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Identify Leaders In New York City Who Have Ties With Or Contributing To Fordham Univeristy

Who were/are some artists who have dealt with personal pain through artistic expression?

too many of them, but that's how they express them through their creativity. Good enough, yes?

Why does California have three of the world's ten best universities (Stanford, Berkeley, & Caltech, according to The Times UK)?

First, blame Hitler and WWII.You will notice that Britain has also a couple in the top 10, but where are the German (or French) schools? I am sure they are excellent schools, on par with the US and British schools, but their emphasis is on training undergraduates not Ph.D students, which counts against them in most rankings.Up to the mid 1930’s, Germany had some of the best schools in the world. German was THE official language for science. If you wanted to have a Ph.D., you had to learn German, French, or Russian. But then came Hitler and decided that the Jews were not good enough for Germany, and everybody left, and went to Britain or the US. While Europe, after WWII, was in rebuilding mode, the US had the luxury to spend money to build its university system and get the best talent money could buy.Today, California’s lure of Silicon Valley’s wealth attracts the best graduate students from all over the world. Nothing comes for free. In California we pay some of the highest state taxes in the US. We have some of the best public schools in the world, yet, because now it is so competitive, a large majority of California high-school students can’t be admitted to the UC system and have to go to study in other states. It is crazy!