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If A College Wants To See If You Play On A Highschool Sports Team But Your School Doesn

Can you get a letterman jacket in high school if you dont play a sport..??

I would say no, you are kinda making an anti establishment statement if you buy one without earning the letter, if that is who you are then go for it, but otherwise I would say better hold off. You could always date someone with one and ware his...

How to get noticed by colleges if my high school doesn't have a swim team?

Join a club. Swim in some meets, try to get as fast as possible, and starting at about your junior year in high school, start contacting coaches at schools you're interested in. Very few athletes, especially in a sport like swimming where there isn't a tremendous amount of national interest, get contacted by coaches. If you want to swim in college, you have to take the initiative and go out and get recruited. Most teams have recruiting forms on their websites that you can send them. Start with that, and be persistent. Unless you're the cream of the crop, some coaches will blow you off. Keep trying, keep emailing, and keep improving your times. You may not get a full-ride scholarship at a major D1 program, but if you really want to swim, there's a spot for you somewhere.
P.S. Focus on your academics too. The better your grades are, the more options you'll have.

Will doing high school sports truly help you get into college?

Nope it doesn'tWait let me explain youI am a student of Hariyana Vidya Mandir a school in salt lake kolkata. In 2013 I passed my class 12 with 85% marks and wanted to get admitted in St. Xaviers college but my marks were not good enough to make it through to st. Xaviers college as the cut off marks was 95% so I decided to apply in sports quota as I was well known for my sports skills in my school. I participated in almost all sports that was conducted on our annual sports day, I won many gold,silver and bronze medals, I won many individual championship trophies. I was house cricket team captain (all the students were distributed in one of the four houses in our school blue red green orange). I was school cricket team captain. I got selected in school cricket team when I was in class 6. I played for CAB (the cricket association of bengal) under 16. Even after this it was not good enough to make it through to st. Xaviers college as their requirement is state level players holding certificate of representing state.I bragged so much about myself just to prove that all was correctly said by me uploading my certificates trophies and medalsSo even after I played for CAB I did not had certificate so I was not eligible to apply for sports quota. And I ended up graduating from bhawanipur college. And I am a proud bhawanipur student.

My high school doesn't have a football team, but I could join another school's team. Should I join the team if I want to play in college?

You Absolutely should!!Practice makes perfection so go join that team, and try to set aside some time to practice on your own, like running with the ball, shooting at a wall etc, paying attention to your coach and watch lots of European games from La Liga or English premier league for you to understand player movement, tactics, and just to simply appreciate beautiful football.These things are important because along with your own hard work, they will allow you to set yourself apart from those casual players and make a great impact on any team you play, especially in college.But don’t forget to have fun, and enjoy every bit of your journey playing the beautiful game!!

Is it bad that I don’t do sports in high school? My school doesn’t offer any sports. If we want to play a sport, we have to go to our zoned high school, which is like 15 minutes away.

It’s not bad at all. A lot of kids are involved in sports and clubs to look well rounded for their college applications, but not being involved in any doesn’t really matter either. The only time I was able to play a sport was in 7th grade and I couldn’t play anymore because my parents were too busy with work or nobody would be home for my younger brother. I spent my whole high school years without any involvement in sports and clubs, due to the fact that my mom didn’t trust me riding with other people and she also refused to take me to places because of the reasons I mentioned earlier. I do wish I had the luxury to play, because I would’ve been able to play for college, but that’s life. If you really want to play a sport and have a ride available to take you to games and practices, then go for it. you can even join local recreational/competitive clubs if you are interested. If you don’t plan on participating in any sports, that’s okay, too. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Everyone is different and they all have different circumstances and interests. Nothing wrong with that.

Do you have to play high school basketball to play in college?

No! You don't have to play HS basketball to play in college. You just have to be good enough to make the college team when the time comes. Many prominent players who have played in the NBA didn't play HS basketball for whatever the reason was? Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, Anthony Carter and Rafer Alston all played college basketball and made it to the NBA without really playing high school basketball!

Can you play college football if you have no high school experience?

Dont listen to Reynoldo. It happens. Its not common but it happens a good ammount of the time. If your smart and are a great athlete you can easily walk on to a D3 or D2 Football team. Now the odds of your walking onto a team like Alabama is extremely rare, but like I said, it happens. If you just show extreme athletic ability, and the coaches think they can mold you into something special, the will pick you up. You may not play right away, they might redshirt you (For 1 year, you just lift weights and practice to get ready for the next year, when you will most likely start.), but your still technically on the team. Even high end D1 schools say they usaully get a least 1 walk on out of the blue each year. Like I said, this guy probably isnt the star player but things like this have happened. But the key is really having the atletic potential. Like Stephen Hill (Wide Reciever for the New York Jets) Is 6"5, runs a 4.4 second fourt yard dash, and is extremelly strong. If he never played football a day in his life, but he went for walk on tryouts at a D1 school, I can almost gaurentee the coaches would pick him up. Being a great athlete can get you alot of looks from coaches. Because anybody can learn football, but you cant teach athleticism. You either have it or you dont.

Is it bad if I don’t play any sports or join any clubs in high school?

I find it kind of insulting that some people think you absolutely have to be in some clubs or extracurriculars. You're not a baby, and there is nothing anyone should be worried about if you have a few hours to yourself unsupervised every now and then.Yes, you should have some interests outside of class work, and beyond class work. This is for your mental health, so you'll feel like you'll have a space of your own to go to after you've done everything you needed to do. It is also for your own personal growth. You need to have things you want to do. You need to find things you're interested in, and do them. Having anything like that will help you decide your career path, but it will also be far more satisfying than doing anything just because you're told you should.Now, if you like being around other people, and you're willing to devote your time to practicing or playing via a team’s schedule, then sure, go for it, more power to you. If you aren't sure what you're interested in, sure, you should try something out. If you want to hang out with your friends for longer, and they're all on the soccer team, join the soccer team.But don't for one minute think that you have to! If you like reading, and would rather relax with a book after school, do it! If you want to play an instrument on your own (i.e., no connection to the band or orchestra), do it! If you like making YouTube videos, do that! Any interest you have is worth pursuing, and the world is a whole lot bigger than your high school is.Don't even worry about college applications. If you leave yourself enough energy to do your classes well, and do every assignment, you will get some nice recommendations from your teachers. The kids who burn themselves out won't. And everything else that you do will help with the college stuff when the time comes. Maybe your love of books will translate into really great English grades. Maybe your love of Spanish will lead to a volunteer gig with bilingual children. Maybe your YouTube channel will become popular enough for you to list it on your application.If you're curious about joining a club or a team, do it, and see where it leads. But please don't ever feel that you have to!