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If I Stretch Before Doing Squats Then Do Squats Then Stretch Again After Squats And More

Stretch marks after squats?

I've been doing 50 squats a night starting March 1st.

I'm starting to get white stretch marks that are starting from about the side of my butt and go up towards the front of my thighs? Why? Is this normal? My thighs seem more 'jiggly' too? Is this normal in the beginning and will change with time?

I'm doing squats to tone thighs/butt and my butt is starting to look a lil bigger so I think its working but the whole stretch marks thing is bothering me :P

Noticed stretch marks after doing SQUATS?!?

I started to do squats with weights 3 months ago. I have gained 5 pounds since then and i have been noticing a lot of stretch marks forming on my butt cheeks. Like on the sides. Theres a lot of them, is this normal? Should I apply cream there before i workout?

F, 5'1, 110 pounds.

During squats, how do you take advantage of your stretch reflex?

Do a low bar back squat and get your butt back and your torso more horizontal than a high bar back squat, then squat to just below horizontal. Your posterior chain of muscles will stretch at the bottom and help propel you back up out of the squat. The butt back position will keep the hamstrings engaged holding your pelvic girdle in place so that all of the posterior chain of muscles can stretch against it. This form of squat also keeps all the stress around the knee balanced, front and back, so that it is very knee healthy!

Thighs are paining like hell after squats.....?

Being sore is good.
It means you benefited from the exercise.
As much as it sucks, you should still go tomorrow.
Just drink A LOT of water tonight and eat a banana and then tomorrow you shouldn't be so sore.
The more you do the exercises the less sore you will be over time.
So keep up the good work!

Why do my legs hurt after doing squats?

I can barley walk properly and when I do it looks funny I can barley sit down without it hurting but I wanna continue doing squats how long will they take to recover?

Huge stretch marks after a week of squats?

It is possible yet quite unlikely. It's most likely from either stretching or growing. If you are very conserned about this you can try a different kind of leg workout. You can start with the leg extensions machine (3 sets of increasing weight). You can then do lunges with fairly heavy dumbells in your hands (50 lunges but just do as many as you can). Then to finish up use the leg press machine with your weight on it in plates. Of course you can keep increasing the weight as you get stronger. Also make sure to apply moisturizer to the stretch marks twice a day. This will make the skin more stretchable. Good luck

I did a hundred squats and now I can't even walk straight because my muscles hurt too much. What could pass the pain?

Quite honestly, you're in a beautiful world of pain that should be cherished like you’d cherish a child. Your body is trying to adapt to the stress you put it under and quite frankly, the feeling of not being able to walk straight after a leg day means you did something right in that workout.But to answer your question, if the pain is genuinely worrying you then quite honestly the best thing you can do is to eat a shit ton of food that puts you into a substantial caloric surplus, preferably with lots of protein and lots of carbohydrates, which are essential for protein synthesis i.e recovery. And then get lots of sleep, i.e 8 - 10 hours. This is your best way of recovering. If you want to go really extreme then doing hot-cold-warm cycles preferably with ice baths has been proven to aid recovery. Then if you want to go really really extreme then anabolic steroids could help.A previous answer said “if the pain hasn’t gone after 3 days then consult a physician”… If this was the case I would be consulting a physician about 26 times a year as pretty much every time I hit my heavy squat workouts (about every 2 weeks) I get severe leg ache that lasts on average around 5 days. It’s nothing to worry about you’ll be back to normal in a few days, your legs will have repaired, your body adapted and next time you do your 100 squats it will be fractionally easier.Enjoy the muscle soreness OP! :)