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If I Purchase A Iphone 5 From A Friend Will Verizon Charge Me Early Termination Fee To Use It

Will Verizon charge me for international phone calls made over a data connection (I have an unlimited data plan) in WhatsApp?

If you are making voice / video calls internationally and sending messages within WhatsApp, this does not charge your Verizon international plan.WhatsApp is a messaging service that goes over your existing internet connection. Which means any messages that are sent within the WhatsApp platform doesn't count against your international calling plan.This and similar services are causing revenue declines for traditional phone companies.People aren't making phone calls or sending text messages like they used to because they're using services like WhatsApp and other social media platforms that are free. don't cost the end consumer anything.I discuss more about this in the video below:0:00-5:47That's the beauty about our technology today. Myself and my friends use this often to keep in touch with people overseas.You'll actually get a better phone call over a service like WhatsApp because it's going over the internet. The technologies at work are far superior compared to your traditional telephone networks.No need to worry about the international calls, you won't be charged. I hope that you get the most out of this service.

Can i upgrade my verizon phone early?

1. Assuming you signed a 2-year contract in June, you won't be eligible to upgrade until February of next year. So if you were to purchase a new phone from Verizon, it would cost you the full retail price- more like $600 instead of $400..

2. When you're eligible to upgrade, you do have the option of only doing a 1-year contract, but the phone will be a little more expensive then.

3. Buying a phone online or from a friend, etc. is the only way to get one other than getting one from Verizon at full price. But keep in mind that a phone like that would have no insurance, no warranty, and also might be lost or stolen so be very careful when buying online.

4. The ETF starts at $350 and goes down by $10 for every month of service that you complete.

5. You are never penalized for switching phones- only if you leave Verizon before your contract is done.

Am i wrong for keeping the Iphone that my friend got me?

Okay so 2 weeks ago my android phone broke and i went to the store to get another phone. My friend saw me in the store and said that she could just add me on her line since i have bad credit and i could get an iphone so i said this is great and i was very thankful. I had to pay her $350 for the down payment for the iphone 8 plus and i got the phone and im on her line. All of a sudden she calls me today and says she needs the iphone back because shes switching from At&t to Verizon and that she cant add me on her line, i asked her is there anyway i could keep that line and keep paying the monthly payments and she said no and that at&t said the line has to be open for 30 days. So basically i got into it with her and said HELL NO im not giving you back the phone because i just paid you $350 for the down payment for the phone 2 weeks ago and you all of a sudden are asking for the phone back, she ended up getting mad and pissed. We arent friends anymore. So now shes pissed with me because i took the phone and got it unlocked to another network. Am i wrong? Was i justified?? I feel like if she had given me my money back them i would have given her the phone back without an issue but its the fact that she just all of a sudden decided to switch phone lines and ask for the iphone back after i JUST PAID HER

Can I unlock an AT&T iPhone to work on Verizon?

It depends on the iPhone model and carrier lock status. Follow these steps and you will find out.Test the phone to see if it is carrier locked. Connect it to Wi-Fi internet and then put a SIM card from any other carrier in the phone and see what happens. The SIM can be dead or active. It doesn’t matter. It can be your friend’s active SIM card from another phone. Again, it doesn’t matter and doesn’t screw up your friend’s service. If the iPhone goes to a white screen and says “SIM not supported” it needs to be carrier unlocked. There is no other interpretation. This is how Apple tells you their stuff is carrier locked. Go to step 2 to unlock it. If it doesn’t say “SIM not supported” and you can see your icons it is already unlocked. There is no other interpretation. Skip to step 3 to test for compatibility.Use Google to find AT&T’s carrier unlock page. You can unlock a phone even if it has no service and you’re not a customer. AT&T doesn’t care. They just care about whether money is owed. Expect this process to take 48 hours. Then repeat step 1 to verify you successfully unlocked it.Test phone for Verizon compatibility. Find a dead or active Verizon SIM card and insert. It doesn’t matter what the history or current status of the test SIM card is or what model device it came from. It just needs to fit. It can be your friend’s active SIM card from an Android phone or flip phone or even a tablet. None of this matters. And the test will not screw up the device it came from. If the iPhone says “Verizon” in the upper left corner of its display the phone is definitely compatible and you can head straight to a Verizon store to activate it. There is no other interpretation. A compatible device will display “Verizon” regardless of whether the SIM card is dead or active. If the phone says “No Service” and Verizon offers service there the device is not compatible. There is no other interpretation.

What are the best cell phone plans for international students studying in the US?

There isn't a straightforward question to answer. Cell service differs based on requirements, location and network features. There are four major wireless providers in the United States, each providing excellent service in certain markets, bad service in certain markets, and owning dead spots (no service zones) in certain markets. It is impossible to find a provider who will give you service at all times, the best thing to do is consider where you'll be the most such as college, work and home - find out where those locations will be, and find out if the provider has good service in that area.I would recommend T-Mobile outright. As all their plans come without being contracted, service plans therefore if you'll only be in the States for six months or a year, then you know you're not tied down and won't be paying for something when you're back home. T-Mobile would be very good for you if you're based in a city as their network is super fast and typically a five bar experience with cities, this is where they heavily invest in their network. If you will be in studying in a city, but you'll staying at a location in a rural area, then you'll either get no service or Edge connection with T-Mobile. If your rural location doesn't have wifi, forgot Facebooking the guys back home!I would tell you to stay away from Sprint and Verizon. Sprint's coverage is terrible, to say the least plus their LTE isn't fast at all. Verizon's LTE is very fast, but their extremely expensive. Can you afford them on a college student's budget?AT&T is good in cities and in rural areas. They use the 850 Mhz frequency for 3G voice calls, and 700 Mhz for LTE (1900/1700 is also used for LTE). The 850 and 700 can travel great distances and penetrate walls + buildings good. So if you are in a building with thick walls, AT&T will give you good service.My friend in Philly lives in a modern home. In his house when I was on a phone call with my T-Mobile iPhone 6 would only get between 1 - 2 bars, they use the 1900/2100 Mhz for 3G. Whereas, when he was on the phone he would get four bars. I would say use a website like this to find a plan that's affordable to your college student's lifestyle budget.I would use a site like Mobile Phones - Compare Tariffs, Deals & Networks - WhistleOut, they can compare cell phone plans in the U.K and in the U.S.A

How to get a verizon phone to accept collect calls?

I spoke with GTL, Global Tel Link (they are the company that all prison collect calls go least in Ohio) GTL's states they have a contract with Verizon, that Verizon agrees to the collect calls if "prepayed only" through this GTL company; this insures Verizon will not be loosing money. Your cost on the Verizon/cell end it just air time.

The 800 call 4 less, can't work because they can't make a typical collect call to just anyone like you can out here from any land line. Inmates only can have so many #'s and the people they want to call have to agree to want these calls. Then there is a process that it goes through, all billing, blocking all through the GTL company. It is a monopoly prices can range from $1- $26 for a 15-20 minute call. Crazy! Depends on a lot of things, primarily if your in a local exchange or not. So there is a connection cost, and then so much per minute.

So if anyone else out there is in this situation of having a loved one in prison, and it's vast numbers, considering 1 in 100 people in the U.S.A. Are in prison. The collect calls is highway robbery, for the loved ones out here that just want to stay connected, they didn't do anything wrong; they just still love their family/friends/spouses etc... (The entire prison system is corrupt..But most things are in our world right now) But back to the purpose of this...

Here is the info for GTL Phone # 800-231-0193, to discuss setting up a prepaid account & to make payments (Will get 20% off as opposed to not prepaying) Once you speak with them you will have to fax them a copy of your cell phone bill, circle your name, billing address, phone #, and fax it to GTL at 866-441-7285. Don't forget your loved one/ the inmate, has to program your number in and you have to accept the call stating you agree to pay these calls, once your is # approved and your prepaid, you can start receiving calls.)

If you have problems their customer service # is 877-650-4249.

Verizon, Sprint, AT&T?

Porting out your number to another carrier doesnt cost a dime.. anywhere... the only thing you have to worry about is your Verizon contract. If you port out, you auto-cancel the Verizon Service and you might have a $175-$350 Early Termination Fee (if you in contract). If your not in contract, then no worries... just go to your ATT or Sprint store, get service, tell them about your Verizon #, they port in and 5- 10 minutes later, you walk out the door......

So, ATT or Sprint... If you wants Simply Everything plans for $100 dollars or less, go Sprint. But, just a tad hint about Sprint Nextel, enjoy your contract while it lasts... *cough*

If you want Friends and Family, Rollover, the ability to use data/text while on an active call

Sprint Simply Everything 450
69.99 for 450, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, Unlimited Nights and Weekends, Unlimited Messaging, Unlimited Data

ATT's 450
69.99 for 450 with Rollover, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, 5000 Nights and Weekends, Unlimited Messaging, Unlimited Data

Sprint Simply Everything 900
89.99 for 900, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, Unlimited Nights and Weekends, Unlimited Messaging, Unlimited Data.

ATT's 900
$89.99 for 900 with Friends and Family AND Rollover, Unlimited Mobile to Mobile, Unlimited Nights and Weekends, Unlimited Messaging, Unlimited Data.

Sprint does allow the use of PDAs/Smartphones on their Unlimited Everything plans. However, if the customer's company is on the Blackberry BES Enterprise server, it is an additional $20 a month to access Outlook. Also, Tethering is not covered on the Unlimited Everything plan for any of Sprint's devices.

Should I continue?

Should I continue?