I Worry About Everything

Why do i always worry about everything?

i admit that sometimes the things i worry about are silly, but at the time it is the end of the world. for the past 48 hours ive made myself sick over worrying about something, i even forgot to eat and wasnt even hungry. my hands shake and i have hyperhidrosis. im not sure if i sweat because im nervous or if im nervous because i sweat. it seems like every time i get even a miniscule amount of attention, i feel a nervous sweat coming on. in a crowded room i am usually the person standing in the corner to get away from it all. i cannot speak to people and when i do i worry about the things i said for atleast a day beyond the conversation. is this social anxiety disorder? paranoia? i must have a thousand things wrong with me. does this happen to anyone else?

Why do i worry about everything ?

GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Generalized Anxiety Disorder occurs in 4% of the population and is more common in women. Symptoms are persistent and often chronic. General anxiety disorder (GAD) and its related panic disorder are differential diagnoses for medically unexplained symptoms, owing to the many physical symptoms that are caused by these conditions.

The symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder are persistent and are not restricted to, or markedly increased in, any particular set of circumstances (In contrast to phobic anxiety disorders).

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How do I stop worrying about everything?

After I converted to being a Christian, I received many enlightenments about why are things like that or why do certain things happen the way they are?Worrying usually comes because we are fearful about the consequences or we are unsure of what might happen. But when I know God, I know that He has created better plans than mine, than the world, than any leader or any other planner. His plans are to prosper me rather than to harm me like my plans do. Asking you not to worry is like asking someone who's depressed to not be depressed. Instead, I will ask you to fix your eyes on Jesus, on the Heavenly Father. You will be surprised as to how relieved and how much lighter you will feel. He satisfies all our material needs because ultimately, HE IS ALL WE NEED. He teaches many life lessons through the bible. Usually when we want to stop doing something, we have to be aware of why we want to stop doing it? Is it because it's harmful, is it because it's time consuming, or is it because society tells us to? Do you know why you want to stop worrying? Let me tell you the practical reason, it's because worrying produces nothing, it doesn't change the situation, it doesn't help you achieve something. The only thing it does is to rob you of your invaluable time, rob you of the time that you could have spent to do your homework or talk to a friend who's troubled and helping someone or reading the bible. Worrying have absolutely no GOOD SIDE. It's just a pure waste of time. After being a Christian, I realised that everything happen for a reason and that reason is because of God. God did everything because He love us, because He did everything to save us and for us to be reconciled with Him. He cherish His relationships with us and that is why He sent his beloved Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. All in all, commit your life to surrender your life to God. Trust in His plans and I promise you that all your worries will cease for He will bring you light to your situation & circumstance.

How do I stop worrying so much about everything !?

I'm 23 years old. I used to not worry much about anything until I had my son. Well I do admit I was a little bit of a hypochondriac before I had him. But now, it seems like I'm a hypochondriac for my son, if that makes sense. Like, I worry a out the littlest things sometimes. And if someone says something around me that isn't good, I automatically think well what if that happens in my life? Even when I feel like my worrying is over sometimes it seems like I get into thinking about a lot of stuff and just how it would affect my son or me. And honestly I'm scared to be happy sometimes because it seems like every time i try something seems to go wrong. I know that's life. But is there anyway to try and not be so stressed and worrisome all the damn time !? I wear my brain out because of all my negative thoughts.

Why should I worry about anything?

Allow me a rather differing explanation then the common one. Worry is premised in Disconnection…the profound process of domestication imposed upon the human being by the “masters of mankind” as Adam Smith called them. The damage caused by the separation from all that is, the what is - the Real - instinct, into ego/self is a severing, a cutting off, corralling, mortification, deformity that is has endless possibilities for narratives…the creation of language, the greatest of disconnectors. Language is the imposed filter to “make sense” of the separation. Language is Power, the Power to decide “what is”. Another manifestation of this disease of separation is memory, we don’t instinctively require memory because we are connected to all that is; memory requires the creation of narratives, the past history, the filter/lens through which we are instructed/commanded to know the world. The past creates the narratives of the future - his-story. Worry is the projection ego/self (what we call emotions - a version of feelings) but this is a specific manifestation of linear thinking and profound conditioning - severe trauma. Memory creates the possibility of worry or psychological fear. The question of should you worry is is unclear since it is assuming a great deal of ideas. We know that worry is a fiction of culture and memory. What is there to worry about?

Why am i always worried about everything?

im 13 yrs old and im always worried about everything. well maybe not everything but for example for the past 3 months or so i've been worried about my health.. like i keep thinking i have a heart problem and that i have gum disease (i do btw but im afraid imma lose my teeth at a young age)... i've gone back and forth between those 2 things. like for example i worry about my heart for a couple weeks then one morning i wake up and totally forget about my heart and start worrying about my teeth, its been like that for 3 months already.... its pretty much on my mind 24/7. the only time im not thinking about it is when im having fun/distracted or sleeping. the first thing i think of when i wake up is either my teeth or heart and it totally ruins my day. im going on vacation with my family next month and i wanna be able to enjoy it and be worry and stress-free but that might not happen :(( all i wanna do is just lay on my bed and watch TV all day and just worry. i always try to reassure myself that everythings gonna be ok and sometimes i do but a couple hours later im worrying again (it takes me awhile to reassure myself that everythings gonna be fine) I just wanna spend time with my mom and family but my mom and dad is at work all the time for example right now and i just feel like crying... please do you guys have any advice for me? my life is falling apart. :(((

Why do I think and worry about everything and fear so much?

At one point in time, it was called self-doubt and a lack of self confidence.In modern times, thanks to medical nomenclature, we call it anxiety.You can address this issue by taking a few different paths.Seeking the help of a medical professional: I do not mean to express this in an offensive way. Speaking with a psychologist/therapist/doctor (hell even speaking with a trusted friend might provide temporary relief) may help uncover some underlying issues that could be hiding away in obscurity.If ‘anything’ is discovered by your doctor, he most likely will provide a pharmaceutical prescription for your particular level of anxiety.Finding yourself: You are having self doubts, as most of us do at one point or another in life. Self doubt is an essential part of figuring out who we are, what we like/dislike and what general direction we want our life to direct itself.The most important part of finding yourself is figuring out exactly what you want. It can take us months, even years to figure out what we want, all while the world around us is in a constant state of change and confusion. It is important to be tediously thoughtful, thorough and most importantly,being honest with yourself during process because one cannot positively advance in life without properly examining every single aspect of their own life.Self esteem: It is without a doubt one of the many challenges a typical human faces in the course of their life. For most, it is a life long battle with themselves while only realising that a battle against their own biology is asinine and wasteful. Our society focuses too much on esthetic perfection and the fallacy in that is that our flaws make us who we are. Our flaws are crucial to who we are and they must be embraced, not oppressed.Exercise: I know, it sounds like the typical mindless drivel delivered to you by various advertisement campaigns and PSAs.However, excersise goes far beyond just physical health. Having a daily routine of going to the gym and eating healthy will help shape your day, your meals and your over all mood.I was in a similar sounding situation as you were and I was very apprehensive about the ‘gym lifr’ but it has literally changed not only my outlook on myself, but as well as my outlook on the world.At the end of the day, it boils down to taking risks and making changes. I can promis you it will be well worth it at the end of the day.

How do I stop worrying about everything that could go wrong with everything I do?

Worrying has become your coping mechanism. You can try on your own to figure out how to break the cycle (hint:research on the habit of worry NOT a specific thing you are worried about) or you may need help from a professional (CBT cognitive behavioral therapy anyone?)"If I worry about it enough I will be able to prevent anything bad from happening because I am already thinking of every bad possible outcome" was my own mantra…and it worked for years until I almost lost my mind ( literally). I realized if I didn't change I would die from stress. My change started when one day my husband said " you have been worrying about money for years and we have always been ok." (Lightbulb). You need to change your way of responding to life and it won't be easy and it won't be quick. After all , you spent years perfecting this habit. When you start you will make progress and slip back..make progress and slip back.. but I promise you.. it will be the best thing you ever did for yourself and those who love you. Try lots of things but BE DETERMINED you won't give up until you find an answer for yourself. Just imagine what you would be able to accomplish if you put even half the amount of time into something else that you spend on worry.

My boyfriend worries about everything?

First of all,it's a good thing that he does worry about something since this shows that he has feelings and emotions at the first place.There's no need for you to feel worry though if he's not possessive or paranoid about stuffs at the first place.However,if you're really tired with this,you could always just try to approach him,sit down and have a private chat and talk to him regarding his concerns about everything.Try a good approach though and try to make him understand that there's no need for him to stress about something just like that.I'm sure he'll understand.Hope I helped:-)

Good luck!!