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If The Product Is Right And The Sales Presentation Is Right There Is No Need To Close The Sale.

If the product is right and the sales presentation is right, Is there no need to close the sale?

'Nothing happens until somebody buys something' !

If the product is right and the sales presentation is right, there is no need to close the sale. Discuss?

The sentence is not necessarily correct. Often the right product is presented in the right way to the right prospect but a sale does not follow. Why? One reason is that some prospects have difficulty committing. A "professional salesperson" knows this to be true and is thus prepared to attempt to close the sale and overcome objections, if and when they arise, and then close again. The ABC of selling means "Always Be Closing." If a person representing a product expects the prospect to make a commitment without needing a close, that person is NOT a "professional salesperson;" they are an "order taker." Order takers make minimum wage. Professional salespersons are some of the highest income earners around. The sales processes needed to be a great salesperson can be learned. It is one of the most rewarding careers a person can ever have.

Sales presentation...product ideas with creative ways of presenting it?

Ok, There is a DVD player recorder by Lite On that is a very versitle unit. Everyone wants to be up to date with technology, save memories, save space, save money, save time. We all know someone that wont part with their VHS tapes and players perhaps because of old home family movies at the least. Or someone who is still using a hi8 camcorder because dealing with a computer may be too complicated for them, or they don't have one. And going down to the local drug store to have your tape put onto DVD is too expensive. Another person is still using a 35 mm film camera because of the same reasons above, complication, expense, etc. Well with this Lite On DVD recorder player unit life and technology are made simple. This unit has RCA and USB outs in front of the unit for easy transfer and recording. And to add you can catch your favorite movie on TV and put it on DVD too! This unit is only around $130 dollars, and beats buying a computer, or upgrading your currant one. And to boot, if they already own DVDs they can use it as a player too. Take some of these things and add your own personalization to them (record an old movie to DVD and to make it go quick present it like a cooking show with the three steps with the before during and after). Hope this gives you some ideas and good luck to you!

Sales Presentation Idea - What product to sell? Creative way to sell it?

I had to do the same thing. I had to give a sales presentation also. You need to pick something fun and easy to use as a product. Keep it simple. stay away from electronics, tools etc. better to pick something with few moving parts. Make sure you do background research on it. Like how much it costs, where you can buy it. what colours it comes in, and any other information about attachments, care and or maintenance of it. in other words know everything about it. The class or instructor may have questions. Try to involve the audience/class in your presentation. Don't use charts/graphs etc. (BORING!!!)
How about one of those Swiffer sweep and vac's.
You can walk into the presentation eating or drinking something, pretend to trip and spill it. have a old mop, and hand vac(not charged) or a plug in one. You can't find an outlet close to the spill, the mop won't clean it up, make sure you have something wet and dry to pick up. You can demonstrate the product. Have someone else use it too. The best way to sell something is for the prospective buyer to visualize themselves using it. you can email me if you need help with Features, Advantages, Benefits, etc.

“Closers” are skilled at creating a genuine sense of urgency, so genuine that it’ll appear as if the prospect felt it organically. This is the key to closing! However, the better you set-up the close, the easier it’ll be.In my experience, the best moment to create urgency to buy a product is at the end of your sales pitch or presentation. That’s when your prospect’s interest is sky-high and it’s the best moment to close.The best way to create urgency is by showing your prospects how they are losing money by not having your solution in place.Studies on human psychology show that the frustration caused by losing things is much higher than the satisfaction generated by getting new things. That’s why you want to frame inaction as a loss, instead of focusing on the benefits they’ll get out of your product or service. Fear is our most powerful motivator as humans.Another problem to hurdle is the objections of the prospect. If there are any obvious objections you think they’ll bring up, it’s best to address them proactively. This shows your ability to think critically and conveys concern over your customer’s success. Imagine how more pliable a customer that feels your concern is.Another trick is to bring your customers’ pain points to their attention. Show them another customer who had a similar problem. Then, you can show them how your product solved that problem.Case studies and testimonials are really useful too. If they think “I'm like this person,” they’ll envision themselves using your product and, more importantly, collecting those same returns.You can check out this video where I explain my closing strategy in more detail and I give more tips on closing successfully. Hope you enjoy it!

Here���s the best advice I EVER got to build my confidence in ANY presentation.I’ve been there.I mean, just like you, there was a time when I had a big presentation for senior executives at the firm I used to work in.It was coming up, and I was getting really nervous about it.The thing is, I made sure my presentation slides were perfect! I even made sure I rehearsed for the presentation like crazy!Still, though, I had a feeling deep inside me that I really couldn’t shake off.I thought I was going to suck at it. Badly.So, just like you, I sought advice.I went over to an old mentor of mine. He used to my direct manager.Let me tell you, this guy was AWESOME at presentations. His skills were (and still are) pretty much perfect in my eyes, so I thought he would be the best man to get advice from.So I went to him, and asked for advice.What he told me blew my mind.He literally told me to “smell my own fart.”Okay, you’re confused (and slightly disgusted). I know! But believe me when I say this was the best presentation advice I have ever received.It’s something I won’t ever forget.And you know what? You won’t forget it either.This is what he told me:“When you smell your own fart, you smell something that smells bad – but that’s just the thing – you smelled something bad that you made. It’s an act that you committed, and you took full notice of it. When you apply that to the context of your upcoming presentation, you said that your slides are perfect, and you said you rehearsed for it like crazy. If your presentation or your PowerPoint slides stink, then you’ll know, because you know what it’s like when something you made stinks.”Moral of the story: it really comes down to confidence. If you did everything you can to PREPARE for your presentation (i.e. rehearsing, going over the content with peers, making sure you are within set time limits, etc.), then you already won half the battle.Take that confidence with you on stage, and when it comes time for delivery, you’ll be absolutely fine because you know, deep down, that you prepared for it.And if you really want to KILL your next presentation and/or public speaking event, check out these helpful posts:How to make your presentation STAND OUT from the rest.Use the power of EMOTION to persuade your audience.Choose COLORS that will INFLUENCE your audience.You’ll be fine. I’m sure of it!Remember, BE CONFIDENT!

A sales process is the process that you use every time to transition a prospective lead into a customer. In my opinion, each sales process should include the following steps:Ask questions to learn more about the needs of your prospective client.Educate your client about how your products will help fix the problems outlined by the prospective client.Offer your client specific solutions with prices and describe the overall benefits and return on investment your prospect will get if they do business with you.Gain commitment from the prospective client to buy through a contract or financial transaction. (CLOSE).During the entire sales process be aware that a prospect will want to like and trust you; and believe you represent a good company… feel like the features and benefits provided by your product/service fit their needs; and they are paying a reasonable price.

Sales pitch failing means that the product can do what the customer needs but you aren’t able to get that point across.Everything else is a failure of product market fit.However, part of product market fit, is marketing, or the sales channel for your product, so in sense it’s still under the umbrella of product market fit.If everyone doesn’t want to buy your product then there’s no real fit. If they are buying a competitor it means that perhaps there are other factors at play.But remember, being better isn’t enough if they are buying your competitor, you need to be 10x better.