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I Woke Up Bloated An Chubbier. What Happened

Why does my face looks more bloated/chubby during my period?

Bloating.Ugh!One of the most obnoxious effects of PMS.Luckily, bloating is common, it’s normal, and there are ways to fix it.Many OTC menstrual relief medications (like Pamprin or Midol) include ingredients to alleviate bloating.Another option is to take a mild diuretic, or drink a naturally occurring one (like coffee).When taking diuretics to assist with water retention, it is monumentally important that you stay hydrated with lots and lots of water.Water will be your biggest ally in combating the PMS-induced bloating and chubbiness.And, best of all, it will only last about a week until you feel good as new!

How come I feel and look fatter when I'm on my period?

The uterine lining thickens, due to the body’s secretion of eostrogen. This makes ones abdomen look like they just ate 2 kfc family buckets.

My stomach is very bloated on period?

You're not getting fatter at all! It's completely normal to be bloated and feel fat during your period - you retain water, so in a way you're gaining the tiniest bit of weight that you'll lose once your period's over. Nearly everyone feels this way - sometimes i'll feel so bloated i won't be able to fit into my jeans comfortably! =)

I look fat after a binge :( what's happening?

To start off, I am underweight. I'm 6'0" and 132 lbs. Yesterday I binged, and consumed roughly over 6000 calories, possibly more. I binged on:
-Sundae Ice Cream Cones (about 4-5 of them)
-Half of a Publix Key Lime Pie (yes, HALF!)
-Fudge Rounds (3 of them)
-Chewy chocolate chip cookies (6 of them)
-a bag of cracker chips
-Little Bites Chocolate Chip Muffins
-10 cups of frosted flakes with over 6 cups of skim milk (by then my stomach was about to explode)
-roughly 6 tbsp of peanut butter (after that I became extremely nauseous. Btw I do NOT purge my food)

This particular binge (I've had multiple) was emotionally driven. I had been eating enough prior to it (about 2000-2500 calories a day), so it was definitely not hunger driven. I had a bad day at school, and I turned to food to escape these emotions.

My weight went from 126.6 yesterday morning, to 137.8 yesterday evening. This morning (after peeing, lol), I weighed 131.2 lbs. Although my weight didnt increase significantly, my face, thighs, and stomach look swollen. I look chubby. My face feels swollen.
I'm back to regular eating again today. I'm just trying to forget about yesterday and move on. I just started an antidepressant about 2 weeks ago (Celexa 10 mg), and Ive noticed that I haven't dwelled on this binge like I did with previous ones.
So I have a few questions:
1. Will my weight eventually go back down to 125? Even if I eat my usual diet for the rest of the week.
2. Why do I look so chubby? I mean I literally look 20 lbs. heavier.
3. What can I do to alleviate this bloating/swelling?


whenever i workout i feel and LOOK fatter AFTER working out.
like i will look at my stomach before working out then go run, then i look afterwards and it looks WAY chubbier and idk why :/ its kinda weird.

any ideas why?
is this normal, does it happen to youu?


My lips are always swollen (well fatter) when I wake up?

I have big lips too. Everyone has swollen lips, face and eyes when they wake up.

You can use vaseline chapsticks or apply honey to your lips when you are home

What is wrong with my hamster? Suddenly becoming fatter, has a swollen belly)?

Sound like he is just old, hamsters as they get old can develop problems when the liver or kidneys begin to fail, or are not functioning properly. This can cause an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. It is unlikely your vet will be able to do anything because of his age, most geriatric diseases in hamsters are not curable, but certainly have a word with him if you are concerned. The black spots?? You do not say where they are; are they on his hips, if this is so, then what you are seeing is his hip spots. These will become more noticeable as he ages, and the fur starts thinning.