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If All Our Computer Technology Disappeared How Long Would It Take Before We Returned To The

If all our computer technology disappeared, how long would it take before we returned to the current level? Human memory would remain.?

Hard to guess, since a lot of infrastucture would be affected (electricity/freezers/food distribution/water/travel/communtication... sectors) the third world probably wouldn't notice, all industrialised nations would probably collapse, with massive loss of life in just the sorts of population sectors that you'd need to rebuild (nerds are not usually survivalists).
Probably about 50 years or so. Depends whether factories to make computers also disappeared, or if you're talking about some EM spike.

Our computer was reformatted, now everything is gone. Help Please!!?

So, our internet wasn't working, so we called out computer tech support. The woman walked my father through a long process of restoring our computer so that the internet would reconnect. She explained that we would have to go through a whole system restore, and my father asked if we should back-up our files. The woman told us no, that could be done after. A small message popped up a while after, telling us to back up our files on a CD/DVD. My father was putting one in, but the woman insisted to wait, and just ignore it. The backing up could be done after the process was complete. So, the computer was restored, he thanked her, and hung up.
Well, we've lost all our files. Everything is gone. Documents, Pictures, Videos, iTunes, Games, all of our passwords and files. A couple of programs my brother had paid and then downloaded are gone. We called back, a man answered, we explained the situation, and he went to get the woman. Apperently, the freaking cow made a mistake, and now there is absolutely no way to fix it.

We would like to know if there is anything we could do- I just read someone else who recently had a similar problem, and they believe their files are hidden somewhere, as her memory was not totally empty. We also have things still using up memory.

Thanks! REALLY would love an answer.

What great problem has technology solved?

So many lives have been saved from dying by the fast ambulance and the medical staff with latest technologically advanced hospital facilities. those who died were either late or in your faith you always say it his time.
Many friends, relatives and love ones who once were separated from one another caused by circumstances and situations surrounding them are now able to connect in several ways through the wonders of televisions, telephones and computers.
Your questions and your opinion seems to be at lost between God's miracle and Science. Miracles of yesterdays in the age of ignorance are technology today in the age of wisdom. This is the answer to what the Book of Proverbs have written and I quote it: "Wisdom is supreme so get wisdom. Though it may be costly, get understanding." God's Miracle and Science are one and the same given to the humans to the discover and make use of.
Wisdom is not about learning the rituals of showing your faith but it is merely of knowing all the resources and sources of what has been prepared on earth and the universe before life was created.
Just what do you mean by death being cured? Only sickness, injuries and pains gets cured and death is always the end of ones life.

Someone hacked into my computer?! HELP!!?

So last night my younger brother was on the computer talking to someone on skye. ( he has never met the person he was talking to, they added him VIA minecraft forums )
The person first asked him if he wanted to join their 'griefing team' He said he would and they sent him an .exe file which they claimed was the client. The file was called "team demolittion client".
My brother downloaded and opened the file, Then it took five minutes but it finally opened and said click yes to install so that is what he did. Six minutes later a black box with a grey outline popped up, green writing was inside the the box and it said "Did dontcare1 send you this file?" it allowed you to reply and my brother sent back yes. As soon as my brother replied our virus checker kicked in and warned us of the file, he quickly removed what was sent to him and even deleted the person he was talking to on skype who sent him the file. He then went on habbo hotel and his person started to randomly type letters and send them, The same thing happened to him on Skype. The box popped up again and the title of the box read " *** u chat" and writing appeared in the box again and the person kept asking him where he got the client and was being abusive. My brother said he got it from 'dontcare1', the person said "Why should i believe you?" My brother said he had deleted the client anyway. a little while later they continued to say that he had stolen the client and they were reporting him to the police. They then said they knew where he lived and might come deal with him their self. Then they said he was in a dark room and was wearing a grey shirt it was then that he realised the blue light on our laptop webcam was on which meant our webcam was on. They then told him to turn on the light or they would do it for him and he began to worry and told our mom. He returned to the computer and there was more writing and it read "don't walk away from me". Then he shut down the computer. In the morning he turned on the computer and the camera was off, he then ran a virus scan. The scan got rid of 6 trojans. We are going to run another scan and for security measures have removed any saved passwords. Is there anything else we can do to assure this person won't contact him again, how can we avoid this in the future? Should we report it? How did this happen? Thanks in advance. <3

Why does it take so long to connect to internet with att yahoo gateway?

We recently signed up for att yahoo DSL. Our computer, running windows XP pro, is connected via ethernet connection to the Gateway modem/router that came with the pqackage. Once we get on the internet it works fine, but each time we start up the computer and double click on internet explorer we have to wait 2-3 minutes to get onto the internet. We can't figure out why it takes so long. Once we are on the internet if we log off and then log back on with internet explorer without shutting down the computer it comes up right away, but if we shut down the computer and then restart it and double click on internet explorer we again have to wait 2-3 minutes to get on the internet. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

A CPU can only interface with anything outside of the CPU itself by executing memory write and read cycles. Within the CPU are a relatively small number of registers that can serve to hold values that are computed during runtime, so the CPU needs a place to put things that are calculated. Also, a CPU fetches, one by one, machine instructions as part of the execution of any program. These instruction opcodes are fetched from memory (although not necessarily from RAM; could be ROM). That is the only way a CPU executes programs. In order for a general purpose computer to perform different kinds of tasks, it must be able to load different programs into the memory that it uses to fetch program code and data from. The only way to allow for this is to use memory that is both readable and writable: RAM.There are additional RAM related activities that make up a computer’s function: cache that optimises the timing of reads from RAM, DMA that lets non-CPU devices access memory, DRAM refresh, memory-mapped IO, etc. Not all memory is RAM, and not even are all memory technology devices capable of supporting CPU execution of programs. Some memory technology devices are more like disk storage, such as SD-Flash, which can only be read by a programmed sequence of operations that access the data by transferring it to or from RAM. On the other hand, there is some flash memory that can support direct execution by the CPU. Generally this is called NOR Flash, and it’s what is often used to hold BIOS and bootloader code. It is random access in that sense, although it still requires special programming steps to write to it in-situ.

What would you do if all the technology in the world suddenly vanished?

This would have a definite impact on my life seeing how I use technology every day. I would not be able to keep in touch often (email and phone) with my family who reside in a different state. I would have to revert to the old "snail" mail way. Which could take too long in some cases. I would have to completely change the way I "write" my novels seeing how I use my computer for that. Once again I would be using the old method of actually hand writing the manuscript which in turn would take longer. It would be different but I could live with out it.

I have one special steel rack (I’m too cheap to afford a proper safe ) in my wardrobe just for data archiving media storage, have never actually used my backup but I’m sure someday it will serves its purpose.I will make sure my last month backup still intact, I’ll check it with my PC which have never seen internet, duplicate that backup to another hard disk.After the attack and my main PC has totally erased ( which is very hard to do since changing content of 1TB HDD takes a long time, it surely will catch my attention for unusual HDD utilization, most likely I will force shutdown any starts cloning my previous disk content to another drive with dedicated driver clone tool to prevent any code to run and erase even more, assumes me didn’t take any action then my PC is fully irrecoverably erased.)I will toss the previous HDD and put my backup HDD on my computer, and viola I have perfectly functioning computer again, I have stored some English Wikipedia dumps, I hope it will help me for my college stuffs ( I could even charge for my Wikipedia dumps access to others during recovery process ) until experts around the globe starts figuring out what happened and pull out their backup and bring it online again.Experts aren’t as unprepared as average users, they usually regularly make scheduled full system backup, they even retain multiple version of previous backup. The virus have to find way somehow to run itself if it want to compromise unplugged backup.