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If Republican Ideas Are So Good Why Do They Need To Hinder The Voting Rights Of 21 Million American

If an American tells you "America is a republic, not a democracy", what are they really telling you?

If an American tells you "America is a republic, not a democracy", what are they really telling you?The truth.The United States of America has never been a democracy. The Founding Fathers were mostly educated men, who knew history, civics, and philosophy. Consequently, they understood the distinction between a Democracy and a Republic.In brief, a Democracy is Rule by Majority, while a Republic is Rule by Law.What this means is that, in a Democracy, 51% of the population can, theoretically, vote to enslave, subjugate, abuse, or otherwise vote away the rights of the other 49%.Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to eat for dinner.In a Republic, this is still possible, but far less likely. The law applies equally to all. Essentially, a Republic is designed to protect the minority from the majority. 51% cannot vote away the rights of the other 49%.So when an American tells you that we are a Republic, not a Democracy, what we mean is that we live in a land ruled by law, where all are protected, not the tyranny of majority.Edit: Based on some very good comments elaborating on my original answer, and comments with folks either misunderstanding what I’ve said or just flying off the handle, I want to point something out here.My answer is must be taken in context. This is a very American answer, based on statements and arguments made by our Founding Fathers.Further, to answer this question in the full depth necessary to gain a complete understanding of the subject, would require a dissertation level answer. This is just the very short version.

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