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If Someone Could Check My English Work From The Romantic Period I Would Greatly Appreciate It

If someone could check my english work from the romantic period i would greatly appreciate it?

choose closest meaning to the word in quote""
1.the rescue workers discoverd the dog "cowering" in the closet
2. An naething now to big a new ane,/ O foggage green!/ An bleak december winds ensuin
which of these is nearest in meaning to the word "ensuin" as it is used in the lines above?

3. The full impact of her "rash" decision had yet to be seen

4. Which excerpt from Robert Burns’s “To a Mouse” best conveys understanding and forgiveness?
An’ weary winter comin’ fast,/An cozie here, beneath the blast…”<<<
Thy wee-bit housie, too, in ruin!/Its silly wa’s the win’s are strewin’!
“Still thou art blessed compared wi’ me/The present only toucheth thee…”
I doubt na… but thou may thieve;/What then? Poor beastie, thou maun live!

5. In William Blake’s “The Lamb,” to whom or what is the lamb compared?
the speaker

6. Which of these does William Wordsworth criticize in “The World Is Too Much with Us”?
modern life<<<
the death of reason
nature's destructive powers

Can somebody explain the culture of the Victorian Era?

So, I'm working on a for school (yeah I know I should have started sooner), but I can't find any website that give an overview of the Victorian Era that is fully understandable but still describes to culture very thoroughly . If you know any websites or summaries like that I would greatly appreciate it.

I like/fancy my PE teacher. It's kinda weird...?

I'm becoming more and more...what's the word? Obsessed, I guess with my female PE teacher. She's just so cool because she acts like any normal 13-14 year old kid. It's just part of her personality I guess. She always texts while we're doing something at the beginning class called early bird where we just shoot hoops or play soccer until everyone's ready for PE. Anyway, yeah she texts, and she's always checking her Facebook on her computer when I see her in her office. She's just so pretty (I love her hair), she has the prettiest eyes and it makes me so jealous sometimes how gorgeous she is. The thing is, she's very intimidating when she talks to me, and it actually kind of freaks me out sometimes when she tells me I'm doing something wrong or anything of that sort. And there's also this sense of envy or jealousy when I'm around her. I don't know why, I really don't. We don't really have much of a relationship but she knows my name just fine. I also find myself daydreaming or fantasizing about her life, weather it be about a relationship she's in or just what her life is like in general. I really don't know why I do these things, because I don't think I'm bipolar, and I'm not the kind of person that relies on a certain person to make them feel special or not left out. In other words, I'm not an outcast. So what's wrong with me? I haven't gone so far as to go to her neighborhood and stalk her or anything, but I can't stop being curious about her life, she freaks me out a little, and I'm jealous of her. HELP ME!!!!!

Could this be a crush? I've considered myself bi because of this situation but I just don't know... Btw I'm 14

How good is Mango Languages compared to Rosetta Stone?

Hey Bethany,

Let me try to help you out.

Rosetta Stone is a good software, obviously if they charge such a steep price tag as they do it's got to work. So I'm not bashing RS, I've used it, it works. I haven't tried Mango Languages, but I checked them out and they seem alright. It's all online though, software tends to be more powerful for learning. If you are dead set on either and have to choose I'd go with RS.

HOWEVER, I personally think there are programs that go above and beyond what Rosetta Stone does and offers.

For you, I'd suggest Rocket French or Fluenz (reviews on both in the website I listed, RF is the firt one, Fluenz is three down).

Rocket French is really affordable, and you can use it right away (download it). I've used it personally, and it's an excellent product. IMO, the best for the price.

Fluenz is a little more than RF, but cheaper than Rosetta Stone. The thing I like about Fluenz is that it's clearly targetted to an older and more mature audience (and I don't mean parents or anything). Rosetta Stone is meant for ANYONE to use it (this means little kids). Fluenz is meant for teenagers and above (this is why I think it would work really well for you considering your age). So I would recommend that for a 17 y/o.

Again, check out the /french link I provided.

Hope this all helped,

Red Cross background check?

For the background check, it depends on what they do. Some can be done in 24 hours and some can take six weeks or longer. It also depends on when they can get around to it. If it's a small office, they may just do them in a batch once a week or once a month.

If you are approved as a volunteer in one state, they may want you to apply separately in another state if you haven't been assigned to a group going to the disaster zone.

While I agree the other two answers were pointless rants (and I reported them), you dont' get far by insulting people. Especially when the insult questions English skills because you will be working with people with limited English skills.