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If A Male Has Proportions That Give A Negative Body Fat Result Is That Severely Or Very Severely

How severe is a grade 3 fatty liver?

It is pretty bad, but reversible.Grade 3 fatty liver means that you are just before the state where the liver can’t handle anymore and start dying.You liver is still there and doing it’s job, but please work hard to get your liver back to normal. The next state is liver scaring and from that there is no turning back and it can end with liver cirrhosis.Get help to follow a diet, where you mainly eat stuff that is not hard on the liver. You doctor can help you with that.

Why do a lot of cats have a drooping belly? Is there a way to prevent that?

It’s actually a normal part of your cat’s anatomy! The technical term for this flap of skin and fat is the “primordial pouch,” and you can also observe this feature on some big cats like lions and tigers. This bit of loose skin and padding at the belly provides extra protection and insulation to your cat during fights when a cat’s practice of “bunny kicking” with the rear paws could result in severe abdominal injury to their opponent. In fact, cats have excess skin covering the entire body which helps them squirm out of the grasp of other predators.Another function of the abdominal flap is to allow the cat freedom of movement to fully stretch and extend the back legs when in full stride. It’s also theorized that in our cats’ wild ancestors, the flap allowed the stomach to stretch to hold extra food when necessary, such as when gorging after a large kill in the wild.A visible primordial pouch is actually a part of the breed standard for certain cat breeds such as the Bengal and the Pixie Bob. The size and appearance of the primordial pouch varies quite a bit amongst cats. My petite 8 pound cat has a fairly large pouch that I affectionately refer to as her “cookie pouch” while my large 12 pound male cat has just a small, barely noticeable flap of extra skin.While the primordial pouch is a normal part of a cat’s anatomy, you still need to make sure your cat stays at a healthy weight so excess fat isn’t stored in your cat’s abdominal flap.(This is Daisy. She has quite a pronounced abdominal flap when she’s sitting or walking. When she’s stretched out, for example in mid-flight, the pouch disappears!)Edited to add a couple more shots from Daisy’s “JUMP!” photoshoot.

What is the best answer to this statistics problem?

The most accurate way to determine a person's body fat percentage is to immerse that person in water. Researchers hoping to find an easier way to get a good estimate of body fat percentage immersed 20 male subjects and also measured their waists (in inches). Based on this data, they fit a least-squares regression line, using waist measurement as the explanatory variable:

body fat percentage = - 62.6 + 2.22 X waist.

Choose the response below that best describes how this line should be interpreted.
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For every additional inch of waist girth, a person's body fat percentage goes up by about 2.22 percentage points on average.

If you measure someone's waist, you can predict exactly what his body fat percentage is using this equation.

This line is obviously incorrect because it predicts that someone with a 0 inch waist would have - 62.6 % body fat.

The negative number on the right side of the equation means that the association between body fat percentage and waist measurement is negative.

What does a body builder with 'bad' genetics look like?

The criteria for bodybuilding are symmetry, proportion, mass, definition, and the posing.But genetics affects symmetry, mass, and proportion as some people’s muscle bellies are not built by the body proportionally, or they aren’t as long as those of others.This guy, luimarco, doesn’t have a long muscle belly in his biceps because of his genetics.Another instance of “bad genetics” could be a low shoulder to waist ratio or femur to calf ratio. Most bodybuilders have at least one muscle whose appearance can be inhibited by their genetics that their other body parts can compensate for.Bodybuilders with bad genetics for the appearance of several muscles are rare and most likely do not compete professionally.Franco Colombu, who was the shortest Mr. Olympia, had small biceps but a massive back.Arnold had relatively weak legs, which he overcame later, and uneven biceps but an enormous chest and back.Zyzz, who is regarded as a very aesthetic bodybuilder, had short biceps and a narrow back which were compensated for by his shoulder/waist ratio.

What is leptin? Essay question help!?

Suppose that you wanted to develop a new treatment for obesity based on the hormone leptin. What structures in the body produce leptin? What does it do? Should your treatment cause an increase in blood levels of leptin or a decrease? Could this treatment affect any other systems in the body? If so, name one specific effect AND how it would be treated.

I had like ten essays and this is the only one i'm having trouble with. I have the first two answers, i just got stuck at should the treatment increase blood levels of leptin or decrease, and the following questions.

Can you be 300 pounds and anorexic? I've already lost weight by not eating a lot.?

I heard that the whole starvation mode is blown out of proportion and I really wont gain weight by eating only 200-800 calories a day. I'm on a new medication that helps me stop eating ( i use to be a binge eater which is how I got to be so big). I've always been big my whole entire life and now I think if I exercise at least an hour a day and eat 800 or less a day I can lose the weight. There are many days where I seriously don't want food, I hate it! I mainly just drink protein shakes that are less than 200 calories. I eat some greens but not a lot. I've already lost 10 pounds! I was wondering if I should keep going since i'm losing weight but at the same time I feel like I'm obsessing over it and becoming anorexic! My friends are even saying something about how I need to eat but I just don't want to at all. I hate my body, I think it's the most disgusting thing on the planet! I know people say you will slowly kill yourself by starving but I'm over 300 pounds, how can I kill myself? Won't my body just use up all the fat as energy? I use to weigh a whole lot more, like almost 400 pounds and lost almost 100 with the lapband but had to stop because the lapband was making me physically ill and I didn't have health insurance to keep up with visits. Do you think I'm on the board line of being anorexic like my friends think? I don't think I can be, I'm to big!

Honestly, does getting kicked in the balls hurt THAT bad?

"I mean I think guys blow it a little our of proportion and over exaggerate"

The male testicles are almost completely unprotected and are full of raw nerve endings, so they're extremely sensitive to pain. Honestly, one can't compare the pain of being kicked in the nuts to anything else because women don't have balls, so you'll never know how it feels.

The pain is so bad that you almost wanna vomit...real talk.

Seriously, a guy would never go up to a woman and tell her that pain from menstrual cramps or childbirth are blown out of proportion or exaggerated, so please, don't think you have the right to say we're exaggerating when we're rolling on the floor moaning in agony. It's kinda insensitive and borderline offensive.