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If Someone Was Born In August 1997 How Old Would They Be Now

If someone was born February 29 1997 how old would they be?

Nobody was born on Feb 29th, 1997, because 1997 was NOT a leap year so that date never existed. So, let's assume you meant 1996 instead.

How old they are is 2015-1996 = 19 years.

However, they've only had 4 birthdays! (2000, 2004, 2008, 2012)

I think most people born on a Feb 29th celebrate their birthday on either Feb 28th or March 1st on non-leap years.

If someone was born in August 1997 how old would they be now?

Sixteen going on Seventeed!

If I was born in 8th August 1997, then how old am I now?

You are 1 year old when you complete one year of your life.You are 2 years old when you complete 2 years of you let life.And that necessarily according to law is counted after your birth (excluding the time when you were in the womb)So you'll be 20 year old when you complete 20 years since birth on August 8th 2017.Till then you'll be almost 20 years old, but not completely 20 years old.If you have any confusion start counting from 1998 as 1, 1999 as 2 , 2000 as 3 and so on.

What grade should someone born in August 2001 be in?

Probably 10th grade, but it may be 9th depending on the cutoff in your district. I was born on September 4, 2001 and am in 9th grade. If I was born on August 31, 2001, I would have been in 10th grade. The cutoff in my district was at the end of August. I missed the cutoff by 4 days. So you would probably be in 10th grade, but it depends on the rules in your district and the amount of education you have previously had.

If i was born in 1997 what year was i in 1st grade 1st grade year?

2003 .

I was born on August 3rd. Which signs do I have?

What signs do you have?Well, since you only provided your date of birth (without the year or time), we can only say that your natal Sun was in the Tropical Zodiacal sign of Leo at your birth. Probably around 11 or 12 degrees of Leo.Anything else about your natal chart will remain a complete mystery because you decided not to include your full birth data.

I was born late August 1997, which grade should I be in according to America's education system?

In the United States, the education system follows a general pattern, but with variations by state, and sometime within specific towns and cities.The broad and common theme is a year of kindergarten, followed by 12 years (one academic grade per year) of instruction.  The prevailing understanding of early childhood development is that the skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten tend to emerge 'around the 6th year'.  That means that the student be at least 5 years of age for most of the school year, which ends in May or June.Different school districts use different criteria for qualification and requirement to start school.Some school  systems may have the cutoff at August 1st.  If you are not five years old on August 1st, you must wait a year.  Others use September 1st or some other formula.  At the time, and where I went to school, the cutoff was December 1st.  That meant that a 4-year old attended nearly three full months of school before his fifth birthday.Many school systems recognize that it is not the calendar age of the child, but the child's individual readiness to be in a school (kindergarten) setting, that should decide when the child starts school.  Thus, while the school may have a cut-off of 'age 5 by October 1', it may permit or recommend the delay of the start of school for a child born in August.In general, pushing the young child to start school 'early' has come to be considered risky.  The youngest child in the class may not adapt well to being the smallest, always facing education material a year earlier than their classmates.  As a result, an August baby may be deferred a year before starting school, even if the school system policy would have allowed an earlier start.In some regions of the country, and among some families, strong athletic performance is highly desired.  While not too large a group, parents have been identified who prefer that their children begin school as the oldest in their class, in anticipation that they will gain the advantage in high school sports.Doing the math, with 13 years of schooling to graduate high school (finish 12th grade) one could be in their first year of college, or in 12th grade.  If the early birth had an impact on early development that was not confidently cleared up to allow kindergarten when first eligible by age, then one may even be in 11th grade.

I am 19. I'll be 21 on August 15, 2018 and the next UPSC prelims are supposed to happen in July. Will I be eligible to sit for the exam?

You are really lucky to be born on a very special and important day for Indians, the Independence day.Now coming to the point, according to rules regarding age, a candidate of UPSC CSE has to be atleast 21 years old on 01 August of the year in which he applies for Prelims.So if the government doesn't change the rules regarding age, you will not be eligible for CSE 2018 since you will be 20 years and around 350 days old on 01 August 2018. In other words, you will not be eligible for CSE 2018 if you are born later than 01 August 1997.Considering that you fulfill all the other conditions, CSE 2019 will be first CSE for which you will be eligible. The forms for CSE 2019 should be out in February/March 2019, going by the trends.PS- Instead of asking this useless question on Quora, please download and read the notification of this year's UPSC CSE. If you go through it you will realise that they even provide you with the date range in which your date of birth should fall. Guess accordingly the CSE you will become eligible for.Moreover these kinds of doubts are not expected from a serious CSE aspirant. So please increase the level of your seriousness and dedication.

I was born in 1997, does that make me a 90's person?

@Kristoffer M

Your answers where the best!
Thank you so much!
If I could choose both of you as best answers, I would.
But I will have to give ZipperRi... the best answer because he actualy told me the truth.
I am a 90's person.
I was born in the 90's decade.
However, people won't really consider me much as a 90's person because I started expiriencing things as soon as the new millenium hit, but I am still trully by heart a 90's person.
Thank you all so much for your answers.
I will always cherish and preserve these videos and pictures I have of me when I lived in the 90's.
And to be honest right now, 100% by heart, if I could have one wish, it would be for me to be able to be born in 1982, so I would actualy get to expirience the 90's in my teenage years.
I will always respect people who expirienced their 90's years in their teenage years, as I always wanted to be one of them.
Thank you all.