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If I Guy Told You This How Would You Take It

If a guy told you he could never be angry at you..would you believe him?

He says this because...

He knows that you are important to him.

He knows he is lucky to have you in his life.

He feels a strong sense of what is useless distraction about "things" and "events." relative to the "specialness of you."

This means he has deep feelings, and those deep feelings are for YOU.

If you WANT TO HURT HIM, keep questioning his HONOR. Nag at him about "not being realistic" or "not being in touch with his true feelings."

If you find it withing yourself to VALUE a romantic heart such as his, then the next time it comes up...

Put your arms around him.

Kiss him deeply, with longing.

Tell him that you want to be worthy of his love.

Tell him that you value honesty with him more than anything, since you know you can trust his heart. (and you can....)

You've got a great chance for the best kind of intimacy... real friends who can make love to each other... may we all have that in our lives, one day.

DONT F * I * U !!!!!

A guy asked me out today and I told him "no", but I wanted him to try harder. Why didn't he try again?

Hahahaha..!!! I can’t control my laughter... !!Hold On.!! *Sigh*. What you have done girl.!! He is a gentlemen.!After reading answers of many experienced persons.You already got your answer.But i also wanna add something here.Did you watch Pink Movie?No?Then Watch it girl. You will get your answer.He must have watched “PINK movie”.In which Amitabh Bachhan says: “ ‘Na’ sirf ek shabd nahi… apne aap mein pura vakya hai. Ise kisi tark, spashtikaran,explanation ya vyakhya ki jaroorat nahi hoti. (No, its not only a word…Its a complete sentence in itself. It doesnot need any argument and no further explanation)”.*These boys must realise that “No” ka matlab “No” hota hai. Use bolne wali ladki koi parichit ho, friend ho, girlfriend ho, koi sex worker ho ya aapki apni biwi hi kyu na ho. ‘No’ means no and when someone says No, you stop.(These boys must realise that No means No. And a girl who is speaks this she might be any known , your friend, girlfriend, any sex worker/,or even she could be his wife. No means No and when some one says No, you stop).When you said “No” he did the same. He took your No gracefully. He did not force you. He must be a gentlemen.If he would not have taken your No as No and try harder to ask than you were the same who would have said him cheap, stalker, creepy, nagging guy and then ask question here.So stop doing this.Boys also have a soft heart and they too have emotions like us.If they are not saying anything it does not mean that they don’t get hurt.They are.!

Ladies, if a guy told you he fapped to your pic would you take it as a compliment or not?

It's creepy to say something like that honestly, and I would just find it disrespectful, weather if you are half naked in your picture or not. It sounds really distasteful and immature for a guy to say that.

Girls: If a guy told you that you look like an anime character would you take it as a compliment or an insult?

quite a few guys actually said this to me =S even on this site lol, personally i think its a little weird cause its like getting compared to something that is basically a cartoon. But i guess there are worse/weirder things a guy could say, so i think its more of a compliment rather than an insult

If a guy asks u how far would u go with a guy?

It's simple. Basically when a guy asks how far would you go with a guy, he's trying to get a feel of his boundaries with you. Say he asks you, and you say, well i've only kissed, that means that he's going to obviously go as far as you've gone, but also try to see if you'll go farther, like let him be the one you go farther with. If you say you've had sex, he's going to think that you might just have sex with him, and he's going to just make his moves on you to have sex, instead of taking his time and going slow and gently moving in on that level (sex) if you said you've only kissed. if that makes sense. so if he asks how many people you've had sex with, tell him the truth, but explain that the guys meant something to you and you didn't just give it up easily, and they respected you. that way he'll get the hint and take it easy and gentlement like with you, or he'll go away to another girl that is easy. which you want him to leave if he's that type, obviously.

basically, if a guy asks you how far you would go with a guy, is asking how many guys you've had sex with/how far have you ever gone in general. and the only way to answer that is, "depends on how long i know the guy, how i feel towards him, if it's mutual, and if we're together or not" because if you say you'd make out and feel each other up, he could take it as you would let him without liking you, dating you, etc.

hope that helps!

don't be offended, unless he's trying to get some from you without dating you..
in all honesty, the thing i learned with guys throughout my dating experience is, if they ask this before you're dating, they're a player. if they ask this later on into dating, keep a guard up. because they usually only ask this if they want to know how easy you are and how hard they have to try to get some without dating you, and if they have to try too hard, they usually will still flirt with you, but have another girl on the side who they can really get it from until they get it from you.

you know how they say, you want what you cant have? if the guy knows he cant have you, they'll try harder til they get what they want. that's why you know a true gentlemen from the one that is willing to try to be with you, without expecting sex or anything right away.

feel free to message me if you need any help past what i said [:
good luck!

If a guy tells you things he never told anyone else and hugs you, does he like you?

Maybe, or maybe hes just trying to get in your pants

What does it mean if a guy says I want you?

If i say ,person who is saying ‘i want u’ is having any personal intention about you like he loves u, infatuation,physical need etc. It must be unfair. This ‘i want you’ can lend in many ways ,generally he must be liking you . He want you in his life. He wants to be with you or it may be just infatuation,physical attraction etc. As if i say I love you means that he really loves ,he wants yo be with u for whole life ,it is also unfair,as many use this just to show that he loves you,but his intention would be wrong words doen’t matter more . Its only you who can understand the real intention of that guy by talking to him ,knowing him.He will automatically show his intention in few days of contact with you till that you wait for any strong step, activity,action. Time will give all your answer ,only thing is that u have to wait till that time .his action will tell all your answers as spend time with him ,talk to him. One more tging you have feelings for him or not that also matters a lot.if you think you can be comfortable with him spend time talk to him ,and slowly you will come to know her intention ,then u can take any decision. So good luck.

What does it mean if a guy wants to kiss you?

“What does it mean if a guy wants to kiss you?”Uhmmm, is this some sort of trick question or a joke or something? Because it’s pretty self-explanatory to me in the way you phrased the question. What does it mean if a guy wants to kiss you? Well, I’d say he wants to kiss you. Pretty basic.Kissing is the first step in a relationship where trust opens up enough to share bodily fluids in the form of saliva. You also breathe each other’s essence. For a brief moment in time you are one. All with just that first kiss. The kiss itself says a lot about you to the other person and about them to you as well. I remember most of those moments when a first kiss was delivered and received. There was a sweetness to each one that is amazing.But sometimes they don’t work. I met this girl once and we got to know each other. She was just my type. Or the type I was into at that time. The older one gets the more types you get interested in. And I was evidently her type as well. We did that first kiss and when we were done we both stepped back and said Wow. For both of us it, whatever “It” is, just wasn’t there. We tried again and it was still the same thing. We were just friends after that.But yeah, if a guy, or anyone for that matter, want to kiss you then that’s pretty much what they want.