If Obamacare Is Such A Success Then Why Is Obama And The Lib****s In Congress Planning On A

Why does Obama call ObamaCare "insurance"?

worst president ever
if you think about melissa, it's a good thing 0bomb is in office.. i would say the younger generation of libs are given the opportunity to see the dysfunctionality of such reckless and negligent political philosophy. generously, i would say that half of libs are simply knee-jerk voters, the other half in two portions are the ones that are just angry at christians, and the others have a foundation they think they have thought through and arrived at the conclusion that big ol' bleeding heart govmnt works. so 25% will just get angrier , and this leaves 75% that will give this train wreck thought process another look. and of course everyone right of the middle is now awake and will put more effort into doing what safeguards they can contribute to, to keep nuts from creepin into the whitehouse again.

What will Barack Obama do after he's done being President of the USA?

He will be 55 at the time of his Presidential retirement - which is relatively young. He will be inundated with offers, of course, so the typical trajectory is likely. These activities will largely be the ones he personally WANTS to do - as opposed to those that he has been required to do as President. Speaking engagements (very selective - over time)Book(s) - already authored - this isn't as much if, but when and whatOversee the Presidential Library  [1]Stump for the Democratic Party/CandidatesAdvise other DemocratsCharity work/events - globallyExpand the scope and involvement of the Obama FoundationIf you consider his early career as Act 1, and his presidency as Act 2, I think much of the activity from the above list will influence years 1 and 2, but they could easily be the entr'acte to yet another major activity and contribution. Some have suggested the possibility of being a Supreme Court Justice, but I think that's both remote (he was an attorney - but not really a jurist) and not likely to be one that - if offered - he would accept. It's really a lifelong appointment that's designed for more of a career jurist. Obama's interests and ambitions - like many ex-Presidents - is likely to be broader and more global in scope.  He has the capacity to surprise - and he is very committed to a life of helping others. His signature legislation - early in his first term - burned through a LOT of the political capital he had when he entered office. But that deep commitment of helping others was clearly evident in the passage of Obamacare and it may well have come from a quote by another great American that may continue to influence his life. Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?[1] Footnote: Thanks to Joel Ruggaber for pointing out that the Obama Presidential Library site has been selected and it will not be Hawaii. It will be on the South Side of Chicago (also according to Wikipedia here: Barack Obama Presidential Center)