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I Went To Send Myself And Email This Morning And A Bunch Of Unknown Names Showed Up Too - What Does

Does your optimum online email work?

I've been trying to sign in to my optimum online email account, i know i have the user name and password right, but whenever i try with outlook, the send/recieve button fails, and it keeps asking me for my password again. when i go to, it just gives me optimum's blue background and nothing else. Is anyone else having this problem? Maybe their servers are having problems?

Can you send a letter in the mail without the senders address in the corner??

yes u can.

What do you put in a formal email's salutation when you don't know who you're writing to (male/female)?

There can be two possible cases for that.First being, You know the name of recipient but cannot figure their gender.In that case, go with :Dear FirstName,2nd Case, You don’t have any info regarding the recipient.In that case, you are eligible to go with :Dear Sir/Ma’am,Or, you can also address your mail to the department for which the query is meant to be. Go with :Kind Attn. : Sales & Marketing Team,orKind Attn. : Human Resources Dept.,Happy Writing..

What is a polite way to address someone in an email, whose gender you don't know?

As someone who is often accidentally addressed as Mr. Narayan, here is what I expect from someone who doesn't know my genderDo a search on the name and see what gender seems to show up.If the gender is still ambiguous, just address the emails with a "Dear FirstName LastName", and use the full name to refer to someone in the body of the letter.Update: For a more casual tone, I second Benjamin Golub's suggestion to just start with a Hello or the body of the email. I've frequently used the former approach myself, though not specific to when I didn't know the gender.

An "Unknown" Caller called twice today and they are creeping me out! Help?

lol i know what that is.. its a sales company they usually call a number of people not for a long time and if u pick up u get connected to a salesperson who will want to sell u something

or the most logical reason is that lucifer is trying to get a hold of you.

Any awesome HILARIOUS pranks u know of?!? HELP!?

This is the best one ever...especially if you know someone who is gullible (and your name's not Lisa).

Think of your perfect victim. You'll need a pic of them and also need to know their favorite band, birthday (it'll help you find their zodiac sign in the scroll window), favorite food (chinese, spicy, fast food, etc.), and favorite activity (sports, video games, going to a bar, going camping, cars, etc.), and their email address. If you don't already know this stuff, find out from a mutual friend, but don't tell 'em what's up. Don't ask your victim the info or they'll be more likely to suspect you as the culprit. The birthday isn't that important because astrological sign is the only one that has the unknown option. It's just even better if you do know it.

Go to

Read the paragraphs if you want, then click Begin. Upload the photo and put the info in. Then click Submit or whatever the option is. Watch the video, and when it's done click Share With a Friend. I did it to my husband for April Fool's Day. Where it says your name, I put "Someone" because in the email (I sent myself a sample first to see how it played out), it says, "_____ thinks Ali is obsessed with you." So putting someone in there leaves it open to being anyone. They won't suspect you. So, use that if you want. Then put in their first name and their email address, and then click Send Email. It'll send right away, and your victim will be none the wiser. It's great.


By the way, I like the sponge cake. I've never heard of that one before. The toilet monster's cute too, although I wouldn't suggest putting a hidden camera in there. You might end up seeing a whole lot more than you want.

If someone shows up as "Facebook user" in messages, does it mean that their account is deactivated or deleted? Or that they blocked me?

This is a very tricky question because it depends on two things:If the person picture is still there this means they blocked you. The picture doesn't disappear straightaway.If their picture is blank from the first moment it said Facebook User, then they have blocked you.I have a friend who loves to block me over little disagreements, then I have another friend who disables his account almost every week, aha. So I know the differences now.