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I disagree or I'm disagree? which one is correct?

You can say:

"I disagree" OR "I'm disagreeing"

Basically, English grammar works such that if you use the verb "to be" as a helping verb to indicate a continuous action you *must* use the -ing suffix on your main verb.

Other examples to help you get the idea.

I swim. I am swimming.
I run. I am running.
I read. I am reading.

Normally, the verb "to disagree" requires an object. E.g. "I disagree with [blank]" OR "I am disagreeing with [blank]." However, if the object is clear from the context it can be omitted.

Example 1:

Joe Schmo: Cats are stupid.
Jane Schmo: I disagree.

In this example, it is clear from the context what Jane disagrees with.

Example 2:
Jane Schmo: I am disagreeing with Joe concerning the notion that cats are stupid.
John Suave: Interesting. Tell me more.

In this example, Jane must use an object in order to explain the context to John. And, in the structure of this sentence, the entire phrase following "with" is the object.

This is a somewhat simplified explanation, but I hope that helps.

My daughter is 18 and I saw her hanging out with her friends, how should I punish her?

Question: Why do you consider your eighteen year old daughter (considered an adult in many areas, by the way) in violation of having friends away from the family? Are you so afraid of losing your “indentured servant” that you need to keep watch on her 24-hours a day? Why don’t you trust your daughter after eighteen years to have friends and “hang-out” with them without your constant supervision? WHY do you feel the need to punish your daughter for doing such a natural thing that most, if not all people her age do?Was you own childhood so horrible where your own parents hovered over you constantly to make sure you didn’t stray out of their sight because they didn’t trust you as well so now you’re passing on these bad parental “skills” onto your own daughter?Think about all of this for a moment. She has done nothing wrong. You shouldn’t punish her. If her friends aren’t a bad influence and if they’re out at a reasonable hour on a school night (I’m only assuming this is in the evening; this could be happening during the daytime.) having a nice time, you should stop spying on them and let her come home at the curfew time that you both agreed upon for week nights. You need to lighten up. Save your punitive actions for when they are actually needed. My goodness, I would hate to think what your punishment would be if I were in her shoes and I came home and told you I was pregnant. ;-) (Death penalty?)

Do I have to use my real name on Quora? What is Quora's ‘real names’ policy?

On Quora, you are required to use your real, full name for your account. To do so, you can change your name from your profile.If you are ever uncomfortable about associating your identity with a particular question or answer, you can write the answer[1] or ask the question[2] anonymously. If Quora Moderation believes that a user is not using their real name, the user may be asked to provide supporting evidence.More specifically, the following rules apply to Quora profile names:Company or organizational accounts: you may create an account on Quora to represent a legally incorporated business or other organization. You are not required to do so, if you prefer to answer using a personal account. Not all organization accounts will be verified, though we may ask company accounts to provide verification.Names in non-Latin alphabet languages: Quora is currently only available in certain languages. In English, characters and letters that are not part of the Latin alphabet are allowed in user names in parentheses, if a Latin alphabet-name precedes the parenthetical. Example: Mikhail Gorbachev (Михаи́л Серге́евич Горбачёв), Hu Jintao (胡锦涛).Titles, such as "Dr." and "Ms.", may not be used in a Quora name; instead, information about degrees (e.g., "M.D.", or "PhD.") may be included in the user headline that appears to the right of your name, or elsewhere in your profile.Role accounts: Since each account should be connected with a real name, multiple accounts representing the same person (e.g., a professional identity under one name and a personal identity under a different one) are not permitted.Capitalization: Names should be appropriately capitalized. JOHN SMITH should be capitalized as John Smith.Footnotes[1] Quora's answer to How do I write an anonymous answer on Quora?[2] Quora's answer to How do I ask an anonymous question?