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If I Only Have One Cup Of Coffee A Day Before A Workout Will It Begin To Lose Its Effect Of Giving

Do you drink coffee before working out?

In the Exercise Science field caffeine is constantly being studied. There are positive findings that it has an ergogenic (performance enhancing) effect. It does give you energy that increases the use of free-fatty acids (FFA) and spares the use of glycogen (stored carbohydrates) for energy. In other words, you will be able to work out longer. In the beginning of your work out you are using the caffeine and the FFA released by it. Later on in your routine you begin to use the glycogen. If you do not have caffeine in your system you begin using glycogen stores first. Working out longer allows you to burn more calories. You will also increase the release of FFA, which is also good for weight loss. Caffeine has also been found to increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR) or BMR.

It does increase your resting heart rate. The amount of caffeine determines the increase. So, you need to keep that in mind when exercising. An increased resting heart rate will affect what your ideal maximal heart rate will be during exercise. Just pay attention to your heart rate and try not to over do it. A heart monitor would not be a bad idea. The ones that are worn on the wrist like a watch are the most popular ones. A healthy heart will not be affected that much.

A healthy individual having coffee before a work out is not the worst thing to do.

Best of luck and good health.

Is it bad to have coffee and pre-workout in the same day?

I use the Cellucor C4 extreme pre-workout supp on days when I want to push hard. A single scoop of this stuff is about 160mg of caffeine. You only get about 95mg caffeine from a cup of coffee. I use 2 scoops because I'm a regular coffee drinker, 2 - 3 cups a day, and hence have a relatively good tolerance to caffeine. Now imagine taking the pre-workout supp and coffee back to back, if this is what your question is about. That's enough caffeine to give you the jitters. Imagine doing this 3 - 4 hours before bedtime if you workout in the evening. You will most likely have trouble sleeping.Use pre-workout supps with caution. Assess your caffeine tolerance level if you're going to consume coffee on the side. While it's not bad in itself you don't want to get caught up in a sleep deprivation cycle and use coffee and pre-workout supps to keep you going. This will indeed not end well because it will mess up your hormonal balance i.e. leptin, ghrelin and cortisol levels.If you really must, I've found that a shot of coffee (long black/espresso, not the diluted stuff) is enough to "wake you up" before a workout.

Will giving yourself an enema daily help you lose weight?

No. It won't. In fact, it will destroy your intestinal flora that is responsible for helping digest your food. This will cause more toxins and build up in your intestines and liver. A clogged liver will not help you in losing weight.

A coffee enema that only is used in the sigmoid of the colon will clean your liver and gallbladder if done properly. That can help you lose weight by improving your liver and gallbladder functions. But, even that, will require you take probiotics to replenish some of the flora that will be washed away.

It is suggested that you do 1 coffee enema first thru 4th week, then 2 per week for 4 more weeks.

good luck to you

How does coffee and cappuccino affect dieting?

Hi Maria ~

They both contain caffeine which research shows can slightly speed up your metabolism, but it doesn't last long. Unfortunately, caffeine is very dehydrating. Those effects can do more harm to your diet than good unless you drink the recommended 64 oz. of water daily. It is never recommended to drink more than one or two cups of caffeine filled beverages a day. Dehydration can also lead to weight gain.

Cappuccino is no different for the same reason and if flavored can contain tons of sugar which is obviously destructive to your diet.

Top level athletes have found one benefit to a cup of coffee. If you drink an 8 oz. cup 30 minutes before your workout it can actually help you to burn more calories during the workout and give you extra energy to do so. It must be plain, however,with no milk or sugar added. When I do this I have way more energy to put into my workout and last longer. I do hydrate myself with water the entire time I am working out though because of the dehydrating effects.

Hope some of this helps a bit! Best of luck to you!

Should I drink a coffee before I go to the gym? How does it affect my 2 hour workout?

Sure! But know that not all the side effects are good.I drink it before my workouts and it noticeably reduces my exhaustion rate while in the middle of a set.Things to consider if you want to work out after drinking coffeeIf it gets you to stop drinking those insane pre-workout drinks, then by all means, please drink coffee instead.Supplements are not regulated the same as medicine or other ingestables - many are dangerous.Coffee is a diuretic (it makes you piss)Your body will purge liquids - leading to electrolyte loss. So make sure to stay hydrated.Coffee is an appetite suppressantCoffee increases blood flow by 30%! - recently found by a Japanese studyBetter blood flow = a better workout - your muscles need oxygen and the blood delivers this.Coffee decreases perceived muscle painI think this is where my anecdote about less exhaustion in the middle of sets come inCoffee helps prevent age related muscle lossCoventry University sports scientists found this in an animal studyShould you? Should you not? Only you can decide that, because everyone has a different physiology.However if you are going to drink it - you should drink it black! All the sugar some people put in it is terrible for you. Some people don’t like it black - but thats because they aren’t drinking quality coffee.Get Cafe de Loja - its absolutely amazing. It also has a 20% off coupon going on right now for a short time!At the very least you should experiment with doing it for 2 weeks and see how you like it. If its not your thing - well, now you know. If you like it - double down!

Does smoking and coffee help you lose weight.?

You will lose weight if you burn more calories (energy) than you consume in your food. Period. Exercise burns more calories than sitting still. Skip refined foods, sugar, and fat. Eat foods that are "close to nature" and low in natural starch/sugar and low in fat.
Cigarettes will give you lung cancer (and possibly other cancers) later in life. You will live to regret ever lighting the first one. Smoking also makes your skin look kind of yellow/green. I can tell a person smokes simply by looking at the color of their skin.
Caffeine will make you jittery which might lead you to be more active.Caffeine can also raise your blood pressure and cause your heart to do some strange things. Coffee stains your teeth.
Skip the cigarettes and caffeine and buy a monthly gym membership instead. You'll get lots of exercise, meet some great people., have a sparkling smile, and be healthier.