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If Prince Harry Got Involved In Hand To Hand Fighting In Afghan Would He Have A Bodyguard Team

What should Indians learn from the rest of the world?

Learn to “Respect” and “Value” its own people1. Our Gods survive on Gold; 22 crores extremely poor Indians can survive on air( Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao Wednesday offering gold ornaments worth Rs 5.6 crore at the famous Lord Venkateshwara Temple in Tirupati in Feb 2017)How many times you felt our generous rich politicians, film stars, businessmen, celebrities and other people have been blindly donating gold to temples for our God to survive?2. Talk about “Talent Management”, ”Employee motivation” and other Western theories; while you manage your people in a Desi manner.How many times you felt that the degree you earned is undervalued in your current company; that there are more company policies to control you than to help you; that if you did not cancel that family outing to complete that powerpoint ppt on Sunday, the boss will tear you apart on Monday; that you should atleast get a response even after following up with 100 recruiters for an interview?3. Hello, Namaste to Firangis; “go to hell” to its own peopleHow many times you felt that local auto wala, kirana shop wala, or passersby are quite nice to Western foreigners but when YOU need a ride or some help, suddenly their tone turns soar and rude and they shove you aside?4. You will get robbed while bleeding to death on Indian roads(A Delhi passerby picking up the phone of an abandoned accident victim in Aug, 2016)How many times have you passed by an accident victim on the road just coldly staring at the entire TAMASHA? How many times have you found our own people helpful to you at the point when you need them the most?