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If I Fear Death Feel Pain And Pleasure Who Is This I Actually

Do you feel pain after death?

You can only feel pain if the brain is able to interpret it as pain... for instance if an electrical shock occurs and you are grounded then you don't feel the shock, it passes through, if you are not grounded then you do feel the shock. The body is basic energy so if there is no impulse interpreting parts of the brain alive it is not pain, but just an impulse. I think that it has a greater link to the manner of death as this will determine how the organs shut down. But rest assured that death is generally not painful, the events leading up to it may be but death is the release of all physical pain.

Why do people fear death more than pain?

I would prefer pain anytime over a death... Death means the end of life. Even if i have to suffer pain, i prefer to stay alive and be able to feel something rather than nothing at all..

Can you feel pain and pleasure at the same time?

Once Ramakrishna Paramahansa was walking along with some of his disciples across the river. He saw a scorpion floating on the surface in the river, struggling to survive; it must have been struggling there for some time, so it was trying to get out of there desperately, but in vain, as it was not able to successfully cross the river.When Ramakrishna saw this little creature struggling so hard, his heart melted, he ran into the water and lifted the scorpion, the scorpion which was already scared to death stung him in its fear.Ramakrishna suddenly shook his hand in pain and dropped the scorpion. The scorpion fell back into the river and once again started to swim desperately. Ramakrishna lifted it again with his hand off the river and ran towards the edge of the river to save it, the scorpion stung him again in its confused state. This time he found a twig floating in the water and carefully moved the scorpion to the edge off the water and Ramakrishna screamed with pain.One of the disciples who were watching all this happening asked his Guru 'O Master! Why did you lift it the second time? Even after it stung you causing so much pain?'The Ramakrishna replied 'It is the nature of the scorpion, it will sting us when it is scared. It was struggling, it was in pain; it is my nature to help it. Should I give up my nature Just because it stung me ?' and pleasure of saving his life is much more than the pain he inflicted.

What happens to us when our fear/pleasure/pain signals are "crossed"?

Pain and pleasure is a matter of perception. The same nerves are used to carry the sensation to the brain. The brain is where the determination of pain/pleasure takes place.I have participated in a group hook pull. This entailed having 1/8″ hooks placed in the skin on my chest, attaching ropes to the hooks, then connecting my ropes to the ropes of three other people. Then we all pulled away from each other.Sounds painful, doesn't it?Through the entire scene, I never really felt pain. I was able to process all of the sensation as something other than pain, and even pleasure while doing the pull itself.Fear is something else entirely. Fear is emotion, not physical sensation. Pain can lead to fear, and fear can make otherwise neutral sensation be perceived as pain. However, just to make it confusing, fear can also be pleasurable.Isn't the brain an amazingly thing?

Is pleasure or pain the biggest motivator?



It's a bit like asking: "Which is more important in a car, the accelerator or the brakes?"

Now I can tell you the brakes (Pain) are more intense and important than the accelerator (Pleasure), but it's not like you really have a car without both.

Why are people scared of death? Once we die we don't feel anything from pleasure to pain. So it wouldn't matter. Or does it?

People are scared of the unknown. Feelings of pain can be minimized and belittled after prolonged exposure- the saying “ It does not get easier, you get stronger” is very true regarding traumatic experiences and their aftermath. But how can you prepare for death if you know nothing about it? The only facts we know about death are the physical changes that occur within the body; we don’t know anything else.Does a dying person stop feeling anything once his heart stop beating? When the soul departs the dead body, does the mind of the person leave with it- in other words, the part of the person that makes him who he is, does that continue to live on? Is that even possible according to Science? Does anything even continue to live after the person is declared dead? Is death the final stop in the journey of life? or is life just a corridor leading to a room whose door is unlocked by death? What if we continue to feel after we die? People that have had an out of body experience claim that they were floating outside their physical bodies, and were able to see and feel everything. Does that indicate that we continue to see and feel after we die?Many of the questions above have been explained and answered by various religions, but do we know anything for sure about death?No, and that is scary.

Do plants feel pain?

Yes and no. This all depends which studies you find. We now have the equipment to detect the very, very tiny currents that plants produce when they are damaged.We know that when aphids attack leaves, it elicits an electric signal in plants that goes from leaf to leaf to signal it to start protecting itself. It's propagated very similarly to the way it's propagated along a nervous system. And they do this all without a neural system. The take-home message is that neural systems are one way to process information, not the only way. Source.They do react to damage by creating hormones. Sometimes these hormones attract helpful bugs.(Krulwich) But they do not have a nervous system like a mammal does.This study says plants emit sound that humans cannot hear when the plant is damaged.

Do You Fear Pain???????

emotional Pain I have a fear of rejection