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If I Have A Gateway Running Source On My Phone Does This Mean My Phone Is Linked/connected To A

Why does WhatsApp web work only when the phone is connected to the internet?

Hello,According to me and I also found on the FAQ of the WhatsApp site that;WhatsApp Web is a computer based extension of the WhatsApp account on your phone.The messages you send and receive are fully synced between your phone and your computer, and you can see all messages on both devices. Any action you take on the phone will apply to WhatsApp Web and vice versa.So, As it is just a extension who constantly synced your phone account to that Computer.That is why we needed our Phone is connected with the internet and it should not be running out of battery.=============================================But, Personally my belief is that I found it NOT USEFUL, seriously !!Because,It is given that the mobile should be in a condition to  receive the messages on WhatsApp.So that means, even though you are on  the web platform, you are supposed to keep your phone active.So it  rules out the possibility of the web platform being used in conditions  when the phone in unavailable.Like Charge /Battery Runs out.No access to Mobile Phone ( We forgot mobile at home and Want to use Whatsapp from other place )WhatsAPP   Web also has no use when the person do not have mobile DATA/ internet   access to mobile. ( If it has only internet on his Desktop).So as per above mentioned case, THERE IS NO USE of WhatsAPP Web and hence no increment in users, too.I am wondering why they launch this WhatsAPP web (This Kind of WEB Client ) , I didn't found any specific purpose on that !!===============================================

When I connect to my Internet router through wireless, it says limited access and I can't connect to the Internet. How do I fix this?

Let's  try to understand the problem first. You are getting message of Limited Access when you are connected to your wi-fi. It means you are connected to your Router but there is no internet or there is internet but your computer isn't able to recieve that. It means your LAN card is working fine. Now we have 3 different steps to fix this issue but before going further just restart your computer. 1. Disconnect your computer from your wifi and re-connect it. If this works then no need to follow other steps. 2.Go in Start menu and search CMD or Command Prompt. A black window will be pop up on your screen. You need to type further commands : ipconfig/release then press enter, ipconfig/renew then press enter, netsh winsock reset then press enter. Restart your computer and ta-da you have fixed your internet connectivity. 90% issue resloved by this step. Still you are facing the same issue then, follow 3rd step3. Restart your Router/gateway router. And follow step 2 before restarting and is it still doesn't work then contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider). At this point there is no issue in your computer. Because you are already connected to your network. It is just your network. I hope it helps. Thanks.

How can I connect my gateway NV53 laptop to a television?

I bought a VGA connector and was able to get the picture to come up, not a problem...but the sound was only coming from my laptop and not the tv. How do I get the sound to come out of the tv? Is there a different plug or plugs that I need to connect besides the VGA in order to have my sound from the laptop come out of the tv? Please help...Thanks in advance
Specs: Gateway NV53
4 Gigabytes Ram
500 Gigabyte HDD
ATI Radeon 4200HD
Windows 7 64 bit

Monter says "no input" and computer still running?

sound to me like you video card has installed wrong driver way to fix this is keep pressing F8 after system is turned on this should boot into safe mode, uninstall the card once in windows then reboot again. if still no screen use the default video card built onto the motherboard,

What does this "Gateway Authentication Failure" mean? I've been having trouble with my AT&T 2Wire modem.?

If you are using a 2wire modem with all the lights green on it and you are using a wireless laptop connected to the 2wire network, try these steps:

>>> check if you can access your 2wire modem's GUI or user interface
**********open your internet browser and on the address bar where you see the "http://" type in the word "homeportal" then press enter. It will take you to a page called "network at a glance" which is the modem's GUI.
**********if you can't access the "network at a glance" page, try re-connecting to your 2wire modem's wireless network with the right wireless network password but if it still doesn't work, directly connect your computer to the 2wire modem using the ethernet cable to access that page.

>>> If you were able to view the network at a glance page, look for the "run system set-up wizard" on the lower right hand side of the page and click on it. it will ask you for your modem's system password, type it in, and click submit. (if you don't know what it is, click i forgot my password under the box and it will show you the hint or clue to the password).

>>> run the system set-up wizard, click next if it already has the keycodes: 522P-22P4-6262-22AT-F2NV, click next again after choosing your timezone, and stop on the page where it says PPP Authentication --- on this page type in your AT & T member ID/e-mail address on the username field and your member ID password/e-mail password on the password field then click next...
**********if you happen to get an error message, like: gateway authentication failure, no PPP log-in service found, invalid ID or PW, etc..., you need to call AT & T to check if there's an outage in the area, or a line issue.

Hope this helps.


Is it possible for mobile phones without a SIM card to connect to the internet without using WiFi?

If you just need internet in that phone (without sim & without wifi), then its simple — you can connect it over USB or Bluetooth to your laptop (which has internet, presumably over wifi, 3G/4G, LAN etc) and run an app like reverse DUN or use BT PAN or if your phone has USB OTG then even over a LAN.Tell me if u need names of apps and specific configuration instructions - you need to tell me what you are gonna use (ie laptop with bluetooth, phone model & OS, usb microusb cable available or not etc)On the other hand, if you want to use voice or text/sms services then there's no easy quick way to do that. But since i have needed to do this voice text stuff a few times i am giving the details & options below for anyone else searching around before asking it on quora (people do search before posting new questions, right? )Background: GSM phones use physical SIM for authentication to the network. CDMA phones dont use SIM but software/firmware or whats called virtual sim. Now telcos are shifting back to virtual sim with apple wanting to do that for various reasons. The original objective of SIM was to let the consumer easily change networks/ telcos without s/w issues requiring you to go to the telco.SIM is required to securely identify the account which is to be billed, to the telecom company. Securly, mainly so others cant make calls on your account and also for privacy etc.You want to make a normal voice call ? Use skype or google voice number to make the call. Or any of the voip services. This assumes you have internet over WiFi.If you need to send text messages then that can be done too with sms gateway services.If you want to receive calls on the same number then the only option is to have that number working for 5 min so you can forward the calls or verify it for fwd to google voice.If you want to recieve text messages on that number then i haven't been able to find a solution to that. Yet. Once i needed to recieve OTPs on an Indian number which always refused to work in Europe so i put that sim in an extra phone left at home with sms forwarding app running (connected to charger and with backup wifi internet on !).Finally, if you want to make calls and want that same number to be diaplayed on the receiver’s phone then that's not answerable on quora !