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If Liberals Are So Concerned About Low Income Americans And Minimum Wages Why Do They Support

Why don't Republicans support an increased minimum wage?

The truth of the matter is most capitalist Republicans would love if there was no minimum wage whatsoever. This is because they see themselves as the " God" ordained hierarchy the so called founding fathers bequeathed this all hallowed white country to. If they had their way for the most part they'd be able to pay certain individuals that they deem less than any wages they'd like. You see minimum wage is just 1 of a plethora of issues that involve what they perceive as giving to undeserving and even worse undesirables" At this very date Republicans still champion the virtues of" trickle down economics" and have done so for over 30 years. And you see where that's gotten the middle class and poor individuals even worse off. Raising minimum wage or even having a minimum wage would undoubtedly put a dent in the capitalist dreams of Republicans. Remember Republicans / conservatives are regressive in their thinking and generally want society back as it was 50years ago.

Why don't liberals understand that raising minimum wage just raises the cost of goods?

The recent push to increase the minimum wage from the fast food workers actually does point to a much deeper concern for the state of the US economy today. We have to remember that it wasn't too long ago where fast food workers were the bench mark for high school and college students employment opportunities. In many cases the money earned went for petty things like Friday's date and then again to augment student expenses on campus. In both cases the money earned wasn't earmarked for mortgage, utilities or even child care. That responsibility was on the shoulders of parents. Boy, how things have changed. Today, fast food workers are not the Soda Jerks of a bygone era but now are parents themselves many of whom have lost their main source of income only to find work at Mickey D's.But, this latest effort to have the minimum wage increased is a bit short sighted. In many cases everything is relative. Take for instance when the Alaska pipeline was being built, to attract workers meant that wages was the bait that lured so many to Alaska. But the catch was the overall cost of living only increased relative to the wages that were being offered. The same thing is happening in North Dakota today where the oil boom is in full swing. Everyone wants a piece of the pie sort of speaking. But when wages increase without safeguards in place to insure that inflationary trends don't settle in to the cost of everything else, the people receiving those higher wages actually loose.Today, the balance between wages and the cost of living is way out of line. That is one of the key factors as to why the United States has the highest wage disparity gap in the world. But, lets but this case of our fast food workers in perspective. Today, the employment opportunities are not readily available with corresponding living wages. The United States has lost millions of middle class wage jobs that are most likely not ever coming back. Corporate America has literally turned it's back on the middle class job opportunities for the past 25 years. The United States economy has shifted from a strong manufacturing base to one of today a service and technology base. The hard cold reality is the fact that 90% of service related jobs of which Mickey D's is pay just a little more than the minimum wage set by the state or Federal government. Another sobering statistic is that the national unemployment rate is much higher than what our "most trusted" news and governmental officials keep emphasizing.

Why do liberals support mass immigration when it decreases wages and makes the rich richer?

What liberal supports “mass immigration”? The most liberal Senator in the United States has called that a Koch brothers proposal, which suggests mass immigration is really supported by the Republican establishment rather than liberals. Most liberal criticism of right wing anti-immigration rhetoric does not come from a place of supporting mass immigration. Saying it's wrong to call all Mexicans rapists is very different from saying you want millions of undocumented immigrants to enter the country. Saying it's wrong to ban all Muslims from the country is different from supporting unlimited Muslim immigration with no vetting. Individual liberals are all over the spectrum when it comes to actual immigration views, just like conservatives. The establishment on both sides generally wants more immigration since its favorable to businesses, and much of the upper middle class on both sides appreciates living in diverse communities and having access to different cuisines and cultural enrichment. The working class on both sides is concerned about income inequality and lower wages.

Why do Republicans hate minimum wage employees; why do they think they are all lazy and stupid?

Is it because many of them are now REFUSING to be exploited by the Gods the Republicans worship...Corporations?

Is it because republicans are just greedy, selfish, heartless, and refuse to pay ONE PENNY of their own to help those minimum wage workers?

Is it because republicans are such fools to believe that minimum wage income employees will ever be able to afford to get a college education, and thus a real job? Please answer me how some one making $7.25 can pay for rent, food, clothing AND a 15K College tuition bill (community college degrees are just as worthless as High School diplomas)

Is it because Republicans foolishly believe minimum wage jobs provide useful skills? Because they DO NOT. How is "do you want fries with that"? Or "Clean up aisle 7" a useful skill? How can minimum wage employees ever gain useful skills when they are traped working such dead end jobs that don't even pay enough to improve?

Is it because republicans WRONGLY believe that starting at the bottom will lead to a promotion? Are Republicans not aware that MOST if not ALL minimum wage jobs are DEAD END and don lead to anything..and IF they do it takes 10-15years getting paid joke wages just to get up to an ALMOST livable wage?

Or is it just because republicans believe in a system of economic slavery--that some people should always be poor and should never have a chance to advance in life?

What are characteristics of American liberalism?

Having political or social views favoring reform and progress
tolerant of change; not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition,
a person who favors a political philosophy of progress and reform and the protection of civil liberties

Why do you support Trumps wall?

Arguments I always see: “immigrants are human trafficking, selling drugs and murdering Americans”
Counter: there are Americans doing all of that to other Americans
“They’re taking our jobs”
Counter: don’t be so lazy, you’re not guaranteed a job for being American, do good at your job and you won’t be replaced

Why do liberals feel entitled to other peoples money?

They always go on about wealth redistribution, and how the rich and successful should be highly taxed, and how minimum wage should be high, etc.

What makes them think that they are entitled to this? If someone has worked hard to earn themselves a large salary, why should they be expected to support those who work less hard as a result of working hard themselves?

It kinda takes away the incentive to work hard if you know you're just going to be paying a large portion of your money to support wealth redistribution.