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If The Roles Were Reversed Would Men Complain

What would you think if gender roles were reversed and women were EXPECTED to do the things they EXPECT men to?

I would LOVE this more than anything. EVERY man that is alive right now, 90% of them won't get laid under these conditions. Since they aren't hot enough for some woman to pay his gold-digging ***.

But in a magical, wonderful world, it would be the BEST THING EVER. Oh no, I have to work, if I beat my husband I get put in jail, my kids are taken from me, no more scholarships based on my gender, I have to worry about the draft.... But the MAGICAL BENEFITS would be the best ever. Imagine nearly ALL entertainment revolves around me! Porn is everywhere and designed mainly for ME! All the guys are drop dead gorgeous and all I have to do is work for a living to get them to lick my clit! No more giving men oral (since as it is right now men refuse to give women oral, but women give oral happily to men all the time!), they have to be drop dead gorgeous if they want to sing, act, or even talk on the radio. Everywhere you look is another drop dead gorgeous man on every billboard, every commerical, every music video, on every book (you can't even go to bookstores anymore without seeing female models on every other book!).

I would take being shot in the gut and having porn and a whole gender of people who only want to please me in EVERY SEXUAL WAY POSSIBLE any day of the week over the SHITTY DEAL women have. ****, I'll start paying for meals, when ALL men get circumcisized. WILLINGLY, HAPPILY, AND FIGHTING OVER WHO HAS THE BEST PENIS. Rather than the shitty culture we have now.

Bring on the Andrej Pelics and Tom Wellings! And no more Megan Foxs or Scarlette Johansons!

Why do women complain about household chores? Cleaning, dishes,laundary, and cooking are her jobs.y complain?

You complain about your job, so women have the right to complain about theirs, which is so much harder, since it is a 24/7 kinda thing, with no vacation, no days off, no sick time, and NO PAY. get off your high horse you pig. Give your woman her due and treat her like the princess she is, since she's the one who feeds you, scrubs the stains out of your tighty whitey's, and sucks without biting which is more than you deserve.

If blacks and whites role reversed..?

Pretend we go back in time, and blacks did not come to America as slaves, but as a welcomed Group of people. Pretend black people took control of america instead of whites and answer these questions:
Would we see pictures of Jesus the color he truly was, which was black.?
Also, would history books in America cover black america's culture and background more than any other "American" in america, while not mentioning most of the achievements of white america?

If gender roles had been reversed since the beginning, would men face the same challenges women do today?

Thanks for the A2A.If gender roles were reversed - with women as the protectors and providers, and men as the childbearers - then male disposability would be even more prominent than it already is because the man would become unnecessary after fertilisation. If women are providing the resources AND bringing the child to term, what do you need the men for?There is already a men’s rights movement, because traditional gender roles don’t really have men’s best interests at heart, and because feminism approaches gender roles from a view of men being the dominant ones in society, it’s not really equipped to tackle men’s problems.There’s be virtually no male leaders, because male disposability would be too pronounced for men to lead anything.Women would be protagonists in movies/books/games more, because the same stories would be the ones that get attention - they’d just be women’s stories rather than men’s stories.I think the sexualisation and harassment of men would be complicated, because as it is, men are sexualised based on qualities that let them fill their gender roles - status-objects, strength, wealth, resources, things that mark them as capable protectors or providers. I couldn’t venture a guess what the sexualisation of men would be like if not based on those factors.

Why are men such crybabies nowadays and complain so much?

Did you notice how all the macho men still get all the ladies and never ever complain about anything? I think men should be obliged to watch some old 80's action movies with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood to come to their senses again. Why do men act like constant victims nowadays? It's starting to get pathetic, or ancestors would be so ashamed of us. No wonder women no longer find us attractive.

Household Chores after coming home from the office - role reversal scenario?

I am married to a full-time Stay at Home Husband.

Recently, he complained when I got home from work that I didn't help set the table or even bother to clean up afterwords. While he didn't say "he slaved over a hot stove", I knew he was po'd at me.

Yes I did put my feet up in the chair, but I also had my laptop and was working on expense reports. This is stuff I cannot do at the office because it isn't client billable. I had a deadline to get this in.

My husband doesn't understand that my job is not 9 to 5. What are your thoughts? My feeling is the house is his job and he needs to stop depending on me for doing this. I'm willing to help, but he needs to "step it up".

If the man was drunk and had sex, was he raped? If the gender roles were reversed, and it was a woman this time, was she raped?

So many people ask this question and are for some reason completely confused about how consent and the law works.The law does not state that anyone who has sex while drunk is automatically raped. The law simply states that if someone has sex while drunk and later accuses the other person of rape, they cannot use consent as an affirmative defense against rape. Meaning, if you have sex with someone while they are drunk and they accuse you of raping them, you can’t claim that they consented while drunk and use that as your defense.So regardless of the gender roles, the person was raped if they did not consent or consented without knowing what they were doing. I have had sex with drunk people before (or at least bordering on it), but I got consent before they started drinking. If they consent while drunk, you run the risk of them not really having consented. However, drunk sex is not automatically rape.So many people do not get this, which is why this same question is asked over and over and over again on Quora in different ways. The gender is irrelevant. Drunk sex is not automatically rape.If the man was drunk and had sex, was he raped?I don’t know; did he consent? Did he consent beforehand? Did he consent during and afterward not accuse the other person of rape? Too little information.If the gender roles were reversed, and it was a woman this time, was she raped?I don’t know; did she consent? Did she consent beforehand? Did she consent during and afterward not accuse the other person of rape? Too little information.

Why does every other commercial I see depict the white male in them as dumb or bumbling?

A few reasons behind the "dumb man" trope in commercialsMost commercials for children's or household products are marketed to women, in the sexist assumption that only women buy products for the home or for children. Presumably the thinking is that women are more likely to buy a product if they are subliminally told it will help them be smarter, win, get one over on the men around them, etc. Such commercials enforce gender roles; usually the "dumb man" is doing something domestic (i.e. that women should be doing), and so showing him as failing in that endeavor reinforces to men they shouldn't be doing "women's" work. It is to the advantage of advertizing agencies to enforce gender roles, because that means they don't have to try and market products to both men and women. The commercials are engaging in lazy, sexist humor by showing stereotypically laid-back, immature, horny, messy, etc. men and motherly, cleanly, scolding, condescending, talky women. Both of these are very old cliches in humor, going back to basic gender role.  Humor works on subversion; hence, it's more funny to show a typically powerful individual as bumbling, weak, dumb, etc. than to show an individual from an oppressed class as powerless. To disprove the OP's thesis (that this is only because white men won't complain, while minorities would protest): I did a short Google search on "Commercial Dumb Men" and found this ad, which was pulled by Verizon after white men complained. Here is an article I got from the same search. It basically agrees with my first point (these type of commercials are meant to sell products to women) and my last point (it's because of lazy and sexist humor). Thanks for the A2A.EDIT: Another article worth reading on the subject: Selling Stupid Men: Advertising and the Myth of the Incompetent Maleand another: Dumb men commercials

If we imagine all men traded their places with women, then what hot buttons of feminism would there be?

If all men traded places with women, throughout history, there would be no movement called feminism; there would be a movement for men's equality. People like me would lobby politicians to change the situation where men earn less money for equal work. We would march on the streets against domestic violence, just like we do now, except we would march against women killing or hurting their male partners, not the opposite. I would be worried for my son's safety if he goes out drinking with females that he doesn't know well. It would be like Superman's Bizzarro world. It would not be a nice place to live. A nice place to live is one with equality of opportunities and safety for all. This is the reason why feminism exists as a movement. The same with movements against racial discrimination. Do you really think men pay higher taxes than women, just because they are men? Last I checked my tax return, my sex did not change what I pay in taxes. People who earn more money pay more in taxes. I pay much more in taxes than many men. I have a good salary as I'm fortunate enough that I had educational opportunities that allow me to earn a very livable salary; I do not begrudge paying taxes, as they buy me civilization, paraphrasing Oliver Wendell Holmes.  What feminism lobbies for is equal pay for equal work, and equality of opportunities to access good jobs. Do you really think that women enjoy being at home doing nothing all day while men work hard? I don't know in which world of privilege you live, but in this day and age, most women work super hard for many hours, outside the home, to bring enough money to make ends meet and provide for their loved ones. Most men do this too. Most people on this planet are not rich and can't afford the luxury of being lazy at home watching soap operas all day, with servants that take care of the house, the children, their aging parents, etc.The whole point of feminism is that if men choose to be the stay at home parents, they can be without society discriminating again them for this! This is directly related to the gains of feminism. Feminism is not a movement for the rights of spoiled, rich, lazy women who have no contribution to society, like you make it sound.