you watch a movie on youtube, hulu or checking out CNN. A temporary file is created on your computer and you view it from there. Thats why playback is possible. You can rewind and go back and see something immediately because its stored.

8yr old boy wets himself while watching TV and playing Video games, doesn't care, has motivation to not do it.?

I've got an 8yr old step son that me and my husband have had for the first time over the summer. We aren't too sure about this kids issues, but a main one is that while playing video games or watching TV he'll wet himself, as well as at night. We've fixed the at night problem by cutting off fluids at 7pm and setting an alarm for him at 4:15 am, he gets up, goes to the bathroom and goes to bed, no more night time accidents. We've basically taken away all video games because he has a terrible addiction to them, and would mainly wet while playing them, but he still at this point wets while watching TV. He says that he realizes he has to pee too late to react, but he is also an avid liar and tries to take the time to think of excuses before saying anything.

He has the motivation to not do so with promises of video game time if he does good, and if he wets and doesn't tell us he gets a spanking. We don't want to take the TV away from him because there aren't any kids in the area, and he doesn't have much else available to do all day.

FYI I am not looking for criticism for how we handle this, I'm looking for advice on what this might be, and if anyone has gone through it and found a solution. His insurance isn't covered in our state, and our insurance doesn't go in effect for him until later this month, so until we can take him to a doctor, this is our temporary solution.

Would you stop watching a youtube channel if the videos started to contain some swearing/Profanity?

I'm not talking like excessive, like a few out there. I guess I am talking like now and then, do you feel it dumb's down the videos?

I'm not talking like "Hell" or "Damn" but stronger words. I'll give you an example: This one channel I am subscribed to, has to do with car detailing. Like product reviews and how to do certain things. The Channel maybe has a few hundred subs and maybe like 21-22 videos, thus far.

A new video is posted every 10 days or so. For the most part, most of the guy's videos don't contain swearing, other then say, one or two have a "What the hell?" " Oh Damn..". in it .

He posted one video a few weeks ago, where he was talking about this one product that was supposed to take out scratches on aluminum wheels. It didn't work the well and he was like " if you have F__king common sense, you will pass on this stuff".

Many comments pointed out The F bomb, like " I won't watch this channel again" " I excepted better out of you" but on the flip side it was more like just being surprised or one poster was oddly impressed. His next 2 videos after don't contain swearing. I like his channel so I will keep watching his vids, I did find it a bit surprising however.

Would you unsubscribe or stop watching a youtuber's videos if they started to contain swearing, if the prior ones had not before?

How old should a kid be before watching Don't Hug Me I'm Scared?

Around 17 to 20.I have watched DHMIS before, and it includes blood, gore, etc. and all the other gruesome things that aren’t appropriate for kids to watch. There is a high chance that kids may not be able to separate fantasy from reality in this show because everything real and fake is all mixed in together very well. I suppose DHMIS is adult humor and that kids will not get the humor at all and instead, get nightmares. My biggest fear is that kids who watch DHMIS may accidentally associate gore, blood, etc. in the show with real life and think it is normal and okay, when it is not.Kids absorb things very easily, even if they only watch an episode of one TV show or video. And as kids grow into their teenage years, brutal and violent things like GTA (Grand Theft Auto) may encourage kids to become more violent in real life because the video game takes on a similar form like it does in real life.I would suggest you to not let your stepbrother watch DHMIS for now for the fear of negative influence and the message taken the wrong way. Potentially, DHMIS may cause your stepbrothers to become more violent as they age into their teen years, thinking that violence is the key to solving problems. But when your stepbrothers near their adulthood, you can let them watch it, for they are able to distinguish fantasy from reality than that of a 10 or 11 year old.If you have heard of “Happy Tree Friends”, it is the same thing. It starts from cute, kid-version friendly characters which then transform into a bloody mess. If you don’t want your stepbrothers to be negatively influenced by DHMIS, I suggest you to not let them watch it now.

HI!How can i watch a video of YOUTUBE on a 64kbps network-"WITHOUT ANY INTERRUPTION"?Please help me with this!

You could try downloading the video files first and then watching them in a separate player.

First copy the url to the page the video is embedded in and then go to Paste it in the box there and hit "Download". Wait a second and it should provide a link you can click to download the video as a .FLV file.

Once it's downloaded, rename the file and make sure the name ends in .FLV (don't forget the dot).

Then all you need is a player. Either of these will work:

Or, get a faster Internet connection.