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If Affordable Healthcare Act Was Past Before Walking Dead Apocalypse What Would Have Happened

Why are some liberals so condescending toward Trump supporters? Do they really feel they are superior?

They can’t believe anyone voted for someone who has spouted so much hate speech, who has so few coherent ideas, and whose tendencies seem too patently autocratic.It’s not about liberals feeling “superior”: it’s about us being morally aghast that you guys got behind a demi-man who called Mexicans “rapists” in his campaign announcement, has degraded women, attacked anyone who dares criticize him, waged a systematic war on the very free press whose constant attention to him probably factored in his victory, attacked a Gold Star family and compared his “sacrifices” as real-estate billionaire to those of the young and dead Muslim-American soldier Humayun Khan, who besmirched John McCain’s status as a war hero — when was Trump ever in Vietnam?, who wants to create a registry for Muslims (much as Hitler did for Jews — bad precedent), who has the zealous support of the KKK, who cozied up to Putin (whose government interfered in the election — in the country whose security the president is supposed to ensure), who has been nominating plutocrats and alt-right loons to very lofty and powerful positions, who promises to deport millions and break up families, to “build a Wall and make Mexico pay for it” (good luck), who will lead us into trade wars and likely encourage fiscal policy that will lead to another huge financial meltdown, calls climate change a hoax propagated by China (and therefore embraces destructive industries and deregulation, and has no agenda to help mitigate the first anthropogenic extinction in our planet’s history), etc., etc., etc.We are disappointed to think we live in a country in which our fellow citizens think that these things are presidential, that they befit the leader of the free world. We are horrified to think that America elected its own image, and that image is this. The man’s affronts to common decency and infantile vulnerability to any provocation should have disqualified him in the minds of all decent and sane people.So what the fuck happened? I am no great fan of Hillary’s. I don’t think Washington is functioning properly. But electing this wholly selfish, power-hungry golem to our highest office was not a wise alternative.It’s not so much about superiority. The feeling is “This is America in the twenty-first century! How could you?”

Isn't it odd? I jest read a question asking who someone would be willing to die for. Almost all answered?

that they would be willing to die for or in place of their children. Thats a noble thing and I agree. God calls ALL PEOPLE HIS CHILDREN. Believers AND non-belivers, for all time, are called and He considers, His children. Why is it when God, via Jesus did exactly that, died for us, that people mock and reject Him? He died in our place to win our salvation but He is ridiculed and rejected because of it. Why? That's the very thing people say they respect the most and would do for their children. Whey do people honor other people when they say they would do such a thing, but not honor God for it? God didn't just say it, He DID it! Read John 3:16. What does it say? Read the accounts of Jesus life, death, resurrection

in the New Testament. What, why did Jesus do what He did? He was/is God. Holy, sinless etc. He gives up His stature, is tortured,sacrifices His life for us, but some don't accept or honor Him for it .Why? He did the best thing for us but some don't appreciate it-Why?

What do I need to be doing to increase my chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse?

Learn your countries contingency plans - The UK has something called the Clvi Contingencies Act which forces all of the emergency services together and plan for different emergencies. In the UK you can download their plans and see how they would work together. This will give you an overview of what the Government will do when the SHTF.Start learning biology - You need to learn how Bactria and virus work and mutate. Once you have done this you can then see how the virus will change and adapt and what are the best ways to attack the virus (not just the zombie).Learn map reading - You will need to navigate around the world. You may not have access to SAT NAV and other technology for that long. if you can read a map and see what is out there then you will have a much better way of moving around.Learn your area - There are so many historical and cultural points in your area that you are not aware of. There are many natural resources that you are not aware of. Start getting these places in your mind. For example, there are so many old nuclear bunkers in the UK that are not known of that would make a great hiding place. Learn your locality.Start planning where to go and what you need - People need a liter of water a day. The weight of carrying this is immense. You need to know where you can get this on a regular basis OR find a way of recycling water. Do you know how long it takes to get to certain areas on foot? Do you have ways of contacting your nearest and dearest without use of a phone? Maybe you better start looking into this. Do you have the gear to cope with prolonged period of time in the wild? Better start learning.Learn how to gather intelligence and amateur radio - The zombie world will not be the same as ours. People, processes, resources, maps, will all be changing quite regularly. You will need to be able to keep a check of these changes and use this information to keep alive. Use of maps, peoples stories, radio transmissions, and many more will create a snap shot of the world as it stands at that moment.

Surgery on a small labral hip tear?

I had felt a pop in my hip after running a 10mile race alittle over 3 months ago. and the pain started from there. I have tried resting to no avail I finally saw a dr, had a MRI and was told I had a small labral tear but he didn t think it was bad enough to operate on. He also is not a surgeon mind you. He sent me to physical therapy which I have been in for a week now and they are struggling to find anything that I can do that doesn t cause horrible pain during and cause me a day of sharp pains after and was told that I may want to think of another option if a couple more sessions does not help.

Has anyone gone through something similar with a "small" tear and needed surgery?

What types of people would be the first ones to die in a zombie apocalypse?

The first groups to die would be those that habitually use public transportation, and mass travel methods like cruise ships, trains, buses, and airliners.The second mass exterminations would follow rapidly after the first and be anyone attending large forums, like football games and movie theatres, large schools would be next.The third cohort would be mass evacuaters, stuck in traffic jams and the various alphabet agencies that would be attempting to respond to the spreading event. Police would likely be first because they would tend to treat the problem as a crowd control and a legal compliance issue putting them at the forefront of the spreading virus. Firefighters and ambulance personnel would be next and concurrent with hospital personnel.The fourth cohort would be occupants of assisted living and convalescent homes and other non-hospital institutionalized living facilities other than jails.The fifth and final major cohort would be occupants of jails and asylums, who would die from dehydration.The sixth cohort would be those who for whatever reason believe that they can fight the zombies and the living and build themselves a petty empire. Fat chance.After that it would be zombies roaming around in herds, and small disparate groups of the living who would be desperately searching for supplies and killing each other over whisky, beer, cigarettes, and Twinkies!Then the solid preppers would be under attack by the less prepared and a few feudal groups would be consolidating their power and stealing/scavenging supplies from whoever and wherever they could get them.By this time the super-preppers would begin to emerge and scavenge for replacements.Finally there are a very few like me. Ultra-preppers. I would be foraging out of my nuclear hardend cold war facility in one of my heavily armed and armoured military vehicles. Probably my six wheeled Pinzgauer APC followed by one of my tanks and half-a-dozen armed drones.We would be enforcing some rules, collecting taxes, and re-establishing manufacturing and distribution!Welcome to new and soon to be global Republic of Texas! :-P

What will you do now that Donald Trump is the President?

I’ll be happy America was saved and the LANDSLIDE VICTORY on Nov. 8 will tell me that America finally woke up and made a difference.Then I’ll be preparing for the next bull market…greater than anything in past history. Once the corruption is revealed in a bright light, thanks to President Trump, the American people will see first-hand what a new “model” going back to the Founding Fathers’ principles “looks like”. In 8 years the entire planet will understand what Trump meant making America “Great Again”.In Trump’s first 100 days he will follow the contract in writing he made with the American Voter: SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR DONALD TRUMPWhich will follow his stance as he stated on the official campaign website here: EconomyThough the #1 Reason I will be overjoyed is that Trump will finally work towards ending the monopoly of America’s money with “Audit the Fed” and paying off the National Debt in 8 years with the Austrian economic model of free markets, liberty, and financial velocity.Once America gets rid of the shackles of robbery every single day (from the Federal Reserve’s monopoly), then everything the government does from that moment on will be absolutely different (thanks to competition with interest free currency).It will be like seeing light for the first time inside the darkest cave.America Saved from what you ask?The most diabolical intent you can’t even imagine unless you see the truth about the Clintons. Wake Up America!Bankers | Political Power Establishment | Hillary Clinton today:vs. | Anti Establishment | Trump:The 2016 election will determine the next 100 years of America!!!!Globalism (New World Order) Hillary Clintonvs.Nationalism (American Sovereignty) Donald J. Trump